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Backed by Global Cybersecurity Leader Crowdstrike, DoControl Makes Data Access Control Painless


Not too long ago, most enterprise applications were hosted in data centers on-premise. While this put the weight of protecting sensitive information on the operation, the IT infrastructure was familiar and fairly easy to navigate. With the rise in SaaS tools living in the cloud, this has changed. Through Software-as-a-Service, organizations are able to save on resources and offer better customer service, but this has also introduced new security risks that need to be addressed by effective SaaS security measures. SaaS security benefits are manifold and can save a company from devastating consequences following cyber-attacks and data breaches. That’s why any enterprise relying on SaaS applications should take appropriate security measures to protect their data, assets, and reputation.

DoControl is one such firm that provides a single security strategy that centralizes the enforcement of least privilege – beyond the identity, network, and device levels – throughout an organization’s entire estate of SaaS applications. The company makes the time consuming, labor-intensive task involved in SaaS application security risk management and data exfiltration prevention simple, easy and scalable. Backed by global cybersecurity leader CrowdStrike, DoControl gives organizations the automated, self-service tools they need for SaaS applications data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation. By replacing manual work with automation, DoControl reduces the overload of work and complexity that Security/IT teams have to deal with every day. What’s more, DoControl involves all employees as part of the security equation to drive business enablement and encourage a collaborative and frictionless security culture.

Leveraging State-of-the-Art SaaS-based Cybersecurity Services

SaaS Asset Management: Asset management continues to be a major challenge for enterprise Security / IT teams, and is becoming more difficult as organizations are continuing to adopt new SaaS applications. CRMs, collaboration platforms, development applications, HR tools,the list keeps expanding and Security / IT teams are tasked to manage the data exposure risk. Visibility is the first step in being able to defend against breaches and exfiltration, and DoControl gives you end-to-end visibility across all your applications, users, collaborators, assets, and 3rd party OAuth application connections. Enterprises are continually adding SaaS applications to enable their business to grow faster. With that, they need a single source of truth of the systems your employees have access to, the accounts they have Administrative access to, is MFA enabled, among others. DoControl brings complete visibility into all the users in their SaaS applications.

Continuous Monitoring: By increasing the amount of SaaS applications being utilized, and the users and collaborators within these systems, enterprises are continuing to increase their attack surface which is outside the traditional network and endpoint. Continuous monitoring of data access within SaaS applications is needed in order to have real-time visibility of any indicators of compromise or a data breach. By continuously monitoring the data accessed within SaaS applications, enterprises can increase their security posture, mitigate vendor risk, and also ensure compliance on data access policies. DoControl continuously analyses user behavior to generate data-driven alerts categorized into high, medium, and low risk levels. This significantly reduces the noise for Security / IT teams who don’t have to review millions of events to identify business risk.

Automated Security Workflow: As SaaS application adoption continues to rise, organizations have struggled to enforce granular data access control policies across the disparate applications that drive their business forward. Each individual SaaS application provides native, built-in security policies to address data access, but they all differ and lack the granularity required to establish a strong security posture. This creates a scalable problem and makes standardizing data access policies across all the applications being utilized difficult. The process for remediating data access that exists outside of each policy has been a manual, labor-intensive effort by IT and Security teams, and is performed on a one-off basis. Through intuitive, no-code conditional logic workflows the DoControl platform enables consistent enforcement and risk remediation across all SaaS applications, many of which cannot be achieved natively in each individual application. DoControl’s Slack/Teams Bot proactively engages with end-users on behalf of IT and Security teams to identify and mitigate outdated or irrelevant sharing teams in order to mitigate risk of data breaches.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Adam Gavish is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DoControl. He brings over 15 years of experience in product management, software engineering, and network security. Prior to founding DoControl, Adam was a Product Manager at Google Cloud, where he led ideation, execution, and strategy of Assured Workloads (GovCloud) customer experience serving Fortune 500 customers. Before Google, he was a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon, where he launched customer-obsessed products improving the payment experience for 300M customers globally. Before Amazon, Adam was a Software Engineer in two successfully acquired startups, eXelate for $200M, and Skyfence for $60M.

“We take a unique, customer-focused approach to the challenge of labor-intensive security risk management and data exfiltration prevention in popular SaaS applications.”