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With over two decades of experience, Dream Builders Communication is transforming organizations, one guidance at a time


“Our vision is to be the preferred provider when it comes to developing effective communication solutions that assist in making dreams come true.”

Dream Builders Communication (DBC) is a training agency that offers assessment, leadership, professional coaching, and strategic planning. The company humbly serves 24 states and two countries. DBC’s mission is to assist individuals and organizations to transcend from good, to better, to best, via one speech, one training, one seminar at a time. The company consists of a multicultural team with members from different backgrounds and specialties. Each Dream Builder brings to their position a certain level of passion, creativity, and love for people.

Dream Builders Communication was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Dr. Kenston J. Griffin, CEO of Dream Builders Communication, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about how he and his team of experts are leveraging organizations with proprietary tools for assessment and process improvement with an emphasis on leadership, diversity and inclusion.

Interview Highlights

Q. What inspired the creation of Dream Builders Communication (DBC)? Please brief us about the history so far.

As a constant professional, I noticed that I attend to leadership seminars, professional development, or trainings to strengthen my skill set beyond the collegiate or university setting. However, I saw that something was missing. A few of those things were the fact that there was a lack of research-based content that could engage individuals, strategies that were relevant to the audience that I was either in, or that the speaker was good but could never really give me any real takeaways. As a result of that, I started studying some of the greats as they relate to leadership training, development, and assessments. Through that, we started blending national and international methodologies and strategies for performers. Through those strategies, performers, and methodologies, we then came up with a strategy that Dream Builders Communications, Inc. coins as education and entertainment at the same time. Ultimately, the inspiration came when we knew we had a skillset and a gift, and we also knew other people who had the talent that could assist us in delivering it. It was never about me, and it’s still not about me, but it’s about developing a team of individuals that can harness the power to inspire, educate, and dominate best practices to ensure that participants of organizations walk in one way but walk out another way with measurable outcomes.

Q. As an assessment, training, and leadership development firm, what are DBC’s key focus areas?

DBC is a company that focuses on improving communication skills to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Our key focus areas include professional development, effective two-way communication, assessments, training, executive coaching, leadership development, team building, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Q. Can you introduce us to your services? What are their primary features?

DBC is a full-service consulting company committed to assisting people, groups, and organizations in realizing their full potential. We offer specialized training, seminars, and evaluations that are our own. From planning and process improvement techniques for both strategic planning activities and economic development endeavors to executive coaching. Last but not least, we provide keynote speeches for corporate events of all sizes, including those at colleges, non-profits, banquets, and community engagements. Our mission is to empower people everywhere by providing them with the tools they need to identify future goals and realize their dreams. Our vision is to be the preferred provider when it comes to developing effective communication solutions that assist in making dreams come true.

Q. Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your partner schools faced and how DBC helped them overcome those challenges?

When I start thinking about the challenges that systems face, two success stories come to mind. First difficulty is, not just in terms of recruitment, but also in terms of the capacity to collaborate with the schools in terms of retention. We have been able to help rural school districts that aren't necessarily in big cities but are now able to attract and keep teachers. Second problem was an executive coaching program. We found that many educators had been around for years. There is an old saying, "you can't teach an old dog a new trick.” I am not referring anyone as a dog, but we want to put people in a situation where, if they are experienced experts, let's use and leverage their skill set and give them some modern approaches and strategies so that they can be their best. The hiring of young people, keeping them on board, and energizing the more seasoned personnel are two big success stories.

Q. Tell us about the DBC team. What value do they bring to the company?

The Dream Builders Communication team is an integral part of the company's success. Their expertise, experience, and unwavering dedication are truly invaluable to me, and I deeply appreciate their contributions. Together, we are committed to the growth and expansion of our business while upholding our renowned reputation for delivering exceptional customer service. I take immense pride in our team and eagerly anticipate our continued progress and triumphs. Behind every flourishing company lies a stellar team of individuals who tirelessly strive to achieve their goals. At Dream Builders Communication Inc., I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to lead such an outstanding group of professionals. Each day, they work diligently to drive our success and serve as the very foundation of our organization. Their immeasurable value to us cannot be overstated.

Q. No doubt, DBC is charting new territories in this segment. Given how frequently circumstances change, what plans for transformation are you pursuing to remain relevant now and in the future?

The business landscape is in a constant state of change, making it challenging for companies to stay relevant and keep pace with emerging trends. However, DBC is breaking new ground in this sector and has successfully maintained its position at the forefront, despite the multitude of challenges that arise. By embracing technology, prioritizing sustainability, forging strategic partnerships, investing in employee development, and fostering a culture of innovation, DBC remains at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving business world. These strategies not only enable DBC to stay abreast of industry trends but also to meet the evolving needs of its customers and outshine its competitors. In doing so, DBC positions itself as a company well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing business landscape with confidence and proficiency.


Dr. Kenston J. Griffin | Founder and CEO

Keynote speaker, best-selling author, and top-performing trainer and coach, Dr. Kenston J. Griffin continues to push the boundaries of conformity. His award-winning presentations are renowned throughout the corporate, education, federal, and non-profit spaces. He received his bachelor’s degree from Livingstone College and a master’s degree, in just one year, from the University of South Carolina.

Ultimately, Dr. Griffin and Dream Builders Communication, Inc.’s aim is to educate across the globe by raising one’s awareness and belief system in every field of human endeavor. Therefore, Dr. Griffin knows that for you “If better is possible, good is no longer an option.”

“We are committed to the growth and expansion of our business while upholding our renowned reputation for delivering exceptional customer service.”