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January Monthly Special 2022

DreamBox Learning – Providing Highly Engaging Digital Math and Reading Solutions


No longer was knowledge something that only the rich and powerful had access to; the rest of us could also grab a book and digest the nuggets of wisdom those before us had acquired. Digital learning is having a similar effect on the way we are able to consume and share information.  It allows students to access more information, but it also enables them to cater it specifically to their individual needs. It also saves time and money. Students no longer have to buy or rent large volumes of textbooks just to use about 30% of them before the information is no longer relevant.  The digital learning landscape has also made it possible for educators to adapt to different situations and share information rapidly.  This means that through things like a pandemic, there’s no need to cease education services.  This kind of platform creates a level playing field for each student and enhances their chances of success.

DreamBox Learning is one such company that provides a deeply personalized learning experience that guides and engages students at all levels with a combination of a rigorous K-8 math and reading curriculum and motivating learning environments that work seamlessly with the pioneering Intelligent Adaptive technology. Its programs provide feedback and scaffolding in the moment of learning and over time. Students develop the strategies, critical thinking skills, deep understanding, and reasoning abilities they need to be successful in life and career.

Best-in-Class Digital Math and Reading Solutions Offered

Predictive Insights: Empower educators with math test performance predictions that lead to meaningful insights. Teachers can address gaps and get students ready for standardized testing without taking time away for more tests. DreamBox generates predictions based on rich, longitudinal data gathered while students are actively engaged in learning. DreamBox Predictive Insights are as effective at showing future performance as interim tests and benchmarking—without requiring any testing. Predictions are powered by years of research and data and based on an empirically validated statistical model.

Real-time Reporting: Reporting at your fingertips gives you valuable insights as students learn—not just after assessments—so you can preview future performance and provide targeted interventions as needed. DreamBox adapts to your child’s level and learning needs, ensuring they are appropriately challenged and get confidence-building wins. DreamBox adapts in the moment to each child’s ability. As a result, children are motivated to try new problems and build on previous knowledge to work toward new discovery and understanding.

The Ardent Visionary behind the success of DreamBox Learning

Jessie Woolley-Wilson is the President and Chief Executive Officer of DreamBox Learning. She is driven by a singular belief that all children deserve high-quality learning opportunities, regardless of who they are or where they live. For more than 20 years, Jessie has worked in the education technology space to support school and district leaders in improving learning and life outcomes for K-12 students. Jessie joined DreamBox Learning® in 2010 as Chair, President, and CEO. In 2018, she secured a $130 million investment in DreamBox from The Rise Fund, a global impact investment fund managed by TPG Growth, making DreamBox the most well-funded education startup. The company’s pioneering Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ platform has won more than 40 top education and technology industry awards and is used by 200,000 teachers and nearly five million students in all 50 states and throughout Canada and Mexico.

She is also a board member for Boeing Employees Credit Union and The Bullitt Foundation. She has been a featured speaker at many international events, including TEDx Rainier, U.S. News and World Report’s STEM Solutions Conference, SXSWedu, DENT, GeekWire Summit, and the ASU GSV Summit. Jessie holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from the University of Virginia. She is also a 2007 Henry Crown Fellow and moderator for the Aspen Institute."

“DreamBox is more than a learning tool, it’s a math program that intelligently adapts to each child, letting them drive their own learning while giving parents and teachers in-the-moment data and valuable insights to ensure success.”