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A business’s performance is always determined by the creative marketing strategy that is devised and how it is implemented effectively. It is almost impossible to achieve both, often due to constraints around resources, competition, and cultural differences. But it is important to keep yourself attractive to and engaged with your customers, and marketing is the right tool to achieve it. Connecting with customers normally involves giving prospects of your brand fresh content on a regular basis. The reputation of your business can also be influenced by marketing, which in turn contributes by increasing the lifespan and growth of the business itself. Brand awareness is also an important factor for your growth, and through marketing, we can help the customers understand the value of your product.

atisfy® and its subsidiaries offer complete 360-degree marketing and advertising services. atisfy® as a whole looks to customize solutions for its clients based on budget, requirements, and strategy, making it a good fit for all brands from SMBs to global enterprises. The business’s services range from UI/UX and creative to data science-driven analytics and machine learning-driven implementation, and is a company known for its growth marketing and growth hacking abilities. atisfy® is also a recognized HubSpot Solutions Partner agency providing end-to-end inbound marketing services, as well as a certified Facebook Marketing Partner Agency with a 99 percent campaign optimization score.

In conversation with Hersh Bhatt, Founder and CEO of atisfy®

Q. How do you understand the culture of the company before devising a marketing campaign?

Should your culture bias affect your marketing? Or should your customers’ affinities and values affect your culture? While we believe in the latter, we work with clients who sometimes believe in the former (which is not wrong). The key is to start with our account managers digging deep into the client’s psychology: do they feel like the underdog or are they the big reliable giant? Our UX and content marketing teams then take over, ensuring that the company’s culture is expressed through the type of content we create, the creatives we develop, and the user journeys we map out. We also bring in the right consultants (in the form of influencers) to help us understand the interplay between company culture and how a company markets itself. For example, we work with prolific TikTok content creator and marketing consultant Jayde Vincent, who at age 19 is already teaching influencers and brands how to leverage their audiences. We understand through people like her the impact company culture has on Gen Z, a generation spoiled for choice, meaning that their loyalty is often determined by the authenticity of the campaign and the brand itself.

Q. Tell us about your project management system.

We believe in agile principles; however, we also do not go overboard with this approach. We do what works, and we believe this is ultimately what it means to be agile. This makes more sense in today’s development and technology-dependent marketing landscape. Unlike many traditional agencies, we integrate department leaders and account manager roles into specific accounts as co-project managers. This ensures the two closest stakeholders to the account plan our campaigns to the client. In doing this, it is important not to let department leaders with different visions cause disruptions in the integrated approach to marketing and communications, and we have the company CEO or C-level/head of department host regular meetings to ensure alignment is in place before we separate and focus on our own areas. The final element is the skill and quality of the account managers we hire. Their role is not only to be responsive and friendly, but to be capable strategic marketers who can ensure that the client’s voice is constantly being echoed internally so we can adjust to them accordingly. The account manager represents us to the client and vice versa. They need to be a subject matter expert as we control projects without dedicated project managers.

Q. Do you conduct “user research” to work on providing a better user experience?

It depends. 90% of the time when making branding decisions, we conduct user research through actual marketing and iterating based on measuring behavior and adapting accordingly. One of our key culture codes is to bias for action over analysis and failing fast, and therefore we avoid user research in the traditional sense. It is also much more cost-effective to learn through measuring behavioral data. The 10% of the time we do user research is when building websites, software and games. These require an immense investment of time, and pivoting can be costly. So, it pays to be more prudent. We keep a network of different target personas in the form of influencers close to the company, who are great sources of advice behind how the market they represent perceives things. This is usually accompanied by how good a company is at reaching them.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

We have a new-to-the-world product launching in 2020 that will revolutionize the influencer marketing industry, an area that suffers from a lack of measurement, efficiency, and a high barrier to entry for both influencers and businesses. We established atisfy® in 2020 to launch this product as a synergistic line of business alongside our current agency services. The product, which looks to democratize both sides of the influencer marketing world, has three major components. The first is atisfyreach, a novel self-serve platform that businesses can use to access the influencer market at a larger scale than ever before. We have given brands the ability to target specific audiences based on affinity through the influencers they are matched with. For influencers themselves, we will be releasing a web and mobile app called atisfyre, which enables them to monetize their content in real-time through job offers from businesses that are aligned with their values and motivations. The AI behind the two platforms that will help enterprises to optimize their cost per goal and influencers value themselves and personalize job offers they get is called atisfyreact, built by data scientists and machine learning wizards at the company.

Meet the leader behind the success of atisfy

Hersh Bhatt, the CEO and founder of atisfy® and its subsidiaries Game Marketing Genie® and Growth Marketing Genie, is an inspiring leader that insists on high performance teams and strong leadership principles to ensure clients receive the best solutions. A highly philosophical thinker, and a business building expert, Hersh leads the company with a hands-on approach that involves him across the business. He is an innovative mastermind who has developed a new-to-the-world marketing product planned for launch in 2020. With a prolific marketing background, Hersh is one of the rare T-shaped marketers that understands all channels in the marketing world. He is constantly looking to productize repetitive processes to help brands do more with less resources. Hersh is also a problem solver, often called into meetings not just to provide direction but to solve the toughest problems faced by the business. He expects high performance not only of himself, but also of his employees, and he treats and rewards them well. Mediocrity is not Hersh’s cup of tea at atisfy®.

“Our lead generation is heavily inbound and account-based marketing focused and therefore complete transparency is perfectly fine, we do what we preach and teach.