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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2018

Driven By Human Empathy. Powered By AI: Delivers Personalization at Scale, 5-10X Faster and More Effective

thesiliconreview-chad-burmeister-ceo-scalex-ai--2018Over the years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) has evolved tremendously and has made personalization at scale possible for the first time ever. Imagine a salesperson averaging 50 “sales activities” per day with very little personalization vs. a salesperson, powered by AI, averaging 500-1000+ sales activities per day-no contest.

Founded in 2017, delivers personalization at scale — whether you are looking to bring more productivity to your internal sales team, or partner with a company who can deliver 25 - 50 meetings per month per BDR.

ScaleX was originally established to demonstrate what a 10X in outbound sales activities can do for pipeline and bookings of a company. And in the past 12 months, the company has expanded from its resources delivering the 10X increase to a company’s own internal resources delivering the increased sales activity.

A Succinct Discussion with Chad Burmeister, Co-founder and CEO of ScaleX:

Q.What are the challenges you faced in your early years of the company?

When ScaleX started operations, we were called SalesHack, LLC, and then we created a DBA called ScaleX. We quickly determined ScaleX was the right brand in the market and opened an LLC which was later converted to a C-Corp. This causes a lot of work for accounting, legal, and can be taxing on the founders.

Suggestion: When you start a business, hire a law firm to help you file the right documents including decisions around forming an LLC or an S-Corp or a C-Corp, creating an Operating Plan, and other such documentation. It’s better to get this right to start, instead of trying to clean things up later.

Q.How successful was your first project roll on? Share the experience.

Our very first client was super successful. It was as if they weren’t the first client – because, in reality, they weren’t. As CEO of the company, I’d helped companies like Cisco-WebEx, Riverbed, ON24, and RingCentral in scaling their inside sales teams with people, process, and technology. So, helping our first client was no different. It starts with the people, and the process, and underlying it all – is the tech stack!

Q.What are the greatest attributes of ScaleX?

  • Leading from the front: at ScaleX, we don’t just do what everyone else does; we constantly try new technology to continually improve outcomes for our clients.
  • More is more: Some say “less is more”, at ScaleX we believe “more is more”
  • Operational Excellence is the key: very early on, we over-subscribed to hiring the best we could find to create the systems and process, built on top of world-class technology.
  • People, people, and people: Without excellent people in all parts of the business, you are only as strong as your weakest link. We use Objective Management Group to help us screen candidates who we know will be successful in their day to day selling motions.
  • Consistent coaching: Sales Reps generally want to be coached. We hire the best coaches who use and ExecVision on a daily basis to continually work with sales teams to help them learn and grow to the next level of professionalism and performance.

 Q.A company’s behavior is as important as its economic performance or the quality of its products. How do you interpret this saying?

Talking about the company behavior, “Doing the right thing, when nobody is looking” is a phrase that comes to mind. We had a client who signed up to a 3 month pilot with us, wired the money, but after 3-4 weeks of effort (on both sides), it was apparent that our company was not a good fit for his needs. We decided to refund the money, even though we had invested at least $10,000 to this point to get this customer launched. #DoTheRightThing

Q.Is ScaleX a ‘leader or follower’? Do you formulate your own core values?

ScaleX is definitely the leader in Sales Acceleration as a Service, powered by AI. When people ask, who your competition is, we can honestly say, nobody. Why? Because there is no other company who can deliver over 500 sales activities per day (250 dials, 150 emails, 100 social touches) with an external resource or an internal resource.

ScaleX Blazing It Forward

Chad Burmeister was living in Southern California in his early sales career and there was a family that lived across the street from him. #BlazeItForward — this simple slogan represents the wishes of that family whose son died.

Blaze Bernstein was Gideon and Jeanne’s firstborn son, but in early 2018, a tragedy struck and his life was taken by another teenager. This family has stuck together and launched the Blaze It Forward movement. Since the inception of the movement, the movement has helped in changing thousands of people’s lives. And we at ScaleX are doing our part to BLAZE IT FORWARD!

To learn more about #BlazeItForward, visit the Facebook page or visit the website

The Future Roadmap

Looking into the future, ScaleX will continue to be a leader in sales acceleration as a service, powered by artificial intelligence. Recently the company has launched and will likely deploy and in the coming months to continue to advance inside sales to the next level of professionalism and performance.

A Glimpse of the Triumphant

Chad Burmeister, Co-founder & CEO: Chad is equipping today’s modern sales professional with AI-powered sales strategies and technologies to dominate the market! As Co-Founder and CEO of ScaleX, he is responsible for building a next generation AI for Sales Company that enables salespeople to be 10 X more productive.

Chad was the Founding Chapter President of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Silicon Valley Chapter and Colorado Chapter President. Chad was voted Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional by the AA-ISP 7 years in a row since 2010. He also helped launch the Denver Enterprise Sales Forum with Mark Birch in early 2016. Others describe Chad as high energy, high integrity and have an extremely high ability to execute.

“I believe in being truthful in all that we do. Sometimes it’s painful to tell someone they are underperforming, or to let someone go, or to tell a client “We messed up”, but stay truthful and good things will happen.”