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Driving Digital Transformation across Medium to Large Organizations - Elcom


A Content Management System that makes building a world-class website, intranet, portal or digital workplace simple

The firm designs with its customers in mind; developing, customizing and extending the digital platform, Elcom, based on your specific use and design needs. Elcom is the backbone of over 1,000 successful global intranets, website, portal and learning management deployments and the company is proud to call it's own. Elcom helps you build or rebuild better sites for your organization. Using its platform, you have the power to control every aspect of your site.

Elcom is trusted by well-known brands including Hyundai, Kia, WWF, Kaiser Permanente, and Fairfax Media, as well as several governments, health and educational institutions including Austrade, The Fair Work Ombudsman, Cabrini, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Ascham School, Ivanhoe Grammar and much more.

IT &DevOps

How ElcomCan Transform Your Organisation: Imagine a single digital platform connecting your entire organization. Elcom supports your need for secure, scalable and customizable technology - no matter what your requirements are.

Connect Your Entire Community

Bring people and information together into one central digital location, accessible securely from any location and any device.

  • A connected hub. Build a repository of projects, documents, images, forms, policies, procedures, FAQs and more - all with version control.
  • Personalized interface. Provide personalized views of information based on locations or groups, with different levels of security permissions.
  • Easily find information. Search based on taxonomy, keywords or pre-defined search queries. Bring in results from other databases if needed.


Consistent and open communication fuels productive and engaged workplaces – but are your existing processes slowing your people down? Let Elcom transform your workplace so you can focus on what matters: supporting and engaging your people.

Connect People with Productivity without information and communication, everything stops.

  • A central hub. Help your people find what they need in seconds with real-time access to the latest information and resources from one place – regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.
  • Single, trusted source. Let your intranet or portal become the single trusted source so your people know where they can go to get what they need fast.
  • Comprehensive feature list. With personalized homepages, advanced search, easy to access forms, instructional videos, policies and procedures, documents and knowledge bases, delivering consistent communication and improving productivity is a breeze.

People & Culture

Let Elcom do the heavy lifting for you – Elcom takes care of the processes, so you can take care of your people. Focus on People, Not Processes.

Are existing processes slowing you down? Focus less on administration and more on inspiring your people.

  • Save countless hours and automate manual tasks through forms and workflows, document and policy manager, and events manager.
  • A single resource. Bring all your resources together into an intranet or portal for your people to access anywhere, on any device.
  • Self-service. Empower individuals with self-service tools to manage their information
  • Marketing

Let Elcom do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what matters - delighting your audience.Delivers Exceptional Website Experiences when it comes to your audience, every impression counts.

  • Everything you need. Build enterprise content management solutions with a platform that comes with over 90+ out-of-the-box features, as well as 50+ add on modules and integrations, you have access to the building blocks to deliver exceptional website experiences that continually engage your audience.
  • Flexible partnership. Whether you want to build it in-house or hand the reigns to the Elcom team, our expert designers, developers and project managers will be with you every step of the way.

The Executive Team

Elcom has teams in research and development, sales, marketing, product development, financial, design, project management, support, system administration, and general administration to support and grow the business. These teams are led by a group of friendly and reputable business and technology experts.

The Leader of this Team

John Anstey | Chief Executive Officer

John Anstey founded Elcom in Australia, in 1996 on the belief that a great content management system should be the starting point for creating digital workplaces and digital transformations. During his six years at Corporate Express (now Staples) in the roles of CFO and then CIO, John implemented the technology that assisted Corporate Express to dominate its industry and list on the Australian Stock Exchange. He has advised the Australian Tax Office on the strategies for e-tax the online tax return system, which was regarded as the most successful e-government initiative in Australia. He regularly advises business executives on strategies to take advantage of the internet.

“We are a team of developers, designers, and pioneers in content management and digital workplaces. We are dedicated to delivering the best solutions for our clients.”