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Driving Innovative Transformation since the Beginning: Sqware Peg


Sqware Peg is Australia’s first Salesforce partner. The company has established itself as a leader in digital transformation and advisory across the entire suite of Salesforce offerings. Founded in 2004, the company is a Platinum Salesforce Partner and is backed by Salesforce Ventures. Its team is completely onshore in Australia with office locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Born For a Purpose

Sqware Peg started off servicing the SMB segment and has always been 100% focused on the Salesforce ecosystem. The company’s business is now focused on mid-market to enterprise, and over the years, it has changed its offerings to mirror the growth in Salesforce platforms. The company’s key industry focus includes manufacturing, utilities, education, government, and media & communications. The company’s growth was aligned with the pace of expansion that Salesforce was going through at the time. Salesforce is a fantastic ecosystem with such a broad platform and over 3000 applications that are in an app store. Sqware Peg partners with a select group of companies within this ecosystem and puts a lot of focus into a dozen key partners that it regularly includes in its solution designs to benefit its clients and deliver tailored solutions.

With the expansion of the business alongside Salesforce, the partnership has become much deeper. Sqware Peg has

added credibility to its business primarily because it’s being backed by one of the biggest IT companies in the world. Furthermore, this investment relationship with Salesforce Ventures has not only formed a deeper relationship with key executives in Australia and in the US but has also added a lot of expertise from board advisory point of view.

The Core Value: ‘Client for Life’

The company has the longest relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation of Australia which is its client for over eight years now. Sqware Peg is supporting their guest experience center, customer service, and marketing teams. It has been great for its team to learn the Toyota Way and how they do things and it works on site collaboratively together. The initial project was an implementation for customer services and this has evolved to what is now a managed service where the company has partnered with a key Australian enterprise to absolutely assist them running their customer relationship management program. As per the company, it is the longest-standing relationship between a client and a partner in the Salesforce ecosystem. While it is not the first project, it is the one that talks volumes about the company’s key value i.e. ‘client for life’ because of the longevity.

Success seldom comes without challenges and Sqware Peg has its fair share. The company sees its greatest challenge in attracting, hiring, and retaining quality talent in a rapidly growing marketplace. It is working on a number of initiatives to rapidly expand its internship and graduate programs and internally meet those challenges. But in the end, what keeps it going is the support that it gets from Salesforce and as a partner, they’ve been fantastic in helping to work and resolve any challenges in the market.

The Services Offerings

Strategic Advisory: Sqware Peg believes that successful organizational change starts by identifying the problems and building a roadmap for improvement to take any company from the present into the future.

Salesforce Implementation: Salesforce provides real-time visibility into all aspects of one’s business. To get the most out of the Salesforce solution, it needs to be set up with best practice by certified industry leaders. Sqware Peg is skilled at implementing across all Salesforce clouds.

Data, Integration, and Analytics: Smart decisions are powered by quality data. Sqware Peg’s Data and Einstein Analytics experts can gather, integrate, cleanse, and visualize its clients’ data to empower their team with business insights.

Managed Services: It helps its clients to continually innovate on the platform, so they can evolve with the changing needs of its clients’ business.

Success Factors

Sqware Peg realizes that to create a successful transformation, it takes a lot more than just technology. Hence, its focus is to accelerate that transformation for businesses utilizing the Salesforce platform and helping them look at it from a technology lens. Some of the key factors attributed to Sqware Peg’s success are as follows:

  • Be clear on your purpose: The clear purpose of the company is to accelerate the successful transformation of Australian business using Salesforce technology
  • Live by your values and build great culture: Sqware Peg lives by its core values and is guided by the ‘Sqware Peg Way’. As it is a people business, attracting and retaining great talent and ensuring that the team works really well together is fundamental to its clients’ success
  • Be disciplined and make sure you do the basics well: Having a structured operating rhythm in how the business is running is absolutely critical in a fast growth business. When someone is juggling so many different things, it comes down to the basics and doing them really well
  • Build great relationships: Relationships with the partners and key advisors including a strong leadership team will help guide decision making and strategy
  • Keep listening to your clients: One must measure CSAT, take action on feedback, and anticipate their needs

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Reid Meldrum, Managing Director: Reid comes from a corporate environment with media and telco experience. His last corporate role was a senior executive at Optus (an Australian Telco) and over the last 20 years, he has held a number of general management positions across sales, operations, marketing, commercial and strategy in many Australian companies.

Reid always wanted to be in cloud-industry and invest in a similar business. He wished to leverage the great experience that he had gained at Optus implementing Salesforce. Leading the Sqware Peg team was an opportunity to work in the Salesforce ecosystem and put his 20 years of experience into a business.

The opportunity arose to buy into Sqware Peg and lead the business on its next phase of growth.

“We are more than just a Platinum Salesforce implementation partner; we work with organizations to drive digital transformations that deliver remarkable results.”