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DROISYS: Changing Business Scenario Using Groundbreaking Technologies

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. " - William Pollard

A world leader in cross platform applications, Droisys is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company has additional sales and software development offices in Florida and India, providing reliable and valuable services to Global 2000 companies and mid-range enterprises across the world.

Droisys serves multiple industries namely Gaming & Hospitality, Retail & CPG, Healthcare and Financial Services offering variety of marketing initiatives by providing secure, pioneering software solutions helping businesses adopt emerging technologies and adding value to the customer environment.

Droisys helps companies to bring concepts to life using groundbreaking technologies such as Augmented Reality- Leverage augmented reality via consumer handheld devices such as smartphones or wearable devices, Location Services-using location based technologies such as ibeacons; geofencing and Bluetooth one can reach consumers wherever; whenever , NFC- Near Field Communication Technologies can be used to rapidly process payments or transfer data between two NFC-enabled devices, Brain Sensors- Neuromarketing allows researcher to more accurately understand consumer’s thoughts, decisions and reactions, Wearable Technology- using this marketer can tune into electrical signals produced by consumer’s brain and many more. They also use their expertise to deliver carefully planned solutions that go beyond addressing a single requirement and help businesses of all sizes in achieve multiple business goals.

“We can help your business identify, pursue and execute “game changing” paradigm shifting technology capabilities that add value to your business.”

The Innovation Lab
Motto behind establishing Innovation Lab as a division of Droisys was to overcome the problem of lack of innovation in the software services industry. Many other companies claim to offer reusable and customizable frameworks, but there is a gap in providing simpler, innovative solutions that specifically meets each individual clients needs. Droisys’s Innovation Lab emphasizes on becoming familiar with clients business and understanding their needs, so that they can contemplate a technological solution. Precisely, it can solve all challenges of clients, with the help of their domain & technology experts, solution frameworks and technology partners.

Product Offerings
Droisys uses its expertise to deliver carefully planned solutions that go beyond addressing a single requirement and helps in multiple business aspects, following a fourfold step to bring products to life by Diagnosis – Design – Developing – Drive the product process.

Diagnosis- Here they detect and identify emerging technologies by doing intensive research and access their marketability on a daily basis.

Design- in designing a platform, they take into consideration all touch points of the user experiences and do their best to craft initiative, beautiful user experiences in all platform and products they create.

Develop- this is where the magic happens. Their core competency is skillful, solid development leveraging emerging technologies. They live and breathe the agile development methodology.

Drive- this is the final step across the finish line! Droisys will help to successfully launch the customers platform or product into the market. At the same time will monitor and optimize the platform post-launch to ensure maximum prosperity.

The company offers Software Solutions such as Client Server Application Development, Application Support and Maintenance, Distributed application development, Object Oriented Design and Development, Customized web enabled ERP Solutions, Customized CRM Solution, Database Management and Remote Database Management.
The Company further offers Mobile Application Development Services such as Enterprise mobile applications in iOS, Android & Windows platform along with various frameworks, and IT Consulting Services such as Distributed architecture, implementation, Project Management, Design Consulting and Internet Solutions along with the Enterprise Internet Application Development, E-Commerce Solutions, and Online Marketing Solutions.

Prestigious Clients
Pursuing high level of integrity, quality and professionalism, Droisys provides their clients best services. Partnering with Droisys allow customers to quickly and efficiently plan, implement and manage their technology solution. They are happy to have clients such as: Microsoft, Gimbal, intel , Qualcomm Vuforia

Knowing the Key Executive
Sanjiv Goyal, CEO
An active angel investor with a successful high-tech portfolio, Sanjiv has been pivotal in mentoring promising new entrepreneurs and has won awards for several of his innovations; most note-worthy, is the first automatic vehicle location system of Singapore. A key leader, Sanjiv is looking for startups leveraging mobile in Digital marketing, Retail, Healthcare, Gaming, Hospitality. Prior to Droisys, Goyal held senior leadership positions at IBM, AutoNation and iGATE, worked in the US, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia and India. He is a Passionate participant in IIT community and is quite active in performing his philanthropic duties on children-focused charitable organizations.
Sanjiv holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University and a Master’s degree in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi.

“If your business can be solved with software, we can build it”- Sanjiv Goyal

Amit Kumar Goel, COO
At Droisys, Amit is responsible for managing day to day operations (employee/HR matters, internal systems and business processes) through effective action oriented approach. An alumnus of San Francisco State University, College of Business, Amit holds expertise in account management, customer relationship, business management, business operations, business development, vendor management, employee management and retention, Internal communication, team building, business process development and managing globally diverse team. Amit holds strong business acumen and customer interaction experience, in both customer relationship management and development.

Prior to Droisys, Amit has worked with IMAGE (HITECH COMVISION) & NIIT