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30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2023

 An expert transforming businesses with next-generation technology: DVBE Technology


Tech consultants give you advice on how to utilize technology to the fullest extent possible for the advantage of your company. The solutions offered by consultants boost output and revenue by making better use of technology. Masters in their disciplines, tech consultants work in a variety of fields, including marketing and sales as well as IT, computers, software, applications and integrations. Depending on the industry or goal, tech consultants may offer a different range of services. These include recommendations for the technological side of business or strategy, such as introducing a new, less expensive system or implementing software throughout all of your departments. Additionally, consultants could focus on risk analysis, infrastructure design, specialized software development, or security analysis.

Additionally, consultants could focus on risk analysis, infrastructure design, specialized software development, or security analysis. By assisting you in catching up with the most recent trends, others also significantly contribute to the expansion of enterprises. They do share the fact that these consultants use technology to address a range of business issues. They also collaborate with business owners, executives, and decision-makers to create technology-based solutions. Globally there are various companies delivering excellent tech consulting services, but DVBE Technology stands out from the rest. As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with a leadership team of over twenty-five years, DVBETG brings effective and innovative solutions to overcome your most complex business challenges. The company has proven experience delivering high-quality, professional information technology (IT) staffing and consulting services worldwide to the public and private sectors.

In conversation with Richard McKinnon, President of DVBE Technology

Q. What was the motivation behind starting DVBE Technology?

If you were to go back in time to the early 1970-1980’s and you lived in the Western United States, you would have more than likely spent time at a wonderful place called Shakey’s Pizza. I was fortunate enough to have had an amazing dad who owned multiple Shakey’s and took the time to not only teach me about business, but also about the people you work with.

I was taught no matter how good a CEO or business owner you are, you are only as good as the people that work with you. I have been blessed for 25+ years to work with the same great team of individuals who truly believe in the philosophy we have implemented. That philosophy is that “people don’t work for the company, they work with the company”. I as taught to be different, you need to think different.

DVBE Technology Group (DVBETG) is an idea and philosophy of expanding the use of veteran owned businesses in public and private sector, while offering the same great quality of service that is expected of a company working on a national and global level. With our expansion into Latin America and soon into Canada, we are utilizing our pool of Bi-Lingual subject matter experts to expand and win contracts on a global skill.image

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

Over the years our services have diversified to work with the changing markets of technology. We are very fortunate in todays’ market to have an endless pool of qualified technology consultants in all aspects of technology. Some of the contracts we are currently working on deal with lots of AI, IoT, Big Data, Cyber Security, Smart Cities, and lots of Analytics.

Q. Experts predict that failure of trusted algorithms is bound to happen. How do you make your AI solutions foolproof?

Just like anything it is a matter of understanding how the AI works, then testing it 100% over and over as it is deployed into the real world. Handling all the regulatory compliance for efficiency, safety, and accurate use cases. We also build awareness on the use of AI. We have watched and learned from some of the best and try to replicate those standards.

Q. Although it would be great to turn on the computer and leave for the day, automated solutions do require monitoring. How can we prevent potential technological failures?

Everything boils down to governance and how does your company implement it. Areas of automation such as RPA and certain AI products that do decision making can also help in this process. You need to have a clear and defined end goal. People should analyze workflows to identify potential areas for automation. These usually don’t need a lot of human intervention, and usually have routine and repetitive steps.

Q. Do you maintain a database of candidates already pre-screened to accelerate the recruitment process without affecting the quality of the hire?

This is one of the main areas that sets us apart from other companies. Our ability to have an endless supply of consultants ready to go for projects onsite or remote has made us a key partner too some of the largest companies in the world. We currently are able to staff candidates globally with relationships in multiple countries around the world.

Q. How do you prevent mis-hires and maintain the efficiency of your services?

We pride ourselves on quality. Our recruiting process consists of many levels to be compliant. In this compliancy process I truly believe in the motto, “Time is money, and I DON’T want to waste people’s time.” In other words, we care about the managers taking the time to set up interviews, and the consultants taking the time to interview. So in this process we truly screen to make sure we get the correct and right person for that company’s management and overall business environment. Time is of most importance, and we don’t want managers just interviewing endless numbers of candidates with no results. Even in todays’ market we have a 76% interview to hire rate, which means every 3 out of 4 people who interview get hired.

Q. How do you maintain a strong relationship with clients and how do feedbacks help you?

The relationships I have built in business go beyond just supplying technology and consultants. I have earned and built relationships where they feel they can reach out and have honest business strategy conversations. I have taken the time to learn the projects to see if there are any other areas we can expand our presence in.

Q. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, they find new, unexpected ways to target systems. How do you gather insights to stay updated?

We implement a Zero Trust Model. We understand that security isn’t just about the technology stack that is implemented, but also about the governance and the training of the people in areas of password management, procedures, training, etc. The Zero Trust Model allows us to work from the very core and infrastructure of a company.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We have many new and exciting products and services that DVBETG is currently implementing and offering. Areas of Retina and Facial Recognition, Satellite Radio Capabilities (covering the oceans and major land masses), Avatars, Drones, Cyber Security, Smart Cities, GIS Mapping for countries, IoT, Sensors and Monitoring, RPA, and Data Analytics are some of our current opportunities.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

I am very excited about what the future holds for DVBETG. Working in areas of Latin America and expanding with new offices coming in New Jersey and Toronto, Canada, I feel very blessed that we are continuing to grow at such a rapid rate. Our goal is to continue to utilize our DVBE and SDVOSB certifications to win business on a national scale. The luxury that we have access to an endless supply of engineers nationally and globally will continue to be the key in helping grow the company.

About the leader behind the success of DVBE Technology in his own words

Richard McKinnon, President

I’ve had the privilege over the past 25+ years to work with some of the Top 100 organizations worldwide, and some of my relationships with these organizations and people date back over 25 years. The Gold Medallion Coin from The Military Order of The Purple Heart to, most recently, the Gold Medallion Coin from the Ministry of Defense Colombia (Ministerio Defensa Nacional De Colombia), are just a few of the life-changing honors and recognition that DVBETG has received. DVBETG won the CRN Triple Crown in 2021–2022 and was selected as one of the 50 Best Workplaces for two consecutive years. Being named one of the Top 20 Pioneering CEOs for the years 2021–2022, as well as appearing in publications like Fortune, Bloomberg, Money, and 12 others has been an honor for me personally.

DVBETG has given me the freedom to help others, which is the greatest gift of all. This has been an incredible journey that has included providing jobs to help people take care of their families, creating a few thousand jobs for veterans, constructing orphanages in three different countries, and volunteering my time at VA hospitals to work with veterans. I now have the opportunity to teach technology to retired people and veterans, not just in the United States but all over the world.

“I was taught no matter how good a CEO or business owner you are, you are only as good as the people that work with you.”

“We have watched and learned from some of the best and try to replicate those standards.”