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e3 Technical Solutions – Delivering prompt and efficient IT support and solutions for enterprises


Starting a business requires passion, acumen, and persistence. e3 Tech Solutions has been forged with all three. In 2005, Jason Brunt had over fifteen years of experience in IT, and a passion for connecting with customers on a relatable level that similar industry firms ignored.  With this in mind, he founded e3 Technical Solutions, not only to provide Managed IT Services, but to be a business advocate and partner for his clients. With core values of integrity, excellence, and exceptional customer service, e3 and their clients have experienced consistent growth.

Q. Why e3?

Bringing in their IT experts to work with your team creates a symbiotic relationship that will increase the productivity of your business. They believe their experience and skill sets can help support your staff and work environment in ways that help, not inhibit, everything that you want to accomplish. With the structure of their business agreements, they fully expect for your benefit to be their benefit. As consultants, they work to provide workable solutions that meet your needs, rather than to sell products and ideas that only benefit them. They work hard to provide valuable resources that benefit your business, such as:

Reduced Downtime: Downtime can be so harmful to businesses – being down for a whole day can be financially devastating. They create a mutually beneficial working relationship where less downtime for you means they can support you in more proactive ways.

Efficient Software: Software can make or break your business productivity. Let e3 help structure your cloud infrastructure to make sure you can get to work, no matter where you are.

Increased Security: They have found the most practical and efficient solutions to share for both device security and physical security.

Reliable Backup & Recovery: Reduce worry over lost information by making sure you can always quickly access an accurate backup.

Consulting Services: Planning for the future can be a huge headache. Their experts remain updated on best practices to make sure you can plan well.

Leveraging State-of-the-Art IT Services and Solutions

Managed IT Services: When businesses lose control of their IT, or IT expands beyond their ability to effectively manage it, this is where things often go wrong.  e3 Technical Solutions’ cloud computing services help address these problems for businesses in a way unique to each company in ways that work with their flow and process. Their solutions are catered to each company, rather than providing blanket infrastructure requirements across the board. Staff can access the cloud from anywhere in the world. Their experts provide effective remote support that is not geographically limited. Their range of solutions affords a tailored IT plan to empower your business to tackle whatever matters most.

Data Backup & Recovery Services: When your data and information is lost or compromised because of an unanticipated security breach, which is more and more common today, you need to make sure you can recover your sensitive and important information so that your business can continue to thrive and grow.

e3 Technical Solutions can equip you with Data Backup and Recovery Services to ensure that your critical information is completely secure. They specialize in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery. They use a unique system that backs up all your domain, server information, and files by storing it on remote, US-based, off-site servers so you will always be able to access your data quickly in the event of an emergency. Security for your sensitive information should be a top priority for your business, even for information stored off-site. e3 has solutions that will protect your data, network, and systems from being hacked or from harmful viruses that inhibit productivity. If your business has a harmful breach and your network does go down and data is lost as a result, they can have you back up and operating quickly with full access to your lost information.

Site Security Assessment and Solutions: It’s essential to identify and address the security of business locations to protect buildings and employees, both within and without. All businesses encounter situations that require physical safety, access control considerations, and monitoring. e3 Technical Solutions offers on-site security assessments, along with solutions that resolve risks that their clients encounter for the safety of their workplace. e3 Technical Solutions will perform a comprehensive site assessment to create a proposal that will cover all of the bases to ensure your business can cover all essential needs for onsite security, as well as potential growth ideas. From placement of staff to camera system installations, they make sure you are prepared to handle potential harmful situations.

The Leader Upfront

Jason Brunt is the founder and CEO/CIO of e3 Technical Solutions and has worked in the IT industry for nearly 25 years. He served for two years as an Executive Board Member for CompTIA, a leading technology organization that establishes standards & best practices for the IT industry. In addition to his expertise in business development and IT project management, he also brings valuable knowledge of IT security, HIPAA compliance, and network management to the e3 team.

While Jason enjoys using and learning about technology and seeing the advances in the IT industry, he has found that the most rewarding aspects of leading e3 to be in the relationships and connections that he has cultivated. His passion is to help other businesses grow & succeed using technology while building a business that helps to provide for other people and their families as well. He also endeavors to give back through mentoring aspiring IT professionals and by speaking at conferences on topics such as cyber-security and the future of technology.

"E3 understands that a business without working computer systems is a business that is losing both customers and income by the minute! Whether you have outgrown your current IT provider, or it is your first time exploring the option, we want to help you. "