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Ecolog International: Delivering Stability and Navigating Intricacy; Providing Integrated Services and Solutions


“Our central vision is to enable the customers to focus on their core business anywhere and everywhere.”

Support services is one of the very few sectors which mainly focus on delivering penultimate products that save several hundred and thousands of lives. Starting a support services company requires state of the art systems, skilled personnel and profound experience, and know-how to provide reliable and agile site-specific services in a competitive environment.

Given the preceding, we are delighted to present Ecolog International.

Ecolog is a leading provider of mission critical support services, supply chain and logistics, construction, technology, facility management, and environmental services in more than 40 countries with 150 locations. The firm provides turnkey and customized solutions to governments and defense, humanitarian organizations such as United Nations, as well as commercial clients in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and Mining projects.

Ecolog has built long-lasting partnerships with organizations such as the U.S. Army, the French Army, the Bundeswehr, EUFOR, and NATO. Additionally, Ecolog works with primary peacekeeping missions, Ministries of Defense of countries including The United States of America, Germany, France, as well as private international companies that include Shell, Fluor, DynCorp, K.B.R., Total, Technip, Petronas, Lukoil, RasGas, Samsung, Weatherford, Qatar Gas and many more.

The company was founded in 1999 by a prominent business entrepreneur, Nazif Destani, and experienced unparalleled growth over two decades. Having its global headquarters in Dubai – U.A.E, Ecolog has a strong global footprint with its strong US presence in Washington D.C. and its European footprint in Germany. It has operational units spread across Macedonia, Kuwait, Turkey, Iraq, Mozambique and China. The firm can mobilize new projects quickly, as well as develop robust supply chains and total service solutions on a global scale.

Ecolog International: Synopsis

Odyssey of Ecolog

Ecolog began operations in the early 90s in Germany. The company was set up to initially provide services for the German army deployed during the Balkan crisis; it also extended its services to the U.S. army. The firm has also offered its supply for missions like KFOR, ISAF in Afghanistan and Iraqi freedom. Since then the company marched forward and expanded its services to meet clients’ requirements across several industries.

Within a short period of performance, the company augmented its service portfolio from few support services to a whole range of integrated services, facility management, water treatment, waste management, catering, fuel supply and distribution. After a few years, Ecolog emerged as a reliable partner to support missions in areas where there was limited infrastructure in place. It was a significant and strategic direction for a service company in remote and challenging areas, surpassing service levels already provided by more established companies.

The company’s central vision is to enable its customers to focus on their core business anywhere and everywhere. And its mission is to become a global provider of intelligent and integrated services and solutions.

Elements: That Aid Ecolog to Outshine Competition

Ecolog emerged at a time when many organizations did not outsource their services. The company was able to disrupt the value chain creatively, innovate and redefine the processes, and demonstrate the benefits of using a reliable third party. It did not stop there and continued to develop its digital platform to increase productivity and enhance the services. Platforms such as C.O.P. and E-Laundry are amongst some of their innovative digital interfaces.

Ecolog has a robust entrepreneurial spirit; this is why the company was founded. While it has traditionally been working with the government sector, there is untold growth to discover across the commercial industries. The upside potential in the Energy and hydrocarbon arena and also in the areas of digital transformation, and cybersecurity. The first priority of the firm is to enhance the strategic direction and diversify its services across the target industries through innovation, acquisition and digitalization.

Company’s Core Value

The company lives by its mission and vision statements, and it is also guided by core service values that are action-oriented

  • Fulfill promises (100% performance),
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through integrity, quality and reliability
  • Value people and the environment,
  • Incorporate innovative technologies in our work,
  • Foster continuous improvement.

Going Above and Beyond

Ecolog believes that trust is the most valuable currency in their business and any other business for that matter. The company always takes a step further not only to meet the customers’ expectations by delivering the best services but also to exceed those by suggesting improvements and innovations that could further enhance their operations.

Essentially, Ecolog credo is that speaking up, real-time constructive feedback, and keeping an open mind is the key to sustain and thrive.

Future Intent

Ecolog has some exciting developments in the pipeline with a focus on the digital enhancement on some essential services. There are also a couple of disruptive and innovative solutions both in Industry 4.0 and the fintech area. Stay tuned, and you will hear from the company soon.

The Driving Force Behind the Success of Ecolog International

Ali Vezvaei serves as the group Chief Executive Officer at Ecolog. A veteran and senior executive from technology, energy and industrial sectors, Forbes named Mr. Vezvaei as one of the top executives in the Middle East and North Africa for two consecutive years. He was also named as one of the top most 50 influential leaders in MENA downstream sector by Refining & Petrochemical ME. Before joining Ecolog, he served as the President and C.E.O. for MENA at Bilfinger S.E., a listed company on German stock exchange.

Prior to that, he led Linde in the MENA region, one of the world’s largest engineering and industrial gases companies. Before that he spent over a decade at multinational Siemens in various leadership roles, with the most recent position being Senior Vice President of the company’s global oil and gas business.

Mr. Vezvaei holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with executive educations both from the University of Oxford’s Said Business school as well as the renowned Harvard Business School. He has co-authored a few academic papers, two of which have been published by Cambridge.

“Reliability, flexibility, and response time are the critical characteristic of our business today. We have been able to adapt to our clients’ growing demands and complex business requirements as the services grow more challenging.”