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August Monthly Special 2022

Eden Health – Direct-To-Employer Medical Provider, Offering a Collaborative Approach to Enhance Employee Health


Getting your workforce to better understand the importance of choosing a primary care physician and consistently communicating with that professional is an essential component to improving the health of your employee population. Selecting and regularly seeing a primary care physician is beneficial on a number of levels. It enables a person to establish consistent communication with a doctor to address any physical and mental health concerns or issues. Last of all, it establishes an information hub for all future doctors or specialists to communicate with. This enables diagnoses, medication prescriptions and interventions to all interact and accentuate each other, ensuring that your health and well-being remain the primary focus at all times.

Eden Health is one such primary care and insurance navigation company for employers that primarily focuses on elevating the health and wellbeing of their employees. It all starts with the company's easy-to-use mobile app. Employees get fast responses to medical inquiries (within 7 minutes), booking of same-day appointments at their nearby medical offices, and hassle-free virtual visits. Healthcare delivered by unconnected, siloed providers can result in gaps in care. That’s why Eden created the Integrated 360 care model, which provides each employee with their own team of medical and mental health providers, physical therapists, and insurance experts.

Providing Best Primary Care Solutions for Employees

Eden Health's Primary HealthCare: Every employee should have a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider. That’s why Eden's Primary Care Providers support patients in every area of their wellbeing, no matter where they are or what they’re facing. By having one consistent team of primary care providers, mental health specialists, healthcare navigators, and physical therapists, the members can streamline their healthcare journey and ensure their care is no longer siloed.  Eden Health is the fastest growing collaborative care organization in America. Collaborative care is a clinically validated approach that takes care of the whole person — both mental and physical — with a primary care clinician serving as the center. Dealing with long-term health issues is a big part of many employees’ lives. Eden will be there every step of the way — from diagnosis and treatment to prescription management and ongoing care. The care team will consult with outside specialists as needed, arming patients with better, more centralized information about their health.

Mental Wellness: Eden Health knows life is busy and finding the right mental health provider can be challenging. That’s why Eden mental health specialists work hand-in-hand with the Primary Care Providers to treat the whole patient. The mental wellbeing impacts how people show up to work each day, and People Teams are in a position to help employees get the care they need. By providing mental health benefits integrated with primary care and insurance navigation support, companies can decrease absenteeism, increase morale, and improve performance, all while attracting and retaining talent. As part of a Care Team, the mental health specialists work with Eden psychiatrists and primary care providers who can prescribe medications, monitor effectiveness, and suggest adjustments as needed. Undiagnosed stress and anxiety lead to job burnout and employee turnover. At Eden, mental health screenings are integrated into medical care.

Healthcare Navigation: Employees can easily message their Care Team on the Eden Health app with any benefits question. A Healthcare Navigator will start digging into the issue on their behalf, taking the burden off of your department. Answers are just a tap away. When facing a health issue, having to find in-network referrals, schedule appointments, and review bills and insurance claims for accuracy can be confusing and time-consuming; an additional stressor during an already difficult time. At Eden, the expert Healthcare Navigators are an integral component of an employee’s Care Team and are just as devoted to their health and financial wellbeing as their clinical counterparts. For employees, Healthcare Navigators bridge the gap between insurance companies and healthcare providers. Bills from a provider can be frustrating and hard to understand, and dealing with them can require patience and knowledge. Healthcare Navigators can also manage patient care, allowing your employees to focus on staying productive. Healthcare Navigators manage claims, billing, and referrals. They answer employee questions, saving people operations many hours each week.

Pop-Up Clinics: Eden Health is the trusted market leader in pop-up clinics, serving thousands of patients each month. Their Care Team assembles temporary clinics right in your workplace, so employees can prioritize their health without missing a day of work. By converting meeting rooms into private medical clinics, they can book 5- to 30-minute consultations to address acute, preventative, and chronic care needs — anything from vaccinations to assistance with medications. Their pop-up clinics bring the Eden Health collaborative care model right to your office, enabling your employees to stay healthy and productive. Pop-ups allow employees to form patient-provider relationships that continue long after the event. Your employees can access a dedicated Care Team 24/7 through the app to address their follow-up questions, insurance needs, and mental health. Eden has partnered with MyTelemedicine to give employees direct access to phone consultations with licensed pediatricians. It provides employees a form that their doctor can fill out once they have successfully completed recommended screenings in accordance with their physicians’ recommendations.

The Leader Upfront

Matt McCambridge is the Chief Executive Officer of Eden Health.

"Our dedicated and interdisciplinary care teams work together to understand each patient and help them achieve their health goals."