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eHealthCard: Creating a Global Platform through Gen Next Health Record System


“To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own.” - Anne Morrow Lindeberg

Established with a motto to connect the world to a “LiveWire” of global healthcare service, eHealthCard aims to provide globally calibrated electronic health card which will upload, preserve and retrieve one’s personal health record securely, anywhere anytime. NCORD Health Card LLP is poised to be one of the most efficient, competitive and accountable healthcare service providers in the world that strives to upload, store and preserve health records electronically.

A global platform providing services to healthcare professionals, researchers, hospitals, and patients worldwide, eHealthCard offers range of benefits including Blood Banking, Diagnostic Laboratories, Bone Marrow Registry, Cancer Solutions, Patient Registry, Lifestyle Solutions, Cord Blood Banking, Plan Your Parenthood, Stem Cell Research, Surrogate Parenthood and Diseased Tissue Repository.

For years ahead, the company visions to create a “Live Wire” that connects Doctors, Patients, Hospitals, Scientists, Research Institutes, Insurance Providers, and every other health care industry players to bring in a sea-of-change to the current healthcare system.

eHealthCard holds their office at Pune in India and the global one is at USA.

Unique Product Offered
NCORD Health Card LLP is considered as one of the most efficient, competitive and accountable healthcare service providers in the world. At NCORD, the providers upload, store and preserve health records electronically. One can download their records anywhere, anytime. The medical information will also be available to any healthcare service provider in normal and / or during medical emergency condition, which enables quicker and accurate diagnosis resulting ultimately in better medical care. eHealthCard is a cloud based innovative technology developed by the company in compliance to latest American and International HITECH, HIPAA and HL7 guidelines. To be more precise, eHealthCard digitally stores and secures all medical records of a patient and makes them available wherever, and whenever. It will results in better care, and timely emergency interventions. With a great response in the market, about 40 thousand doctors around the globe have enquired about the product through various Medias.

An innovative solution for streamlining the transfer of medical data, the eHealthCard will contain specific health information, including medical insurance, health status updates, blood group, etc. It will also reduce the time required to maintain & keep track of medical records. As far as benefits are concerned the eHealthCard will Provide 3600 connectivity with all healthcare sectors, availability of medical data instantly during emergencies, easy to upload & store all medical data, Insurance data can also be uploaded, 24 X 7 integrated accessibility across the globe, reduction of time for physician’s diagnosis and analysis, Facility of e Prescription, Back-up support for all reports & many more.

“eHealthCard will definitely bring about a revolution in healthcare. As a Doctor, I surely recommend this and urge people to reap benefits.-Dr Senthil Thyagarajan, PhD”

“I am sure statistics of healthcare in India will shift to more favorable indices with the adoption of eHealthCard. I am in support of this technology. – Dr. Chandrashekhar Valvhankar, MD (Ophthalmologist)”

Knowing the Key Executives

Neelesh Kanade, CEO-
A visionary entrepreneur, Neelesh built his career from modest beginnings and through effective business planning, creative techniques, innovative ideas and in-depth knowledge of a diverse business environment; he succeeded in leading the company globally.

Neelesh’s articulated vision encompasses personalized health care for individual needs ensuring the highest standards of quality while maintaining affordability. He endeavors to strengthen the base of health care services by bridging the gap between the latest global research innovations, health data and clinical applications. His personal mission is to improve the health of an individual by fostering an environment and “doorstep” services through personalized health care.

Neelesh is Member of Advisory Council, Buck Institute of Research and Ageing, USA. Life is precious and Health is Priceless. Neelesh has a passion for innovation and an eye for making complex healthcare problems into easy to use turn-key solutions. Through his outstanding vision for Healthcare, Stem cell research, Bone marrow repositories, patient registries and so on he wants to build a global “Live Wire” of healthcare services whereby the world is a healthier and better place to live.

Nilesh Kandalgaonkar, Designated Partner-Holding extensive experience in the healthcare information technology field, including design, development, implementation of healthcare information systems, Nilesh has expertise in Gap analysis project execution, requirement analysis, business process studies, training, and initiating change and implementation. He specializes in HIS, HMIS, and EHR. Being Executive Director of NCORD Healthcare LLC and NCORD Biotech Limited, Kandalgaonkar is responsible for brand strategy, brand development, strategic consulting, sales strategy development, and business planning.

Deepak Shikarpur, Chief Mentor ( eHealthCard India)- An IT evangelist from Pune, Deepak has worked for 16 years in IT industry, at TATA MOTORS. His profession spheres over directorship with several global information technology companies and academic institutions.

Deepak is on the board of many IT/ITES companies like Autoline Design Software Ltd, SEED Infotech Limited as Director and mentor. He is a technical and educational writer and has written innumerable articles for spreading IT to improve the knowledge base of people in India. He is co chairman (IT Committee) of Mahratta Chamber of commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) and is serving as Chairman Board of Studies (Computer Management) at Pune University. He is a Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Computer Society of India and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences. He has written 19 books, presented several papers and attended several IT conferences/symposia in several capacities such as Chief guest, Guest of Honor and Keynote speaker.