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With over 26 years of experience in match making services, Elite Connections International is building relationships diligently


Relationships are imperative for various reasons, and it contributes significantly to our emotional well-being. Relationships will bring certain qualities out of us, which will help us grow and learn more about ourselves. Men and women seek relationships with different capacities, and we often tend to move towards others like ourselves. We often forget that it takes time for something meaningful to evolve and that a lot goes into the process.

Healthy lifestyle can be adopted through healthy relationships. It is easier to focus on things when you surround yourself with individuals of a similar mindset. Relationships show us how to love and having serious trusting relationships allows us to be our true selves. In our busy lives, we often overlook the need for a meaningful relationship. To help busy individuals find the right relationships, there are certain elite matchmaking firms working diligently. Elite Connections International is one such private and exclusive professional dating and matchmaking agency that believes in going above and beyond to find the person you’ve been searching for. As one of the world’s premiere international matchmaking agencies, Elite Connections provides a team of experts who provide an array of dating services to their high-caliber clients. Their matchmakers’ intuitions, attention to clients, and passion for excellence have been bringing successful couples together for over 26 years.

In conversation with Sherri Murphy, CEO and Founder of Elite Connections

Q. Explain your service.

Elite Connections is the best because we do things differently. For over two decades, we have grown our business by establishing a reputation, offering a highly personalized approach to finding our clients the right matches. Our professional matchmakers take pride in their ability to understand a client’s desires and needs, and match them with only the best quality single men and women. We thrive on referrals from clients, both past and present, and from friends and associates who can vouch for the exceptional service we provide to those in search of a partner. Elite Connections offers several membership options, from our standard Elite Membership to our ultra-premium Imperial International Membership plan, which includes international matches and travel, lifetime membership in our database, presale tickets to amazing events, and a personal concierge. While many of our clients find our standard membership options meet their needs, our most discerning clients tend to opt for the VIP Membership or an International Membership. These clients work with a minimum of three Elite matchmakers who can be reached by cell phone anytime.

Q. Many singles have profiles on many dating apps, with multiple conversations going on with several people at any given time, it is disappointing, time consuming, and feels like a part time job. Do you think Elite Connections is THE platform for finding the perfect match?

We make appropriate matches for our clients. We screen each person, check IDs, do background checks, and show recent photos on every match. People do not talk for weeks before meeting online and we set up the date for them to meet in person the week of the match. No one wants to waste their time talking with someone for weeks or months. You have to meet someone face to face to see if there is chemistry. Some things just can’t be done on a computer.


Q. The perfect match is about compatibility, and how well they like each other. Can this be done just by matching their profiles?

We meet and know our clients personally so a lot of it is a feeling of two people being a good fit together based on important aspects of each individual and their preferences and personalities.

Q. There are other professional dating and matchmaking agencies in the market. What makes you a better service provider? What is the ELITE advantage?

We have been in business for 26 years with a database of thousands of clients. We have 13 office national and international offices with an amazing team of matchmakers all over the globe. We have a stellar reputation with excellent service.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are opening new offices in Dallas, DC, London and Spain.

Meet the leader behind the success of  Elite Connections

Sherri Murphy is the CEO and Founder of Elite Connections. She founded Elite Connections International over 26 years ago and has built it into one of the world’s premiere matchmaking agencies. She is proud of the company’s A+ business rating, hundreds of glowing reviews, and even more happy couples she has helped create. Elite Connections was founded in Los Angeles in 1994 after Sherri met her husband through a matchmaker and saw a need for a safe, effective way for successful and commitment-minded singles to meet one another. The company has locations throughout Southern California, New York, Las Vegas and Florida, as well as matchmakers in Paris and other major cities around the world. Under Sherri’s leadership, Elite Connections has redefined the personalized approach to matchmaking. Each one of our professional matchmakers knows all their clients personally and keeps them in mind with each new single that they meet. Matchmakers consider everything from personal goals, background and religion to all the subtle nuances that make an individual unique. It’s this personalized approach to professional matchmaking that not only sets us apart from other agencies but allows them to make thoughtful, successful introductions. Additionally, the company offers a team of experts providing an array of beneficial services to their clients including an elite matchmaking team, dating coaches, licensed psychologists, personal shopper/wardrobe consultants and several photographers to choose from. Her guiding philosophy is that there is someone out there for everyone, but that you won’t find them sitting at home. For Sherri, her biggest satisfaction is seeing people find real happiness together…engagements and marriages are even more rewarding!

“Our executive dating service has a proven track record of lasting matches, with thousands of happy clients and an A+ business rating.”