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October Edition 2021

Embever – Helping to Build, Manage and Deploy Your Own IoT Project, Without Complexity


Internet of Things (IoT) generates a huge amount of data or big data. Managing the flow and storage of this data is a tedious task for enterprises. Cloud computing with its different models and implementation platforms help companies to manage and analyze this data, enhancing the overall efficiency and working of IoT system. Cloud computing also allows data transfer and storage through the internet or with a direct link that enables uninterrupted data transfer between devices, applications, and cloud.

Embever is one such company that offers robust IoT platform that redesigns the cloud-to-device communication from the ground up. It will power a new generation of highly innovative IoT products that can be reliably controlled and configured from the web. Its platform was built with cellular technologies like 2G, 3G or LTE in mind. But at the same time, by using slim protocols, Embever's platform handles cloud-to-device communication extremely energy efficient. IoT devices built with Embever can run for years from a single battery cell and work out of the boy without local access points.

Revolutionary IoT-based Products Offered

Embever Cloud as a Module: A module that is integrated into your hardware and includes everything to connect your devices to cloud applications. It is a fully managed Module-to-Cloud integration that suits every business case. From Prototypes to Global Rollouts: it has never been easier to build IoT Products. Embever’s API integrates easily with any business system. They can seamlessly integrate with CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce. The company offers a fully transparent and secure Mobile Network Provider Integration including SIM Management, Device Management and Mobile Network integration.

Railway IoT Retrofit: Rail vehicles can be easily equipped with smart sensors that help to implement predictive maintenance and fault detection. Data is collected, sent to the cloud and is thus securely available remotely from anywhere. The gateway transmits data from the rail vehicle to an IoT cloud application via mobile radio. It is equipped with a GPS function and its highlight is that it can communicate with a variety of wireless and battery-powered sensors on vehicle operating equipment. This means that the network can be expanded to include any sensors. The Cloud receives the data. Edge computing allows data to be pre-processed in the vehicles if required and then analysed remotely in the cloud. Data collected from the sensors is presented on a customized dashboard and it is accessible to the responsible departments remotely. An alert system can also be configured to inform specific personnel about incidents.

100-Days IoT Lab: If you are looking to bring innovation to your company within the field of IoT, you are in the right place. Reducing risks and costs, Embever develops a prototype for your IoT application in 100 days. The 100-Days Program starts with an initial meeting where they jointly define the goals and requirements for your prototype. The company calculates the cost of the project and presents you with a fixed price offer. They also create hardware and firmware to develop your first working prototype including the most important features to test so that you can touch, learn and experience how your product will be. Iteratively they test your product in the real world under different conditions. The required improvements are made. Embever provides you with an action plan that shows in detail how your prototype becomes a real and certified product.

Embever IoT Core: It leverages the tight integration between IoT middleware and IoT operating system to equip you with the most reliable and energy-efficient data transfer while making the integration in your IoT application as simple as possible. The Embever Messaging Protocol is embedded in Embever OS and makes the devices interact seamlessly with Embever Cloud. It offers an API that can be used to easily manage and control IoT devices. With a single API request, you can trigger actions in your devices and get the corresponding response sent to your own cloud application. The protocol is used to trigger actions in your device, to receive responses and events from your device. An embedded Operating System designed for energy efficiency, including Embever Protocols, so that it is able to communicate to its IoT middleware out-of-the-box. Embever OS supports various off-the-shelf cellular radio modules.

Embever | Leadership

Henry Schlag is the co-founder and Managing Director of Embever. He takes care of customer acquisition and is a born communicator. He is persistent, perseverant and likes to talk to customers. Since the company was founded, Henry has been responsible for sales activities within the company and talks to customers about their requirements. His initiative and attentive manner make him a welcome contact person as a link between customer wishes and reality. He takes over tasks of talent search and evaluates new business ideas.

Sascha Thiergart is the co-founder and Director Technology of Embever. He is a technical mastermind who cleverly combines the various segments of IoT and thus creates something new. His analytical mind helps the company to move forward. More than 10 years ago Sascha developed his passion for electronics and as a hacker; he has a special affinity for solving problems efficiently. He is an intelligent and creative lateral thinker who has the necessary drive to build a company that will be successful in the long term. He has the foresight and the necessary sense of reality to implement changes in direction as quickly as possible and the ability to share his passion with the employees.

“We are an international team of open-minded experts that love to get our hands dirty to quickly develop low-energy IoT projects. We are not afraid to think of unconventional approaches to solve technical challenges.”