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Top-notch corporate training solutions for equipping employees with world class skills and knowledge: Emerge ID


A company is the sum total of its employees. The level of skill and expertise possessed by the employees of a company has a direct correlation with its growth. It’s therefore imperative for them to acquire new skills and sharpen the existing ones. Businesses should thus do everything in their power to make world-class corporate training accessible to their workforce and invest in their continuous upskilling. Today, there are many companies delivering excellent corporate training solutions and services; however, Emerge ID stands apart from the rest due to its outstanding skill and expertise. CEO of Emerge ID, Chris Packert, was asked by the United States Center for Coaching Excellence to deliver a keynote presentation in 2017 about incorporating the best practices of instructional design into the development of a scalable, replicable, relevant, engaging, and impactful tiered coach education curriculum. After delivering this presentation, several organizations approached him to assist them with developing their own coach development pathway. This one event marked the dawn of Emerge ID. Since then, Emerge ID has grown organically over several years as the need for its services has spread. Word of Emerge ID’s experience, customer-focused friendly service, utilization of best practices, ability to work within tight timelines, and the high-quality educational experiences that it develops have swiftly moved from one organization to another. Emerge ID is now in high demand by several organizations, including many Olympic Sports.

Emerge ID offers a turn-key approach to workforce training by bringing together its professional team members with expertise in LMS management, curriculum development, instructional design, graphic design, animation development, and video production. The company can create all aspects of an engaging and professional training curriculum in one swift team approach.

Emerge ID’s services lineup includes:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Sales & Product Knowledge Training
  • Reskilling & Upskilling Employee Talent
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Training in Creating Cultural Change

Solidifying the change

Solidifying changes in skill development takes an initiative that includes a macro, meso, and micro approach. The macro approach answers the question, “What does the learner need to know and be able to do to achieve their expected roles and responsibilities?” Answering this question creates the curriculum, which includes the topics, key concepts, competencies, and learning outcomes that will be covered within the overall curriculum. The meso approach targets how this information will be distributed to the learner, how it will be scaffolded, and what the user experience will look like based upon the resources that are available within the organization. Questions like: “Does the organization have an LMS that they can utilize?”, “Are instructors available for Instructor-Led Training sessions, synchronous discussions, and learner grading?”, “Are mentors available to create mentor/mentee relationships?”, and “What does the training budget look like for creating engaging multimedia content?” The micro approach aligns with the concept of spaced repetition and serves micro-learning tidbits to learners to reinforce the overall curriculum expectations over the course of the year. Examples of micro-learning products include lunch buddy sessions where colleagues meet for lunch to discuss specific topics or learn new skills, short videos or short reinforcing lessons that are sent out periodically to learners through email, and the establishment of a community forum where a workforce can collaboratively share ideas, and yearly short courses that must be completed to achieve an employee’s good standing, etc.


Maintaining the balance between affordability and profitability

Emerge ID achieves its affordability through a couple of different mechanisms. First, the business model that Emerge ID has produced provides great affordability to its clients without sacrificing the highest quality standards in curriculum development and design. If an organization were to hire a team of educational experts to create high quality educational courses for its workforce, it would cost well over $300,000 annually not including benefits. Our clients use our team of experts to achieve their workforce development needs for a fraction of this cost. Second, the company provides two pricing models where an organization can purchase a bundle of hours that can be applied to nearly any phase of the curriculum development process. The more hours that are purchased, the cheaper the hourly rate. Emerge ID also provides a course development product line that has multiple tiers and is based on what is included within the course experience. The company’s course development product line spans from very high-end multimedia-rich learning experiences to more budget-conscious courses that still provide great experiences but contain fewer multimedia assets.

Emerge ID also has been creating curriculum for a long time and understands how to maximize and automate processes that could be very time-consuming. The company passes these savings on to its clients.

Road ahead for Emerge ID

When TSR asked Chris Packert about upcoming services he stated that “No new services currently. We have spent a long time developing a robust, streamlined, and cost-effective approach to custom workforce training that creates exceptional outcomes and utilizes a lineup of great products that includes Trello for project management, Moodle Workplace for the LMS, Evolve for content authoring, Adobe Creative Cloud products to create multimedia, Tumult Hype for developing animations, Zoom for client meetings, Slack for updates and short conversations, and Google Drive for file storage.” About the future of the company he stated that, “We have identified and hired an amazing team of content developers in the fields of LMS administration, curriculum development, instructional design, graphic art, animation development, and videography. The cohesion that I see among team members is just awesome. I am most excited about our future which looks bright as we continue to grow and help people learn their craft. We take great pride in the courses and educational experiences that we create and we truly care about their end result. We want learners who engage with our products to have a high rate of return on their investment. Our goal is to create educational products for our end consumers that serve as a spring board to develop knowledge, build skills, and create personal professional behaviors that help them stand out as leaders in their field while helping their organization maximize its own return on investment. Each year, our client-base continues to expand as client satisfaction grows and new organizations find us.”

Meet the leader behind the success of Emerge ID

The educational experience of the CEO, Chris Packert runs deep. Chris’s Educational Awards & Recognition includes the following:

  • George Mason University Master’s Degree Full Scholarship in Instructional Design & Technology
  • Recognized for his innovation of curriculum development. He received first place in a educational curriculum search by the National Educational Broadband Services Association and served as their Keynote speaker in 2009
  • Presented as the keynote speaker for the United States Center for Coaching Excellence’s North American Summit in 2017
  • Received the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Coach Educator of the Year award in 2020
  • Received the Buddy Werner Coach of the Year award in 2020.
  • Awarded the Top Employee Onboarding Services Company of 2022 by HR Tech Outlook

“By offering your employees ongoing, on-demand training, you empower them to be more creative, innovative and productive. The right blend of corporate training offerings leads to a stronger workforce that’s equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.”