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Outclassing Industry Standards: Emersons Commercial Real Estate, a Top-Rated Commercial Real Estate Firm, Goes Above and Beyond to Meet Customer Expectations


“We are client satisfaction fanatics and our clients always come first!”

Emersons Commercial Real Estate (ECRC) is a commercial real estate firm that offers property management, leasing, and investment services. It operates across the United States.

The Emersons platform is a culmination of more than 100 years of commercial real estate experience. The platform employs professionals with a background that spans the real estate spectrum with expertise in banking, finance, accounting, leasing, development, construction management, property management, and tenant-in-common management. That said, Emersons is dedicated to providing you with all the benefits of in-house real estate management, operating without the typical overhead, expense, and problems associated with employing your staff.

Utilizing internet and ASP software, Emersons can provide its client with secure, real-time access to property operating results, financial statements, and tenant information.

Put simply, whether retail, office, industrial, medical, multi-family, or mixed-use, Emersons is uniquely poised to provide management solutions that enhance value and increase returns.

The firm was incorporated in 2004 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The Silicon Review reached out to Karen Simon, President and Managing Partner, Tarrant County Division of ECRC, who spoke about how the firm is leading from the front and plans to continue its expansion streak. Below is an excerpt.

“Emersons Commercial Real Estate experience is across a broad range of asset classes, geographic regions, and encompassing a diverse tenant mix. Our comprehensive approach focuses on integrated leasing and marketing stagey to maximize occupancy and tenant retention, thus enhancing asset value. Our clients are our partners. We sit down with them to determine their situation, the short-term requirements, and the long-term vision for their property investments.”

Emersons’ Services Differentiation

In a nutshell, ECRC provides: a) experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand the intricacies of the tenant-in-common ownership structure, b) centralized management to reduce overhead and realize economies of scale that are passed on to our clients, c) flexible, customizable management and tenant-in-common reporting that fits your needs, d) advanced property management software accessible anytime and anyplace via a secure Internet login, and e) big company abilities with the attention and personal service of your in-house management team.

“Our services can be individually tailored to allow our clients to be as hands-on or hands-off as they like. From full-service management services, including property management and construction management to single solutions like accounting and financial processing, Emersons can design a management program that suits your business. In addition, we have expanded, now offering brokerage services for buying and selling a range of properties.”

“Long story short, we are client satisfaction fanatics and our clients always come first!”


Services Portfolio

Property Management: ECRC’s specialized management process is designed to integrate leasing, maintenance, and capital improvements using the highest level of technology available, balanced with maintaining strong tenant relations. “We maximize NOI by creating immense operating efficiencies with our advanced technology systems using proprietary and customized software. These integrations provide our clients with tangible, real-time data to back up decision-making and strategic planning. Our efforts always center around the goal of increasing asset value.”

Full-Service Customized Accounting: As part of its dedication to meeting your every need, ECRC offers full-service customized accounting ready at your disposal. “Whether you want to use all of our services or simply supplement your own, our experts are here to ensure that everything is properly recorded and in order.”

Leasing Services: ECRC’s commercial real estate experience is across a broad range of asset classes and geographic regions, and encompassing a diverse tenant mix, uniquely positions us to provide leasing support, either directly or through our network of leasing partners. Our comprehensive approach focuses on an integrated leasing and marketing strategy to maximize occupancy and tenant retention, thus enhancing asset value for our clients.

Specialty Leasing: Emersons’ Specialty Leasing program provides owners an opportunity to maximize returns and increase the value of their assets. “Our program markets the properties and/or portfolio manages all leasing and legal documentation and works seamlessly with property managers and stakeholders. Landlords love our program because we reduce drag on their resources, allowing them to stay focused on investing.”

Construction Management: Emersons has plenty to offer when it comes to helping you see the construction of your new property through to completion. “We promise to take full advantage of our wide range of skill sets and expertise to ensure the process is as smooth as possible from start to finish.”

“Importantly, we couldn’t call ourselves CRE experts if we didn’t fully understand the state of today’s markets. Whether you’re buying, selling, or building, we tap into our extensive resources to make sure you attain the best possible results.”

Expansion Strategy

ECRC’s strategic partnerships expand its national coverage, allowing it to provide higher levels of service and better value across the board. With offices in 14 regions and over 2900 properties across 40 states, the firm can cover all markets.

State-of-the-art Technology Platform in Place

ECRC is committed to utilizing the most effective technologies to give its clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace by lowering costs through efficiency and providing accurate and relevant data to make constructive decisions.

“We use and provide the most advanced intuitive, client-friendly technology.”

Karen Simon | President and Managing Partner

With over 30years of experience and a career that includes the execution of over 2000 transactions across thousands of acres and six million square feet of property, Karen leads Tarrant County and other counties in the DFW area.

Karen specializes in office, retail, and land sectors in both leasing and sales and she leads marketing activities for three countries. She opened Emerson’s Tarrant County office in 2016, bringing her broad experience and knowledge as a talented leader in the industrial real estate space and recognition as the first female industrial realtor in Dallas and Tarrant counties.

Karen began her career in 1982 with not a bang but an explosion when she joined Henry S. Miller, the largest real estate firm in Texas at that time. Before she left six years later, she will be the first female broker to be named as the highest industrial producer in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Unfettered by standing as the rare woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Karen’s passion and determination have driven her success in every role she has taken on. As Managing Partner of Bradford Company from 2003 to 2014, she built the entity board for the organization in Tarrant County and opened that location before serving in the same position for TIG, another industrial and office group. Now, Karen brings the same drive, skills, and expertise to lead Emersons Commercial Real Estate as it continues to grow. A woman of many talents, Karen is also a custom jewelry designer and the owner of Rings from Things. Since 2011, she has specialized in serving third-party customers and has done trunk shows with Neiman Marcus.

“Our clients are our partners. We sit down with them to determine their situation, the short-term requirements, and the long-term vision for their property investments.”