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Empowering nonprofits through technology: NeonCRM


‘A non-profit group committed to furthering your impact through technology.’

Neon provides technology (a web based database specifically built for nonprofits) with a purpose to further your mission. Its nonprofit tech solutions help grow communities, inspire audiences and scale impact — so you can focus on what really matters. The makers of NeonCRM, Z2 Systems, Inc, is built by and for people who come from a nonprofit background. Neon serves you so that you can make the real difference. Founded in 2004, the company is headquartered at Chicago, Illinois.

The company’s main focus is using technology to aid in the growth of nonprofit organizations and the individuals who use them. The company, founded by Lei Zhang and Jeff Gordy, is also a private entity that has helped thousands of organizations get their name into the spotlight through a series of fundraisers and technological breakthroughs and thus building an audience along the way. Being technologically sound, Neon CRM knows that having a strong presence on the internet is key and thus offers web design services, since having a strong web page can attract more and more customers, many of them being recurring ones at that. Websites that are not well crafted unfortunately lose customers, traffic and also money, something that this company seeks to prevent with proper web studio design.


As the most robust nonprofit CRM, Neon offers a wide range of features that help all types of organizations further their missions. Grow your mission with a database focused on people, not transactions. Create donation forms, engage donors, plan events, manage memberships, and track volunteers – all with the most robust cloud-based software made specifically for nonprofits.

Fundraising and Donor Management

Online Donations: Forms easily collect one-time and recurring/scheduled donations online. NeonCRM is truly connected to the organization website and allows for unlimited campaigns pages.

Pledges: Schedule and manage your donors’ intent to give and apply donations to existing pledges.

In-kind Donations: Track in-kind donations and send specific automated donation appreciation emails and letters triggered by these in-kind donations.

Marketing and Communications

Mass Email Communications: NeonCRM has a built-in, sophisticated email system that allows organizations to build, send, and track mass email campaigns to your constituency.

Print Communications: Tools like mail merge, merging queue and opt-out options help you go beyond email and give your supporter communications that extra personal touch.

Automatic System Emails: Set up emails to automatically send after constituents interact with your organization. The database can handle a number of system emails such as donation appreciation emails, membership welcome emails, event registration and reminder emails, store purchases, and more.

NeonCRM Mobile App

NeonCRM offers an iPhone app that lets you take your favorite Neon features — and your constituent data — with you wherever you go. Whether you need to do a quick search for donor contact information or process a donation in the field, you’ll find be able to get it done with the NeonCRM iPhone app.

Web Studio

Neon helps you to inspire your audience with a custom-designed website. With nearly 10% of online donations lost due to poorly designed nonprofit websites, having a solid web presence is more important than ever. Neon helps you tell your story in a way that’s both impactful and effective.

Neon provides pre-designed website templates, designed and tested with nonprofit best practices in mind.

Customizable Layouts: Each of its modern, responsive layouts are completely customizable. From content to colors, you can build out your Inspire site to match your nonprofit’s branding.

Seamlessly Connected: Leverage the power of a fully integrated system. Data flows automatically into your NeonCRM database, with automatically branded online forms and custom widgets and plugins.

Hosting & Maintenance: Neon takes care of all those nitty-gritty details — like hosting, updates, support, and more — so you can save time and stay focused on what really matters.

Professional Services

Neon Professional Services Consultants are dedicated and experienced nonprofit professionals who are passionate about translating the work you do into practical database management techniques. Neon listens to your story and your needs to find ways to save you time and focus on your mission.

For your organization, data isn’t just data — it’s people. Your data represents your supporters, and understanding how to use it effectively will allow you to effectively engage those supporters and further your mission. The company finds that its most successful Neon organizations take advantage of Professional Services to create roadmaps for how to use their database, provide staff training, and manage their data moving forward.

Neon sets you up for success and helps you prioritize learning different parts of NeonCRM. It is a powerful system, but the company ensures that you don’t feel overwhelmed by providing customized recommendations and practical solutions.

This process is an opportunity to change broken or challenging parts of your day-to-day tasks. The company’s knowledge of the software means we know what questions to ask and how to think through any long term consequences.

Meet the Key Executives

Jeff Gordy, President and Co-Owner: After making a few mistakes while growing up and then turning his life around, Jeff decided to focus his life on helping nonprofits. He considers himself as one of the luckiest people in the world to own and run a software company that helps nonprofits work towards achieving their missions. Neon was started with just two people and some friends and family money, and are now surpassing the largest competitors in the industry.

Lei Zhang, Co-owner: Lei Zhang has been the co-founder of Z2 Systems Inc. along with Jeff for twelve years.

“Our fundraising technology and nonprofit CRM solutions grow communities, inspire audiences and scale your impact. We serve  you so that you can make the real difference.”