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Empowering People and Businesses to Connect and Collaborate: PGi


“Dedicated to bringing the best virtual collaboration experience to each and every business professional around the world, we provide the world-class innovative products with its global network and extraordinary customer care.”

The collaboration software industry is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors with a lot of new key players entering into the market each year looking to change the status quo, and change how things used work and communicate.

The uptake of collaboration technology by companies worldwide shows no sign of slowing down. And this comes as no surprise because collaboration software enables companies to streamline their business processes, better manage projects of all sizes, and boost productivity across the board. As it produces business services used by companies of all sizes on a daily basis, the collaboration software market is hard to ignore.

25 Years of Success

Established in 1991 with a vision to provide collaboration solutions to the world for the shaping and advancement of ideas, PGi is one of the key players in the collaboration software industry. Throughout the company’s 25-year history, PGi has met the evolving challenges of collaboration head-on, developing new and innovative solutions to better serve the customers.

At present, PGi is the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services. With an award-winning, broad portfolio of products, PGi has served the end-to-end collaboration needs of approximately 50,000 customers around the world, including 75% of the Fortune 100. PGi has also created iMeet, an expanding portfolio of purpose-built applications designed to meet the daily collaboration and communications needs of business professionals, with solutions for web, video and audio conferencing, smart calendar management, webcasting, project management and sales productivity.

“As we celebrate our first quarter-century, we offer our sincere thanks to the customers and partners that have placed their trust in us along the way. We look forward to continuing to grow with and serve you long into the future.”

The Top-Notch Products and Solutions

Connecting the globe with conferencing and communication products, GlobalMeet is an award-winning web conferencing solution for global collaboration. From small teams to large enterprises, GlobalMeet offers robust solutions for meetings, events, and team collaboration.

Fast, Simple Meetings and Presentations

From HD web and video conferencing to stand-alone audio for conference calls, GlobalMeet provides enterprises with tools that enable more engaging, productive and collaborative meetings.

  • Intuitive interface designed with the user in mind
  • Host engaging presentations with easy-to-use screen sharing features
  • Simplified guest meeting entry and one-click access from any device
  • Industry-leading service and 24/7 support to increase productivity
  • Leading-edge content technologies for the fastest, highest quality performance (HTML5, WebRTC, HD Audio & Video)

Compelling Large-Scale Events

GlobalMeet innovative webcasting, webinar and event conferencing solutions help in taking an organization’s internal and external communications to the next level.

  • Cloud-based webcasting and streaming solutions allow for quick and easy setup
  • Easily manage registration and call experience for up to 15,000 participants
  • Reporting and engagement tools to accurately measure event performance
  • Experienced operators and production personnel to professionally execute large-scale events

Superior Audio Conferencing Integrations

To increase productivity and maximize a company’s investment, GlobalMeet’s industry-leading audio with an existing Skype for Business or WebEx service is the best option.

  • Simple integration allows users to control audio through the Skype for Business interface
  • 24/7 local language support for hosts and guests makes troubleshooting pain-free
  • Integrate secure, world-class global audio conferencing into the Skype Server environment without requiring additional hardware purchases

Now, talking about solutions, regardless of company size, industry or job function, PGi can help improve collaboration and get better results for businesses through its award-winning conferencing solutions. The company’s solutions for IT, Sales and Marketing teams help professionals across a variety of industries overcome their unique challenges.

A PGi Case Study

As the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration solutions, PGi has a variety of success stories that show what the company is all about. Here is one of the case studies to find out how PGi help businesses take on some of their toughest collaboration, conferencing & communication challenges:

E Ink Corporation

E Ink Corporation is the world’s leading developer and provider of electronic paper technology. Founded in 1997 as an offshoot of MIT’s research lab, E Ink’s landmark electronic paper technology is utilized by industry leaders like Amazon, who uses E Ink’s electronic paper in their Kindle eReaders.

E Ink was seeking a better way to connect their employees in the US and Asia with a conferencing solution that was both highly secure and able to handle added volume as the company continues to grow. Upon implementing GlobalMeet Audio, E Ink improved employee communication and collaboration across time zones while maintaining a highly-secure conferencing environment.


“It’s easier, it’s faster, it’s less complex, and it’s more user-friendly. It’s there all the time.”

 - Michael Bethke, Project Manager, SAP

  “PGi has been phenomenal. One thing I’ve found compelling is the level of support you get.  At any given moment, if you have     a problem, you’re one button away from getting some help.”

- John Trainor, CIO, Aarons, Inc.

Greet the Chief!

Theodore P. Schrafft, CEO and President, PGi: Mr. Schrafft was named PGi’s CEO in 2015 following the company’s acquisition by Siris Capital Group. He has served as President since July 2006 and oversees the entire operations of PGi. He has more than 35 years of experience in the technology and business communications industries.

Before joining PGi, Mr. Schrafft served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Voicecom Systems, Inc. from June 1996 until October 1997. He spent 14 years at Digital Equipment Corporation serving in various senior level sales and marketing positions. In 1992, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of EA Systems, a global engineering software company and a subsidiary of Digital Equipment Corporation.

“At PGi, we like to say that we give people and the companies the work for a collaborative advantage. Because we know that better collaboration leads to better results.”