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Empowering Performance to Elevate Your Organization : MLC & Associates, Inc

thesiliconreview-prashant-kumar-ceo-mlc-&-associates-inc-17Our vision to "keep every client for life," drives what we do, as much as what we don't do.

MLC & Associates, Inc. is one of the best-kept secrets in the consulting and solutions development industry. Whether a client requires consulting services or an innovative but solid application platform, MLC provides a unique and comprehensive approach that is focused on achieving results while realizing a positive, long-term ROI. 

MLC’s professional consulting services has a reputation for following a programmatic approach that incorporates Six Sigma and Lean techniques to thoroughly research and document the current state, identifying the issues, and then developing practical and actionable solutions that bring about real improvement. 

MLC: We start by listening. We continue with results

Established in 1987 by Mary Carrido, MLC recognized the need for a boutique style approach that was based on providing client value through a combination of experience and innovation. At the time in 1987, the financial industry in particular, had a need to develop Business Continuity Programs as well as a need for other consulting services, so that was the first vertical that MLC focused on. In later years (mid-90’s), MLC recognized that there was a tremendous void in manufacturing and distribution for the services that MLC provided and actively shifted its attention to that vertical.

MLC has grown primarily through word-of-mouth for its growing client base which spans multiple industries including technology, real estate, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, finance, healthcare, and the public sector. With each successful engagement, MLC expands its reputation as a reliable, innovative, insightful, and trusted partner - which is the foundation of its success. By listening to their needs and creating customized solutions, MLC creates real value for its clients, helping them recognize an ongoing return on their investments.

In addition to its consulting arm, MLC provides cloud-based application and database development services. Using tools such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft platforms, MLC has successfully implemented a variety of solutions. These solutions have included a customized medical fee collections and records management system for the healthcare industry, a Business Continuity solution that included desktop and mobile capabilities, extensive customization of a Microsoft CRM implementation, and Corporate Performance Management expertise that enabled one client to realize tremendous savings by streamlining their reporting process.

Remarkable Facets of MLC:

  • Listening to and understanding the client’s needs as well as their capabilities
  • A well-established programmatic approach that is comprehensive and incorporates a blend of multiple disciplines from Six Sigma/Lean to Business Continuity to Organizational Development and Corporate Performance Management
  • Developing customized solutions that are innovative yet practical and actionable
  • Enabling clients to implement effective solutions that allow them to realize ongoing ROI
  • Become a TRUSTED partner that seeks a true collaborative relationship that delivers value in everything MLC does.

Leading the Way for Industry Standards

MLC sets a high standard for delivering results and true ROI in everything it does. In some cases, the company’s approach (in part) has encouraged or even forced some industry providers to change their solutions to better fit the current and future needs of their clients rather than relying on previous and outdated platforms. A perfect example would be MLC’s Business Continuity approach, which has been recognized as a model for the industry.

MLC continually strives to excel and is motivated by its client’s needs. In order to deliver on the company’s Mission and Values, MLC works hard to maintain its client’s trust while creating innovative approaches and incorporating the latest in technology, human performance management, and other fields. The firm continues to improve its Business Continuity solution and its  the ability to customize targeted solutions for businesses including CRM and medical billing management.

The Opinions That Really Matter: Clients

“We are very grateful for our partnership with MLC & Associates during our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery implementation at Spirit.  After three catastrophic hurricanes in one year, our airline and our customers experienced the benefits of a robust business continuity plan.  Spirit was able to maintain a safe, ongoing operation throughout the storms and recover in record time, even when Hurricane Irma required us to relocate our Operations Control Center in Miramar, Florida to our backup site in Detroit, Michigan.  Thank you to MLC & Associates for enhancing our resiliency as an airline.”

- Barbara Webster, Director, Emergency Response & Business Continuity, Spirit Airlines

“Metrolink has significantly benefitted from MLC’s work in transforming the organization in a manner that has been extensive and sustainable.I truly value MLC’s objective and thoughtful manner in addressing challenges that many public agencies face and must overcome to effectively serve our public.”

- Kim Yu, Deputy COO, Metrolink

In 2013, Medical Accounts Receivable Solutions required a software solution to automate our business practices and better manage our client projects. “MLC provided that solution by working with us to design a robust workflow tool with comprehensive KPI that has given us a significant edge over our competition. They are a wonderful partner and continue to provide us with great support. I highly recommend MLC.”

- Margaret Starley, President, Medical Accounts Receivable Solutions, Inc. (MARS)

Here Comes the Leader

Prashant Kumar, President and CEO: Prashant has more than 18 years of experience and is skilled in Executive and Leadership Coaching, Training, Personnel Evaluations, Organizational Development, Human Performance Technology, Reporting, and Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Project Management, Process Improvement (Six Sigma Black Belt), Survey Development and Analysis, and Appreciative Inquiry interview techniques. He is also an active member of the Law Practice Management & Technology (LPMT) Executive Committee for the State Bar of California (currently Recruitment Committee Chair) and is a member of ACP and BICEPP. Prior to joining MLC, Prashant worked for several internationally recognized consulting firms and was based in Bangalore, India, and Philadelphia. He holds an MBA in International Business and Masters of Science in Finance from Temple University in Philadelphia. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Anna University in Chennai, India. In his spare time, Prashant enjoys finding new music. He could listen to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles every day.

“At MLC, we don’t have an elitist attitude, play politics or overbill, and we stay in the process with you through the entire relationship.” - Prashant Kumar