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Empowering Population Health Management: Transcend Insights


“By providing solutions and insights that connect care teams with the people they serve, we are enabling successful population health management for better care and healthier lives.”

Transcend Insights® is a population health management company that is empowering lifelong well-being with The Platform Above. Our HealthLogix® technology platform and unified solution suite lives above the silos that keep people and information apart. By connecting the healthcare ecosystem with a plug-and-play platform, data-inclusive health information exchange and advanced analytics, we are helping health system executives, care teams and individuals achieve a more coordinated and proactive approach to care.

Our partners leverage Transcend Insights’ enterprise solutions to analyze more than 7 billion clinical data points on 14.2 million patients every day. In 2015, our enterprise analytics helped our partners identify over 58.4 million opportunities for care improvement and close more than 5.4 million gaps in care. By providing solutions and insights that connect care teams with the people they serve, we are enabling successful population health management for better care and healthier lives.

Transcend Insights’s Vision and clients

At Transcend Insights, we believe in empowering lifelong well-being with healthcare solutions that are innovative and provide the foundation for an evolving healthcare ecosystem. This means we are investing heavily in an open, secure, plug-and-play platform and unified solution suite that will support the applications we build while supporting the innovation of others.

At Transcend Insights, we build long-term partnerships with our clients. Through these partnerships, we help to optimize health and outcomes for today and the future.

Beyond our long-term clients, we have a unique relationship with Humana Inc. Our health information exchange technology and healthcare analytics support much of the Humana infrastructure. Given our experience working with large and diverse populations, we are able to provide an innovative and proven approach to managing the health and wellness of populations.

The Platform Above

It is an active relationship between the individual and countless others connected to his or her care. Transcend Insights®’ approach to technology is one with a focus on the care team over the tool. Providing solutions that strengthen relationships with technology allows for individuality and the minimization of data silos, enabling organizations to work together.

Transcend Insights’ HealthLogix® platform is designed to address key technology issues facing healthcare delivery organizations in the movement towards value-based care: data aggregation and standardization, patient data unification and actionable analytics. As a cloud-based platform, HealthLogix provides an open and scalable foundation to support expanding population health data and analytics demands.

  • Data Aggregation: The HealthLogix Interoperability solution, a core element of the HealthLogix platform, serves to both aggregate and standardize data from a range of clinical, payor and enterprise data sources
  • Unified Data Model: The unified data model is a permanent and ever-expanding longitudinal record of aggregated data and analytic insights for every individual
  • Advanced Analytics: The Anvita Engine™, a fundamental component of the HealthLogix platform, features a library of thousands of evidence-based rules to support standard and custom quality, drug safety, utilization, and documentation measures
  • Open Platform: The HealthLogix platform is built on the FHIR standard to enable ease of access to authorized and unified, data and insights

The HealthLogix solution suite offers a highly scalable system of population health applications and tools that leverage a single source of truth, of all patient data, to provide health systems and care teams visibility into population performance and support a more proactive and coordinated approach to care.

HealthLogix Populations: HealthLogix Populations™ is a performance measurement application that allows you to quickly evaluate, design and deploy population health management initiatives at the population, cohort, facility and physician levels.

HealthLogix Care: HealthLogix Care™ is a patient health profile application that allows you to view a streamlined, longitudinal view of patient health data and actionable health insights.

HealthLogix Market™: It is a developer portal that provides access to authorized and unified HealthLogix data and analytics via the FHIR API and a proprietary software development kit (SDK). It allows for the client and third-party applications to be integrated with or developed on top of the HealthLogix platform, ultimately fostering an open ecosystem for collaboration and innovation.

Greet the Trailblazer

Marc Willard, President: For long-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur Marc Willard, the debut of Transcend Insights® in March 2015 represents the culmination of a 20-year track record of innovation in solving complex tech industry challenges. He most recently turned his attention to population health management (PHM), leveraging his extensive background in strategic business planning, customer-driven research, product development, sales, and marketing to launch Transcend Insights. The company creates true community-wide interoperability and analytics through cutting-edge, yet simple-to-use technology to help patients, physicians, and healthcare systems nationwide enhance healthcare and improve outcomes.

Marc’s entrepreneurial vision has made an impact on tech industries. Using his connections in the venture community to secure venture capital, private equity, and strategic investments, Marc has the vision and expertise to take businesses from startup to successful exits – selling two of his startups to public companies. In 1989, he founded ColourPass Corporation, a worldwide leader in the digital imaging market, and sold it to Raster Graphics Inc. in 1997. In 2003, he founded Certify Data Systems, a pioneer in health information exchange technology, while working as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Ricoh Innovations. He sold Certify to Humana in November 2012.

One of Marc’s passions is sharing his engineering and technical expertise, as well as his venture/investment community connections, with other entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the challenges of starting tech companies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“As much as life comprises of both sickness and wellness, it is wellness for which we strive. As individuals, wellness is our goal and with our person-centric, innovative approach to the HealthLogix® platform and solution suite, driving wellness while solving for sickness is at the core of our mission.”