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Fastest 30 Asia Companies 2018

Enabling enterprises to achieve their business objectives and provide their consumers with a superior digital experience: Specbee Consulting Services Pvt Ltd

thesiliconreview-ashirwad-shetty-ceo-specbee-consulting-services-pvt-ltd-2018Digital experience is the latest talk of the business world. From being just an intriguing notion, the digital experience has now become a key commerce initiative making things move faster than ever. In the midst of yet another revolution, digital commerce brings in new excitement and possibilities for business brands to satisfy their online customers and capitalize on the rapid growth. However, this also brings forward the challenge of figuring out a way to proceed further. The present customer expectations don’t take long to change and the ability of a business to adapt to such trends will determine their level of success.

That’s not possible without a bespoke CMS and e-commerce solution. This is where Specbee comes into the picture enabling enterprises to achieve their business objectives and provide their consumers a better digital experience. Specbee’s core expertise in web CMS and e-commerce coupled with their in house strengths in user experience design, scalable/HA system design, mobile application development and cloud deployment expertise enables them to provide end to end solutions for web and mobile.

In conversation with the founders, Ashirwad Shetty and Prashanth Shetty

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

Specbee was founded in October 2015 with an intent of providing design and technology services that would enable enterprises to achieve their business objectives online. These objectives included implementing new service initiatives, improving user engagement, optimising an existing business process or performing technology upgrades core to their business. Specbee has been true to its intent and is now regarded as a design and technology partner to some of the largest enterprises in the world as well as startups. Over the 3 years of our existence, we have identified key technology areas of focus using which we enable our customers to achieve their business objectives. We have grown from 2 to 60 employees in about 3 years and have been consistently doubling revenues every year.

How is your company positioned in the recent market scenario?

The market we are in is extremely dynamic. Great technology today may be outdated in a year’s time. That being the case, it is important for us to evolve along with the market. We believe that, we have identified just the right technologies for now, over which we have expertise on. This has allowed us to provide the best technology services to our customer and also be profitable as a business. At the same time, we believe we have identified technologies for the future that we are building expertise on, today, so we can be at the right place at the right time.

We position ourselves as specialists in the technology areas we offer. This has enabled us to project an image of being able to meet our customer’s objectives using these technologies while understanding their long term business vision.

What are your service and product offerings and how do they benefit your clients?

  • Web CMS development services over Drupal and AEM

Our enterprise clients have been able to leverage our expertise in 2 of the most powerful CMS platforms – Drupal (open source) and AEM (closed source). Our clients have been enabled to launch several online initiatives powered by our development, customization and implementation services over Drupal and AEM. We use front end technologies such as Angular.JS and React.JS in conjunction with Drupal and AEM CMS to provide high performance, compelling digital experiences.

  • E-commerce development services over Magento

We have enabled our clients to launch several revenue generating e-commerce initiatives. Our development services over Magento in conjunction with our expertise in native mobile application development and user experience design has helped our clients launch compelling digital stores.

Who are your big clients?

  • One of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world
  • One of the largest health care providers in the world
  • Billion Dollar Mining and Exploration companies
  • One of the world’s leading customer experience software and services company
  • Largest all cargo airline in the UAE

Our services are domain agnostic. Our clients today are mainly from the following domains: Retail, Logistics, Health care, Blockchain Technology services, Media and Publishing, Heavy Industries, Fashion, Real estate and others.

What is it in you that differentiate you from others in the domain?

Our focus on just web content management and e-commerce solutions has allowed us to be recognized as experts in these 2 areas. Enterprises come to us with specific objectives that are addressable via customized web content management solutions or via a customized ecommerce solution. This is what we are extremely good at.

We are happy that we have always had long term engagements with the enterprises we do business with. In fact, the top 3 clients we mentioned earlier have been with us since inception. This is testament to the fact that we understand our client’s long term business vision and work with them as true partners.

How satisfied are your clients with the service and product that you are providing? Can you share some of your client’s feedback and case studies with us?

  • “The team always has a long-term vision and provides solutions that are scalable.” - Abhinesh Ashraf, CEO, Worldwide Multimodal Cargo
  • “They’re conscientious, proficient, and very effective in getting the work done.” - Michael Camastra, Owner, Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals
  • “They’ve helped us have a better user experience and customer interaction.” - Anuj Bishnoi, Co-Founder, Morning Cart
  • “My clients and I are happy with the way the software is performing.” - Dhananjaya Rai, Director, Tech Kripa Solutions Pvt Ltd

Knowing the promising leaders

Ashirwad Shetty, CEO

thesiliconreview-prashanth-shetty-cto-specbee-consulting-services-pvt-ltd-2018Ashirwad co-founded Specbee with Prashanth Shetty in October 2015. He is an engineer with over 14 years of experience in sales across various domains. He headed Sales Engineering at Mitel Mobility (formerly Mavenir) for the Asia Pacific region and played a key role in the company’s foray and expansion in the region. He has held Senior Engineering positions at Motorola prior to that.

Prashanth Shetty, CTO

Prashanth is an engineer and a technology leader with over 14 years of experience in architecting and delivering some of the most high traffic and complex web and mobile application across a plethora of technologies. He also was the co-founder of Zolipe solutions and has been a technology consultant to startups as well as large enterprises.

“We at Specbee follow stringent processes when it comes to design, development, deployment and maintenance. These processes have enabled us to provide quality deliverables to our clients.”