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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Enabling information availability across enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud: Attunity

“Helping enterprises manage their information needs successfully in a timely and cost-effective way since its inception in 1988, Attunity has proven award-winning information availability solutions that are high performance, scalable, easy to use, and provide a low total cost of ownership, The Company partners with ORACLE, MICROSOFT, HP VERTICA, TERADATA, PIVOTAL, AMAZON, IBM, SAP, CLOUDERA, HORTONWORKS, MAPR, and KONGSBERG, to name a few, and serves customers from many industries including PHILIPS HEALTHCARE, CISCO, DOW, DEUTSCHE BANK, HBO, HSBC, and SONY.”

With 20+ years of experience and more than 2000 customers, including half of the Fortune 100, Attunity provides solutions including data usage analytics, data replication with change data capture (CDC), data warehouse automation, data connectivity, application release automation, enterprise file replication, managed file transfer and cloud data delivery.

Attunity’s expertise is in helping enterprises gain value from Big Data, by understanding which data to move, where to place it, and when. Using Attunity, organizations across the globe can manage data efficiently in the face of today’s ever-growing data volumes, types and velocities that continue to increase IT complexity. Through direct selling and partnerships with the top hardware and software vendors in the world, Attunity provides users with solutions that can analyze data usage, as well as move and manage Big Data in heterogeneous environments with high performance. Its solutions also feature remarkably easy-to-use, graphical UIs and are built to automate processes and eliminate the time-consuming process of scripting.

Why Attunity
When asked how they compete with similar companies in the domain, Attunity says, “We enable organizations to simplify, automate, and accelerate data management and movement. Our solutions are scalable, remarkably easy to setup and use, and allow organizations to start gleaning the benefits of Big Data in just minutes”.
With customers spanning across many diverse industries including Financial services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Industrial, Telecom, Media/Entertainment, and more, Attunity has grown to be a favourite amongst clientele such as Raymond James, HSBC, Lloyds, Chevron, AK Steel, Sprint, BBC, USPS, Sharp, WebMD, Sun Microsystems, Mercedes-Benz, JM Family,, and ExxonMobil, to name a few.

Sample uses of Attunity solutions include:
• Modernization: Incorporating Hadoop to the IT infrastructure
• Real-time Big Data access and delivery for:
o fraud detection
o predictive/operational analytics
o internet of things (IoT)
o 360 degree view of the customer/business
• Global data distribution – (ie one source to many targets)
• Data Consolidation/Migration (ie. Many sources to one target) • High availability/ Disaster Recovery
• Data re-balancing for system performance optimization
• Charge-back/Show-back

Growth strategies and Attunity’s present
Market position

Attunity is a market leader in the Big Data management and integration market and recently launched 4 new products: including solutions for Hadoop, SAP, the Cloud, and a new unified data management platform. These offerings have propelled Attunity to the forefront of Big Data, creating growth and solidifying new partnerships.
Headquartered in Burlington, MA, and having offices all over the US, as well as in the UK, Germany, the Nordics, Hong Kong, and Israel, Attunity works with many strategic resellers, distributors and OEM and referral partners worldwide. Through international expansion, acquisition integration, and continuous product innovation, the company has experienced unprecedented growth – 47% Y/Y in Q1, and a more than 50% growth of the stock price in the last 12 months.

Knowing the Key Executives
Shimon Alon
Chairman & CEO

Shimon Alon, Chairman of the Board, was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer on June 1st 2008. Previously he served as the CEO of Precise Software Solutions, a leading provider of application performance management. Following the acquisition of Precise by VERITAS Software Corporation in June 2003, Alon served as an executive advisor to VERITAS. Prior to Precise Software, he held a number of positions at Scitex and its subsidiaries including President and Chief Executive Officer of Scitex America and Managing Director of Scitex Europe.

Dror Harel-Elkayam Chief Financial Officer
Dror has been Attunity’s Vice President of Finance and Secretary since October 2004. Prior to that he served as Director of Finance and Corporate Secretary of Precise from August 1997 until June 2003, and as Finance Manager of Precise from June 2003 until September 2004, following the acquisition of Precise by Veritas. He holds a B.A. degree in economics and accounting from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and is also a certificated public accountant in Israel.

“Through the recent acquisitions of Appfluent and BIReady, we are expanding our value to analytics and Big Data customers,” said Shimon Alon, Chairman and CEO at Attunity. “In particular, these acquisitions enabled us to significantly expand our product suite by offering end-to-end automation and optimization solutions, and our sales team is now positioned to target a much larger addressable market.”