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Enabling Organizations to Establish a Truly Honed Optimized Security Practice: CyberHat


Proactive Cyber Defense

Cybercrimes are growing with the growth of technology. In the present time, we see a lot of data thefts, breaching, and loss of confidential information all due to lack of cybersecurity. When the attacker can think out of the box and breach into your systems, youcan too do thatand protect your data against such threats. Since, YOU – as a company must be one step ahead of all these criminals, procuring the right cyber security for your firm becomes crucial in the current market. In order to shield your company and the data you have, CyberHat brings you a variety of protection.

CyberHat is a leading cybersecurity company that designed, developed and operates CYREBRO. It is an unique and advanced SOCs (Security Operation Centers) as a service. CyberHat empowers and secures organizations globally and across all industries in the most cost-effective manner. CyberHat’s elite teams of experienced hackers, analysts and cyber experts, provide cybersecurity solutions, including operating the world's first Smart SOC as a service - CYREBRO.

CYREBROs unique "pro-active" approach for a Security Operations enables organizations to take back control of their security operations and establish a truly honed and optimized security practice. The company offers the industry’s first 100% technology agnostic, professional SOC-as-a-Service to customers across all industries. Supported by a state-level response team it is the first of its kind to provide an out-source elite level of service and expert SOC.

CyberHat's professional teams are comprised of elite Israeli hackers, Intelligence officers and IT security experts with years of private and state level experience. The firm’s security solutions are designed, executed and operated by elite Israeli cybersecurity experts. Hackers, defenders and state level investigators with state and corporate level experience. The company provides professional cybersecurity solutions that enable practical and active defences, allowing its clients to grow their business while keeping a secure working environment.

Its experience comes from hands-on deep cybersecurity forensic and postmortem investigations, advanced hacking simulations and cyber assessments for companies of all sizes from the fortune 500 to small and medium-sized businesses. CyberHat protects financial services, retailers, telecoms, and energy and infrastructure organizations around the world.


CyberHat provides customers with an opportunity to harness the full power and potential of the SOC through CyberHat’s next-gen “Smart SOC” called CYREBRO. CYREBRO, its expert based SOC platform is designed, operated and managed by experienced hackers and state level qualified defenders. Specifically focused on quality and value monitoring and response, CYREBRO Provides 24/7 detection, analysis and remediation of cyber-security threats, enabling the most practical and effective approach to SOC operations.

CYREBRO platform delivers real value to businesses through optimization of existing security technologies, working processes and procedures and a thorough proper SIEM streamlining.

CYREBRO reduces false positives and creates a clear, precise and noise-free cyber-security environment. CYREBROs unique approach for Security Operations enables organizations to take back control of their security operations and establish a truly honed and optimized security practice. It offers the industry’s first 100% technology agnostic, professional Managed SOC to customers across all industries. Supported by a state-level response team, it is the first of its kind to provide a professional turnkey solution, Cyber Experts, technology and operations of a Managed SOC.


The Four Tier Analysts

Tier 1 Analysts

Tier 1 Analysts are CYREBRO’s first line of defence and detection. This team oversees first alert interception, documentation, prioritization and initial investigation in accordance with a detailed guideline protocol.

Tier 2 Analysts

The team provides CYREBRO’s customers with an in-depth alert investigation. This team utilizes various security systems, proprietary CYREBRO tools and unique investigative processes to handle cyber incidents.

Tier 3 Analyst

Tier 3 analysts hold vast experiences in the security field and host-based forensics. Using those skills, they conduct advanced forensic investigations and guide T1-2 analysts on workflows and procedures

Tier 4 Analyst

These expert analysts hold vast experience in large scale investigations, and have a deep understanding of; network forensics, network protocols, malware and hacker’s propagation techniques and attack scenarios

Various Teams Playing their Part


The dedicated set-up team is focused on optimizing the monitoring infrastructure and verifying optimal SIEM configuration. Through establishing relevant log sources, ensuring rules and correlations function correctly, and implementing current attacker’s point of view functions, this team ensures the optimal streamlining of the SIEM.

Incident Response Team

The team is composed of analysts of different teams such as tier 3, tier 4, intelligence and professional services.  The team provides a professional and methodical response based on years of specific IR experience and specific preliminary actions tailored for each client.  The team works on mitigating and containing the incident while preventing the spread to other systems and stopping any operational or intellectual damage.

The Intelligence Teams

With State level background and deep web experience, our intelligence teams are constantly searching, analyzing and producing valuable and relevant threat intelligence for the SOC.



“CYREBRO CORE” is based on the customer’s existing SIEM solution, and provides 24/7 SOC monitoring coverage, with an end to end T1 –T4 capabilities. This includes all SOC capabilities like specializing in detection, preliminary investigation, isolation of problems, minimizing false positives, mitigation and remediation processes of cyber incidences 365 days a year. It also helps its client utilize their existing security systems to their maximum.


“CYREBRO One” is a ‘turn-key’ solution for organizations that have no SIEM or data collection technologies in place. “CYREBRO One” provides SIEM licensing and set-up, SOC services, 24/7 monitoring coverage; the end to end T1 –T4 capabilities, advanced forensics and response capabilities. The solution combines technology, expert skills, processes and procedures and a managed end-to-end solution.

Unique Features of CYREBRO

  • 100% technology agnostic
  • Advanced forensic capabilities
  • In-house cyber threat intelligence
  • Fast and cost-effective "Setup time"
  • Offensive oriented design and operation
  • Extensive offensive and investigative experience
  • Ongoing, customized, client-facing reports and updates
  • Provides Tier1 to 4 multi-layer monitoring and response
  • Professional incidents response, 24/7 expert response team
  • A unique, monitoring optimization process, designed for “Quality alerting”
  • Hands-on management and experience with all the world's top SIEM technologies
  • Highly qualified and experienced analyst team, as veterans of the Israeli Military and various security agencies on both the state and corporate level

Professional Services: Cyber Security Readiness Assessment

CyberHat’s unique cybersecurity readiness assessment is based on years of practical offensive expertise. It designed and built a unique, on-site, professional assessment that provides clear and tangible insights into an organization's cyber defence capability. The company evaluates a client’s security readiness and provides a roadmap of remedial actions which address three core elements:

  • Resilience
  • Response
  • Recovery abilities

The Firm’s Methodology

CyberHat’s methodology is focused on the gap between theory and fact. The assessment creates a clear and coherent picture of the true cybersecurity posture of the organization and its ability to handle real-life cyber incidents. Attack scenario analysis – CyberHat’s methodology includes a comprehensive analysis that is carried out by tracing known attack phases and examining how a potential attacker could exploit the organization’s existing gaps throughout the different attack vectors.

Targeted Hacking Simulations

The Challenge

Almost all organizations base their core business on technology assets, comprised of personal devices and critical operational servers with sensitive business information connected to the network – and therefore are exposed to cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

The Solution

Targeted Hacking Simulations – CyberHat’s hackers & crackers team simulates high level sophisticated hacking simulation that focuses on information assets rather than information systems. The attack simulates a motivated group of hackers that target the organizational assets: source code, emails, financial information, general production environment and any other organizational level assets. The hacking simulation provides the organization with a unique experience of walking through a real-life cyber-attack in a contained and safe environment.

Scope of Work

The Simulation consists of a 2 step process, designed to test both the external defensive capabilities and the internal defences. The Tests may include any or all of the following:


  • All aspect of social engineering
  • Malware manipulations
  • Advanced Phishing (Internet or Cellular)
  • Circumventing protection systems
  • Examining of remote access capabilities (VPN, Terminal, etc)
  • External facing applications


  • The resilience of networks separation
  • Internal employee rouge simulation
  • Identification and alerts testing
  • Manual and in-depth testing for logical problems in the infrastructure architecture and settings

The Expert in Cyber Security and the Leader of the Company

Nadav Arbel | Founder and CEO

Nadav has over 15 years of experience in Cyber and IT security for Military intelligence and Law enforcement agencies at tactical and technological units, specializing in cyber defence, intelligence gathering and strategic technical systems.  Cyber Hat is a company specializing in Cyberdefense services and solutions worldwide, providing strategic and tactical teams for Cyber intelligence, cyber and IT security architecture, cyber hacking and cracking, forensics and response capabilities and more, for various business and government sectors from finance through Telecom and Hi-tech and up to national critical infrastructure. Specializing in building and operating Cybersecurity operation centres – as a service, worldwide I.R. teams and real-time event management, Nadav established and commanded the Israeli Cyber and SIGINT technology unit for the Israeli Police between the years 2009 – 2012.

Nadav has also carried out various roles in international technological companies from COO to Defense division manager, managing over 250 employees worldwide, responsible for the execution and deliverables of over 150 technological projects of various magnitudes and complexity simultaneously across the globe and managing business units of over 120 Million NIS.

“We know from firsthand experience, that a good defence is based on understanding the attacker’s methods, the drive and the practical technical domain. Keeping this in mind we provide you with the right solution for your business.”