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Enabling Sustainable Growth: Infocom

thesiliconreview-leslie-thomas-tharaken-ceo-infocom-18Information technology (IT) is one of the largest industries, worth hundreds of billions. Each year sees increasingly higher amounts of money being poured into various budding startups and ambitious ideas in hopes that it might turn into the next billion-dollar breakthrough. Amidst all the hustle of the world of software development, IT solutions are a major support system for the global software industry and has become a massive industry in itself. IT solutions are a group of services and software that solve a particular problem or a set of problems. Large corporations that develop the main software often outsource the services for their software to other solutions providers.

India is a global hub of IT solutions and is home to the third highest number of IT companies with a billion dollar evaluation or more. It has grown to be a highly conducive environment for IT companies to grow and flourish. Taking advantage of this environment is a company called Infocom Software. It is a fast and high soaring, brilliant IT solutions provider constantly expanding its horizons, ready with explanations, clarifications, and cost-effective results.

Why Choose Infocom Software?

Infocom Software is a global Web solutions, game, and software development company. It is comprised of a team of enthusiastic IT professionals dedicated to rendering solutions beyond the expectations of the clients. With unbeatable techniques and state-of-the-art technology that blends creativity with innovation; Infocom Software delivers the desired results in record time.

Some Of The Services Provided By Infocom Include:

Web Design

A perfect online presence is crucial to retain the brand name across the globe. An eye-catching website plays an important role in this. Infocom has a team of passionate designers who can help you to leap over your competitors with a distinctive design that keeps you noticed. Infocom designs and redesigns professional websites with the most modern web 2.0. Infocom’s explosive visual impacts transform your business potential in the most impressive way.

Web Based CRM

Infocom software is a trusted name in providing CRM solutions. It helps its customers maintain and manage a trusted relationship with their valuable customers. A strongly focused CRM solution is essential to catalyze business growth. Infocomhas eminent professionals who can make tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet your business requirement. Its comprehensive user-friendly CRM solutions deliver extensive value for the amount you spend to retain a long-lasting association with your customers.

Web Application Development

The professionals at Infocom are experts in various web application developments. Their diverse knowledge and backgrounds in this trade are well streamed to provide absolute quality to deliverables. Infocom understands the necessities of customers and recommends the essential suggestions to improvise the quality of the application. The custom application development well-tailored to the specific client requirements is delivered with the support of updated technologies and latest industry trends. A proven track record testifies for a profound expertise in marketing web application development and e-commerce development.

IOS and Android application development

A well designed mobile application is the primary step to success for any business. Infocom has creative and innovative teams capable of creating standalone products targeting especially on mobile audience. An efficient mobile application boosts marketing techniques and improves promotional strategies. Count on the team at Infocom for the finest output.


The trend of mobile usage is increasing at a startling rate and the need for protection of mobile device application from malware including activities of insane persons and other scandalous groups are mandatory. Infocom takes up the responsibility of building a secure application with secure code and data, preventing data from theft and leakage, enabling to control high-risk mobile transactions.

PC Game Development

Infocom specializes in high-quality games in Pc.With the right mix of talent, passion, and innovation Infocom creates games which are popular and unique. Its goal is to produce the best entertaining games for PC. The company’s team has experience in creating easily-distributed, high-quality fun across all game genres.

Smartphone Game Development

Infocomis focused on delivering the best service and providing a platform to game enthusiastic to experience innovative ideas and well-versed strategies and tactics to cater the requirements of them. It is well equipped with the latest technology to offer the best products and services in the mobile world.

Poker and Casino game development

Infocomis the experts in Casino Game Content Development for single player and multiplayer games. The company provides quality solutions for several video game businesses around the world with great success. Infocom delivers high-quality games including customized graphics, level designs, high-end programming, unique game, and quality assurance.

Meet the Enterprising CEO of Infocom

Leslie Thomas Tharaken Co-founded Infocom Software in 2011 and has served as the company’s CEO since its inception. He drives the company’s strategy and execution. He has over two decades of experience in the business industry and is a leading business innovator with every enterprise he has owned. He is responsible for corporate strategy and product leadership at Infocom Software, with a specific focus on product management, product marketing, and user experience design. He holds Master’s Degree in Software engineering and Masters in IT and Management from Anna University.

“Our mission is to lead a journey towards a better future.”