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20 Business Excellence Awards 2021

Enfusion — Unlocks full potential of your investment process with flexible cloud solution


"At Enfusion, we help investment managers solve their most pressing business challenges by looking at innovation from a fundamentally unique perspective."

Investment is one of the majorly important financial practices, which lately everyone is becoming aware of. Since the pandemic, investments in stocks, crypto, and other assets have significantly risen up. Be it institutional investment managers, hedge funds, family offices or a lone investor; everyone wants to invest. No matter the firm or investment strategy, all asset managers share one thing in common: a single-minded pursuit to generate maximum returns for their investors.

Enfusion is a Fintech company that aims to harness the power of technology to remove the operational barriers that divert asset managers' energy away from this fundamental task. Enfusion's platform uses one golden source of truth to unify the front, middle, and back offices: from portfolio management and accounting all the way through to order management, execution management, and analytics.

The cloud-native multi-tenant has become very important for investors as it makes things possible at the operational level than any other Software-as-a-Service solution. It ensures that portfolio managers can see what the trading desk sees. It makes weekly upgrades possible. It lets clients enter new asset classes effortlessly.

Enfusion helps investment managers solve their most pressing business challenges by looking at innovation from a fundamentally unique perspective. As a Fintech leader and pioneer in developing innovative solutions, the company partners with 600+ investment managers from nine global offices spanning four continents. In 2021, Enfusion was named Best EMS/OMS Provider by the Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards and Best Institutional Investment Solution at the FinTech Breakthrough Awards.

Built in the cloud for outperformance

Enfusion gets technological hurdles out of your way so that you can see, perform, and grow at the height of your talents. All modules use the same background data model, eliminating the need to harmonize code streams and protocols. The system provides a single source of truth for all users. Portfolio managers, risk, and accounting continuously see precisely what the trading desks see, from market open to close. The cloud-native solution provides the capability of working from anywhere.

Enfusion's modules are API-powered, an open platform built for plug-and-play integrations with other solutions, allowing you to connect with ease. It provides weekly upgrades, with zero disruptions offering new features to be added weekly, such that every client benefits from their peers' ideas. All the expert users, as well as the clients, all work in the same operating environment, ensuring both efficiency and total oversight. As the platform runs in a private cloud, it can be easily scaled up as required.  

The advantage of cloud-native SaaS 

Disparate systems, disjointed data sets, and high maintenance costs are one of the major limiting factors of traditional on-premise solutions. Enfusion stands up quickly, scales easily, and evolves continuously—while keeping front, middle, and back offices in perfect sync. Most Software-as-as-Service platforms simply move on-premise software to the cloud. But Enfusion has been built specifically for the cloud—which further magnifies the benefits.

With Enfusion's multi-tenant architecture, any functional or system enhancements are pushed out to all clients simultaneously during weekly updates. The front, middle, and back-office components work from a single, unified dataset, ensuring that everyone across your organization is in sync. The systematic API facilitates easy integration between internal components and client or third-party systems.

Enfusion handles the scalability of your computer and storage needs, allowing you to scale up or down as needed effortlessly. The Enfusion Managed Services lets clients outsource tasks to a dedicated team working directly in the clients' software environment, removing the risk of data transfer degradation, delay, or loss.

Strategic Services

Trained to leverage the platform's features to the fullest, Enfusion strategic service teams help asset managers reduce costs and streamline processes across the firm for new funds and established managers alike. Working in the exact same environment as the clients, Enfusion's managed services teams consist of platform "power-users" with investment management industry expertise. By outsourcing or co-sourcing middle and back-office operations, firms can redeploy their staff to higher value-added tasks. The managed services teams harness constantly evolving technology, data, and industry best practices to provide meaningful insights to transform your business.

Middle Office Managed Services

Enfusion lets you reduce the costs of meeting regulatory requirements and managing risk while introducing a higher level of governance and control across middle-office operations. Some of the key benefits of the Middle Office Managed Services include:

Same-environment outsourcing: Your dedicated outsourced (or co-sourced) team works exclusively in the Enfusion platform, removing risk and delays associated with data handoffs and allowing for complete oversight.

Valuable operational insights: As "super-users" of Enfusion, the staff can uncover operational insights that help firms scrutinize third-party providers or renegotiate contracts.

Mobile-optimized web portal: It allows you securely access reconciliations and reports while on the go, and drill into detail right within the Enfusion environment.

Redeploy existing staff: By outsourcing routine processes, firms can assign employees in higher-level roles to more strategic, value-adding tasks.

Back Office Managed Services

By providing support for your back office, Enfusion's team of operations experts allows your staff to focus on more critical business decisions—which can improve efficiency, confidence, and month-end sign-off to investors. With direct access to the same unified dataset, Enfusion's back-office managed services team can deliver error-free calculations every time. It is also launching regulatory reporting, which can efficiently outsource the report management required by regional regulators based on your assets under management or holdings.

Meet the CEO

Thomas Kim is Chief Executive Officer at Enfusion. He leads the company's global strategy and is advancing its mission to transform the world of investment management solutions and technology. Kim joined Enfusion in March 2020. He has over 25 years of experience in capital markets with deep industry expertise. Kim has previously served as Chief Operating Officer of the Investment Engine Group at Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, where he spent over seven years in various roles. Prior to his role at Bridgewater, he served as Managing Director of the Equities group at Lehman Brothers, where he helped lead the build-out of their electronic trading franchise. In earlier roles, Kim was COO of TradingScreen, CEO of UNX, a digital broker-dealer, and CEO of Tassat, a fintech firm. He also held multiple leadership positions at Macgregor and Merrin Financial/ADP. Kim has a bachelor's degree from American University.

"Enfusion's platform uses one golden source of truth to unify the front, middle, and back offices: from portfolio management and accounting all the way through to order management, execution management, and analytics."