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10 Best FinTech Companies to Watch 2020

Enfusion, LLC– One Solution for a Complex Industry provided by one vendor, in one system, with one data set


Cloud technology is transforming the banking and finance industry with more flexible and agile business models for growing needs. Cloud technology enables Fintech companies to store and manage user data in a secured and trusted way. It also allows businesses to take advantage of intelligent approaches to lending, payments and fraud detection. On-premises data storage could be highly expensive comparing to cloud storage solutions.

Enfusion, LLC unites trading, compliance, positions, accounting, and strategic analytics to deliver consistent control for global financial management. The firm allows every single team member to leverage the same insight, in real-time across the entire portfolio. With 9 global offices spanning 4 continents, their expert team enables investment firms to communicate, analyze, scale, and prosper with one solution. Enfusion helps over 4,000 funds transform their business by combining software, services, and analytics on one platform with one golden dataset.

Customizable, Cloud-Based, and Fully Integrated software furnished by Enfusion, LLC

Enfusion automates and simplifies investment management on a single platform by providing the only cloud-based, fully integrated front-to-back office solution on the market – Integráta. Through Integráta, they offer investment managers a customized experience that streamlines their operational efficiency, covers all asset classes, and allows them to focus on alpha generation.

Striking features of Integráta

Execution Management

Streamline execution workflow and empower traders with direct FIX connectivity to over 200 brokers, dark pools, execution venues, real-time short locates and customizable order blotters. It systematically generates orders via new capital flows, model adjustments, and target exposure adjustments. Position roll tools quickly generate the orders involved with rolling an FX or Future position to the subsequent expiration date(s).

Order Management

 The next generation Order Management tool includes Integráta's industry-leading compliance technology, flexible quantity calculators, intelligent allocation schemes, intuitive rebalancing workflows and access to over 300 broker algos. It can integrate with all client PBs to source short locate info from the borrow desks real-time; Short sales can quickly be tagged with broker Id; Locates are loaded daily and maintained for client history.

Portfolio Management

At the heart of Enfusion's front-to-back platform lies its unparalleled Portfolio Management functionality. Featuring trade-based architecture, a pre-populated security master, and comprehensive operational tools, Enfusion's Portfolio Management solution is the engine that powers Integráta's real-time reporting views and calculates critical data points used across accounting, order generation, and risk.

Investment Management

Integráta comprehensively re-balances several portfolios, increases trading speed from investment ideas to order and provides flexible reporting which allows users to aggregate or decompose portfolio data by any number of customized dimensions.


A cost-effective operating model with all functionality in a single system, Integráta enables firms to eliminate the operational risk of manual processes and automates reconciliations on trades, positions, and cash balances.


Integráta's robust compliance technology ensures business-wide pre & post-trade monitoring in real-time with hundreds of pre-populated and customizable valuations covering all instruments, regions, restricted issuers, UCITS, and 40 acts.


Integráta boasts a proper double-entry General Ledger to produce automated posting of debits and credits for all securities and cash events directly from its Portfolio Management system. Offering a full set of financial statements according to the U.S. and international accounting standards, user-friendly tools for automating non-trading accruals and expenses, Integráta's General Ledger maintains a complete set of books and records (ABOR).

Hedge Funds

Integráta is the only front-to-back office multi-asset, multi-currency solution on the market. Featuring trade-based architecture, a fully pre-populated security master, FinCAD® valuation and risk models, 400+ execution destinations, and over 100+ certified street communications for the end-of-day transmission and T+1 reconciliations.

Spearheading the Company: Tarek Hammoud, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Enfusion, LLC

Mr. Hammoud, co-founder also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Enfusion, LLC. He has an overall experience of 25 years in developing high performance, scalable software, including over 15 years specifically dedicated to multi-strat hedge funds. Before founding Enfusion, Tarek was a Lead Systems Architect and Developer. He led the development teams at Ritchie Capital Management, Citadel Investment Group, and Discover Financial Services. Mr. Tarek is a graduate of the University of Kansas, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

"Enfusion automates and simplifies investment management on a single platform by providing the only cloud-based, fully integrated front-to-back office solution on the market – Integráta."