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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

Engage with your customers across every language, culture and locale: Jonckers

thesiliconreview-geo-janssens-ceo-jonckers-2017With an ever increasing number of brands expanding into overseas markets, the need for fast, fluent and legible communication to new international audiences is becoming more and more in demand. Jonckers are global leaders in translation and localization services, with a core focus on combining innovative technology, proven processes, and experienced and accredited linguist talents to provide excellent results.

Founded in 1994, Jonckers aim to provide a range of translation offerings to its customers and help them break into global trading. The localization giants help brands in developing their message and presence with speed and efficiency using in-house developed tech solutions and only the best linguistic talent on the market. Jonckers’ HQ based in Brussels drives business and activity via ten worldwide offices, with a view to expand further in 2018. The company’s Business Development teams manage and facilitate clients from over 20 countries and the Business Units are based in the UK, USA, Czech Republic and Japan with Manchester UK housing its marketing hub.

As communication plays a vital role in the success of any business, Jonckers supports the world of business in as many ways they possibly can.

Outstanding service offering Jonckers provides one of the finest services to its customers helping them stay at the forefront of the industry by syncing its vision and passion for localization with the innovative and ever developing market service offerings.

Jonckers is the leading provider of services to help companies operate globally. Last year Jonckers translated content to 156 different languages across a broad range of content types including marketing, technical publications, software, embedded controller strings and general purpose content types.

Two of the Flagship services of Jonckers

Enabling machines to learn and to translate: NMT

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a one of the fastest evolving, innovative technology that enables machines to learn and to translate through an artificial neural network. NMT translates a whole sentence at a time, rather than piece by piece. This allows the engine to use the broader context to select the most relevant translation, which it then rearranges to correct the grammar. Consequently, NMT provides an easier to read output as each sentence is more understandable.

NMT systems are built on deep learning methods, meaning that the system is taught to solve problems based on patterns in a data set, rather than written to a rigid set of instructions. Over time the quality of the output gets better and better as the machine begins to understand language structures.

Introducing the world of words: WordsOnline

The term ‘hero platform’ perfectly suits WordsOnline. WordsOnline is a state of the art cloud-based localization management system. Built with the 4 key pillars and integrated with Jonckers Cloud Foundation, the platform has been developed with the vision to deliver translation of any word, any time and any place. And the popularity of WordsOnline is skyrocketing.

WordsOnline enables the clients to submit, track and manage their requests to ensure the best results. WordsOnline offers some of the unique features:

  • Process Automation for analyzing and pre/post files.
  • Online quote creation and management.
  • Automatic project task generation from customizable work-flow.
  • Smart sourcing for fast resource booking.
  • Resource marketplace for client to select with resources.
  • Claimed based translator workbench for continuous translation.
  • Dashboard for providing 360° Business Insight.
  • Connected to Jonckers Neural MT engine.
  • Build in performance rating and feedback appraisal.
  • Online collaboration via in-context communication.
  • Web API available for system integration.

Sketching the growth phase

Founded on the basis of delivering excellent personal service, Joncker’s promise still remains today. The only difference in today’s market is that, personal service is now coupled with technological assistance.

Going back to the beginning, the initial projects Jonckers were tasked with were straight up, word for word translation, which the company has based its reputation on and excelled in for many years. But the customers’ requirement today is very different. Jonckers accredited translators and trans-creative consultants are reworking sales campaign messages, language dependent software platforms, this enables Jonckers’ team to handle larger volumes of work and produce excellent results quicker and more effectively than ever before.

The processes Jonckers instil today enable its team members and many clients alike to speak to their customers like a local. By employing linguistic experts, Jonckers and their clients can now communicate their messages to specific locale / markets – what they do, what they value and who their market is. With a vast number of tools, software platforms and resources at their disposal and not forgetting over 20 years industry experience, Jonckers has the ability to tailor a localization solution to meet all the business requirements of any customer.


“Jonckers has been a proud service provider to Microsoft for over 15 years. Our award of Partner Of The Year in previous years has only spurred us on further to continually supply a quality and consistent service.” -Microsoft.

“Cisco transforms hoe people connect communicate and collaborate. Jonckers is happy to be a provider of services to Cisco as they achieve this around the world.” - Cisco.

Communication is the key to success

Technology can eliminate the language barriers and Jonckers is leading the way in advances and developments to enhance language services by delivering top quality translations on time, every time. With an extensive range of tech solutions coupled with the finest in human post-editing, it continuously aims to make the localization process easier and more effective, thus transforming the global business industry.

Transforming the Industry, Meet

Marc Jonckers, Founder: Marc founded Jonckers in 1994 and guided the company as CEO until 2013 before becoming Chief Strategy Officer. In addition to his duties at Jonckers, Marc works with a number of government committees, advising on issues relating to global business.

Geo Janssens, CEO: Geo joined Jonckers in 2002 and in that time has occupied leadership positions throughout the organization. Based in Brussels, Geo drives the relationship with customers through a consultative approach, competitive pricing and high quality services. Geo is, as Chief Executive Officer, responsible for executive management of Jonckers.

“Our mission is to provide fast and flexible translation solutions in any language at any time, across all media.”