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Engineering Your Future: ST Engineering


“We see ourselves as your trusted partner, bringing our strong design and engineering capabilities to bear on your unique challenges to providing sustainable solutions that meet your needs.”

ST Engineering is an integrated defense and engineering group specializing in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. Across the globe, its employees bring innovation and technology together to create smart engineering solutions for customers in the defense, government and commercial segments.

With a presence in over 100 countries around the world, ST Engineering draws on its five decades of engineering expertise to deliver impactful and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

In 1967, the first of its pioneer companies was established. Over the years, companies involved in the shipbuilding, electronics, engineering, automotive and aerospace sectors were set up. In 1997, these companies were combined to form ST Engineering. This paved the way for its transformation into the global defense and engineering group it is today. 

In the last five decades, ST Engineering has developed innovative engineering solutions to meet the complex and rapidly evolving needs of defense and commercial customers in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. Today, the company’s footprint stretches across four continents and its products can be found in the depths of the oceans and up in the vastness of space.

“Our portfolio of world-class solutions continues to grow as we invest in technology and draw on the unique engineering capabilities and synergies of the Group.”

Vision, Mission, and Values

Words from the Chief:

“We are an integrated and global defense engineering group; we bring value to our customers and partners through our delivery of total, integrated quality solutions, and support.  Underpinned by the values - Integrity, Value Creation, Courage, Commitment and Compassion, ST Engineering values shape the company’s motivations as it approaches increasingly complex needs in its business environment.

We believe in the foundation of our business success that rests on unyielding honesty, trustworthiness, and responsibility for our actions. Striving to do the right thing and to fulfill our promises to one another, our customers, partners, and stakeholders, we are determined to add value in all that we do - in the best way possible and to the best of our ability.

We empower ourselves as an organization, as teams, and as individuals through small and large acts of courage in our everyday work and at more challenging moments of uncertainty, without fear of failure or the desire to stick to the status quo. Courage enables us to face the plain realities of our situation (favorable and unfavorable), to address concerns over change, to promote out-of-box thinking and to explore and commit to bold new possibilities for our business.

We are determined and energized to achieve our shared vision, mission, and strategic objectives. This dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitment to customers, partners, other stakeholders and one another, driving us to excellence in our results and in how we achieve them.

Along with our passion to succeed and prosper as individuals, as teams, and as a business, we reach out to express our genuine care and responsibility for one another, our communities and the broader community. We rally around those in difficulty to understand their troubles and actively help them with our time, energy and money.”

ST Aerospace: Total Aviation Support

Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd (ST Aerospace) is the world’s largest commercial airframe MRO provider with a global customer base that includes leading airlines, airfreight and military operators.

The company operates a global MRO network with facilities and affiliates in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Its comprehensive suite of aviation capabilities includes MRO services in airframe, component, and engine, aviation materials, and asset management services as well as aircraft interior solutions. ST Aerospace also provides training for pilot and technical vocations and air charter services. 

It is one of just a few MRO service providers in the world with the in-house engineering capabilities to offer customers a wide range of customized engineering and design solutions, including passenger-to-freighter conversions and aircraft seats. Combining deep engineering expertise with over 40 years of experience and an impeccable track record, ST Aerospace provide customers with high quality, value-added and reliable total aviation support.

ST Aerospace capabilities and services include:

  • Commercial MRO
  • Military MRO
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Freighter Conversions
  • Pilot Training
  • Unmanned Aerial Solutions
  • Smart MRO

As an integrated service provider, ST Aerospace also offers a wide spectrum of maintenance and engineering services through the capability clusters which includes Aircraft Maintenance & Modification, Component Total Support, Engine Total Support, Aviation & Training Services, and Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing.

ST Electronics

ST Electronics has more than 40 years of experience in providing Intelligent Transportation systems, Satellite and broadband communications, and Information Communications Technologies (ICT) solutions to governments and commercial enterprises worldwide. Its operations span the globe with offices in Africa, China, Europe, India, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 

ST Electronics’ strength lies in its ability to transform cutting-edge technologies into innovative products and solutions that are cost-effective. The solutions it developed are strategically targeted at e-Government, satellite communications, rail and intelligent transportation markets, including rail electronics and traffic management, as well as eco-enabling ICT solutions for businesses.

Over the years, ST Electronics has established a strong presence in about 30 cities in 20 countries, serving a customer network that spreads across more than 100 countries. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd, one of the largest public-listed companies on the Singapore Exchange.

ST Electronics Capabilities:

  • Advanced Electronics and Infocomm Technologies
  • Intelligent Transportation and Telematics
  • Satellite Communications and Remote Sensing Satellites
  • Sensors and Electro-Optics
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Edutainment
  • Defense and Homeland Security

ST Kinetics: Exceeding Expectations

ST Kinetics is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of ST Engineering. With 50 years of engineering expertise and driven by a passion for innovation, it works with partners and customers to deliver customized land systems and security solutions that meet the stringent operational requirements of defense, homeland security, and commercial customers.

With about 5,000 employees worldwide and revenues of $1.3b in FY2016, ST Kinetics delivers products and solutions to end users in more than 40 countries around the world. It continually seeks to strengthen its strategic capabilities through the smart use of technologies, embracing partnerships, and enhancing business excellence to deliver more value to the customers.

ST Kinetics Capabilities:

  • Mobility Solutions for Defence and Security
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Soldier Systems
  • Unmanned and Robotics
  • Specialty Vehicles and Automotive Services
  • Testing and Inspection
  • MRO
  • Training

ST Marine: World Class Expertise, Leading-edge Vision

Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd (ST Marine) is a premier turnkey provider of shipbuilding, repair and conversion, naval ops and integrated logistics solution services as well as engineering services. It has a worldwide customer base spanning America, Europe, Asia and the Gulf States and with more than 40 years of experience, it has a strong track record in both commercial and naval applications.

ST Marine provides a full range of services including concept definition, basic design, detailed and production engineering, construction, systems installation and integration, testing and commissioning, integrated logistics engineering and through-life support analysis.

Its ship repair and ship conversion services have a reputation for on-time delivery every time. ST Marine also undertakes sophisticated conversions such as the jumboisation of vessels for new purposes. In addition, it provides sustainable environmental engineering solutions to meet the increasing global demand for innovative green solutions in water, wastewater, solid waste and renewable energy.

ST Marine Capabilities:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Repair & Conversion
  • Total Naval Solutions
  • Engineering Services
  • Environmental Engineering

When Employees Are the Key to Success 

ST Engineering believes that investment in its people is the key to the company’s continued success and delivery of strategic advantage locally and globally. The Employee Value Proposition articulates the company’s commitments in:

  • Investing in high performing teams by providing continuous development opportunities to people, nurturing and grooming leaders
  • Providing continuous learning and development opportunities to strengthen technical and leadership competencies
  • Developing a workforce that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, guided by core values
  • Rewarding excellence and encouraging work-life harmony

People Excellence

Training and Education: Investment in people is the key to continued success, locally and globally. The recruitment and retention of qualified and experienced personnel are critical to achieving the Group’s strategic objectives. The company continues to work with local communities in markets where we operate, and leverage training, retention schemes, scholarships as well as alternative sources for hire to sustain growth.

Career Development: ST Engineering’s training development plan and performance management system work in tandem to support the career progression of its employees. The Group provides employees with various opportunities for career progression. As an engineering company, employees may move up the general management track, or along the engineering specialist path. The two distinct career tracks provide room for career growth for employees with different aspirations. Employees who are versatile can move between tracks to gain exposure.

Rewarding Its People: ST Engineering rewards contribution and performance with base salary, variable pay, benefits, recognition awards, and career growth. Its performance-based pay practices take into account profitability, individual performance, internal equity and external practices. ST Engineering places a strong emphasis on the individual as well as group performance. In benchmarking its remuneration at the relevant market levels, the company conducts regular surveys to ensure its competitive positioning.

Promoting Work-Life Harmony: ST Engineering recognizes that employees increasingly seek a balance between work and personal life. The company encourages a good balance as long as the activities do not lead to a conflict of interest. A supportive work environment through a framework for flexible work arrangements is provided to enable employees to achieve this harmony

Occupational Health and Safety: ST Engineering is committed to ‘Safety before Profit’. It recognizes that good health and safety improve work effectiveness, employee morale, and its reputation; it is also aware of the negative impact that leads to lost time, higher costs and delays. To provide a safe working environment, ST Engineering has integrated safety measures into key business activities with detailed workplace health and safety (WHS) policies.

The company also seeks continuous improvement through proactive hazard and risk identification and constant monitoring of safety targets. It has also initiated various programmes and activities to raise WHS awareness and inculcate a safety culture in all employees. These include regular safety briefings and training, health talks and recreational activities.

 The Man behind the Picture


Vincent CHONG, President & CEO of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd: Before Mr. Chong assumed this role in October 2016, he was President & CEO (Designate) responsible for the Group’s four business sectors and the corporate functions. Prior to that, he was the Group’s Deputy CEO (Corporate Development). He joined the Group in 2014 as President of Strategic Plans & Business Development at ST Aerospace, the Group’s aerospace arm.

Mr. Chong brings with him 20 years of global business experience from his career at ExxonMobil where he spent more than half of this time located outside Singapore in Hong Kong, Japan, UK and the US. He held a wide span of positions from refinery process engineering, product marketing, industrial and retail operations to strategic planning. Among his appointments was Global Director, Marine Fuels (located in Surrey, UK) where he was responsible for ExxonMobil’s business in more than 200 ports across the world. As Downstream Senior Advisor, Corporate Strategic Planning (located in Irving, Texas), Mr. Chong was involved in the development of ExxonMobil’s global business plans.

Before joining the ST Engineering Group in 2014, he was Director of Asia Pacific Lubricants Sales at ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Private Limited, responsible for automotive and industrial lubricants business across more than 20 countries in the region.

He graduated in 1994 with First Class Honors in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He has also attended executive leadership programmes at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and the Columbia Business School.

“Globalization is our key growth strategy. We aim to deliver sustainable growth by going into new markets around the world through partnerships and acquisitions. We also aim to deepen our existing presence in chosen markets.”