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Engineering Your Investment Experience: Quantifeed

thesiliconreview-alex-ypsilanti-ceo-cofounder-quantifeed-2018Your digital transformation partner.

A digital investing platform for financial institutions;Quantifeedenables banks, brokers, wealth managers,and insurance companies to transform their online wealth management experience. Secure B2B robo-advice technology delivered cost-effectively.

Quantifeed’s goal is to be the most innovative provider of digital investment solutions to wealth management institutions in Asia. Its mission is to enable the financial institutions it works with to be digital leaders in a changing wealth management landscape.

Genesis of Quantifeed

Quantifeed was founded in Hong Kong by two former investment banking executives, Alex Ypsilanti (CEO) and Ross Milward (CTO), in 2013. The firm’s management team comprises of the two founders, Alex and Ross, as well as John Robson (CCO) and Audrey Wong (COO & CFO). Each has over 15 years of experience in equities and equity derivatives at top-tier global investment banks.

Quantifeed’sengineering team is made up of accomplished technologists and strategists with backgrounds in computer science and quantitative finance, including CFA and Ph.D. level qualifications. It has significant experience from previous roles developing and managing strategies linked to investment products with over US$20bn in assets under management. Prior to Quantifeed, key team members successfully delivered regional and global risk management and trading platforms at first-tier banks including Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley.

Quantifeed is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in Sydney. Its platform is being used by companies in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China,and Taiwan.

Quantifeed: Online Wealth Management Solutions

Engage your customers: Personalised investment journeys and portfolios accessible at any time, on any device.

Scale your wealth management business: A more convenient and engaging online investment experience that enables you to reach a broader client base cost-effectively.

Enhance advisor efficiency: Streamlined wealth management delivery that allows advisors to manage more accounts and service existing ones better.

Differentiate your product offering: Innovative, rigorously constructed model portfolios spanning multiple investment strategies and asset classes.

Turn Ideas into Assets


Model portfolios powered by Quantifeed:

Quantifeed develops and maintains a comprehensive library of model portfolios. It partners with you to build global and contemporary portfolios to suit the needs of your clients. Access multiple investment strategies from a selection of asset allocation, thematic, strategic and replication models.

User journeys guide advisors and investors to dynamic and rigorously constructed investment strategies. Transparent and objective rules govern the portfolios. The company’s clients select the models best suited to their customer needs and strategic objectives.

Global & contemporary portfolios:

  • Stock, ETFs, managed funds
  • Asset allocation, thematic and quantitative strategies
  • Transparent and objective rules
  • Regularly rebalanced and adjusted

Quantitative team:

Collectively, Quantifeed’squantitative team has over 40 years of experience researching, building and maintaining model portfolios. This expertise has allowed it to pioneer many new types of financial products and help financial institutions raise over $20 billion in assets during its careers. Many on the team are Ph.D. and CFA qualified and have received formal awards and recognition by independent organizations for their contributions to the industry. Quantifeed’s dedicated team calculates over one hundred indices across all major markets and securities, including stocks, ETFs, and actively managed funds.



  • Reproducible and transparent portfolios
  • Rules-determined investment strategies

Track record:

  • Accurate investment strategy tracking
  • Performance tracks strategy outcomes


  • Flexible portfolio customization
  • Open architecture portfolio hosting

Greet the Founding Men

Alex Ypsilanti, CEO,andCo-Founder:Alex Ypsilanti spearheads Quantifeed’s mission to solve the challenges of digital wealth management.

Before co-founding Quantifeed, he spent fifteen years as an investment banking research analyst. His work enabled investors to improve their risk-adjusted returns and to gain access to a wider range of market strategies and risk premia. Alex, a top-ranked analyst by Institutional Investor, had a leading role in the growth of the European ETF market, hedge fund replication and the use of volatility products in portfolios.

A former managing director for Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Alex has built and led teams of derivatives and quantitative strategists in London, Tokyo,and Hong Kong.

Alex holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Information Systems Engineering and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance from Imperial College, University of London.

Ross Milward, CTO,and Co-Founder:Ross Milward leads Quantifeed’s technology and engineering efforts to deliver innovative digital wealth management solutions.

Before co-founding Quantifeed, he spent more than 15 years in investment banking, holding senior positions in equity and equity derivatives technology. His expertise is in developing and managing large-scale enterprise-level global trading and risk systems.

A former managing director, Ross has worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank. He has held multiple global and regional leadership roles, most recently as head of equities technology in Asia. He has worked in Hong Kong, Sydney,and London.

Ross holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Honours and is a Fellow of the Securities Institute of Australia. He likes pushing his limits through long-distance triathlon races.

“We configure engaging investor journeys, optimized advisor tools,andcustomizable portfolios to meet the strategic needs of your business.”