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Enhance clinical workflows, speed decisions, and improve patient outcomes, safely and securely: TigerConnect


Since 2010 TigerConnect has been transforming healthcare communications by enabling customers to automate clinical workflows, speed decisions, and improve patient outcomes. Today its cloud-native Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) solutions are used by over 7,000 healthcare organizations and 700,000 care team members. Whether you’re working with patients or behind the scenes, TigerConnect is your one-stop clinical collaboration hub for delivering value-based care. Find out how TigerConnect modernizes communication amongst healthcare professionals, saving time, money, and most importantly, lives. Feature-rich, easy-to-use, and extremely reliable, TigerConnect’s Clinical Collaboration Platform replaces unsecured SMS with a HIPAA-compliant solution, making your teams immediately more efficient and effective. Need a cardiologist at 3:41 a.m.? Role-based scheduling makes it easy. Using preset role assignments and shift calendars, on-duty or on-call staff can be messaged instantly by role – no first or last name required.

Search by job function and/or title and connect using text as well as voice or video calling. Shift changes are made automatically, alerting new role owners. Users can manually take over a role with a simple swipe. Quickly activate TigerConnect Teams such as Rapid Response (RRT) and code for emergent situations. Designated staff can locate and mobilize teams from the directory. Teams can be made up of individuals, roles or both to ensure coverage. Intelligently route context-rich clinical notifications from 3rd-party systems to TigerConnect. Automatically send results and relevant patient data from the EHR for care teams to collaborate in a single endpoint. Reduce alarm fatigue and distractions by routing alerts and alarms from nurse call systems and telemetry equipment to the appropriate caregiver. Reach colleagues live with Wi-Fi-based voice and video calling. Engage multiple members of the care team for check-in or connect with remote employees for virtual consults.

A single app for all collaboration

In order to reduce treatment times and deliver faster care, Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center (BSLMC) began a new strategic initiative to improve the quality of care and outcomes of stroke patients. Identifying and treating stroke patients with tPA as early as possible are paramount to providing timely care to patients. Prior to this initiative, BSLMC’s length of time to intervene through tPA was less than ideal. BSLMC needed a solution that would provide cohesive collaboration between all stroke team players within the system. They recognized that improving communication and workflows would help them rapidly assess stroke patients and deliver life-saving treatments. BSLMC adopted the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform with Roles functionality as their main communication platform and integrated it with Decisio, a clinical decision support tool, to enable real-time stroke alerts and address their treatment time challenges.

Eliminate Phone Tag, No Patient Apps Or Passwords

Patient Engagement software enables you to reach patients & caregivers before, during, and after their visit. Improve no-show rates through automated patient-appointment reminders. Reduce staff burden by collecting intake prior to their visit — virtual or in-person.  Improve patient outcomes and care plan adherence by following up after their visit via secure text message. TigerConnect improves patient-to-provider communication by removing portal complexity. Patients simply click an SMS link into a secure, encrypted conversation. Easily receive and share updates and allow patients to ask questions.  Send or receive attachments or images. Clinicians can respond when it’s convenient and while on the go. Enable patient-initiated outreach and manage appointments through the TigerConnect Welcome Lobby. Patients enter the virtual lobby through a publicly available link to schedule appointments, discuss general inquiries, or check in for an upcoming appointment. Staff can view and prioritize the active patient queue, update statuses, and notify providers when a patient is ready. For safer in-office visits, patients can remotely check in from your parking lot. For many patients, coordinating a visit to the doctor is a difficult task or may not be possible. TigerConnect’s virtual care capabilities bring convenience to patients and caregivers by making it easy to meet face-to-face with care managers, specialists, and primary care physicians across locations right from a smartphone or laptop. Whether a patient is in a hospital room, an urgent care center, or at home, telehealth sessions allow care team partners to participate in group video or phone calls with key providers to share information or reach a consensus around treatment options.

Boost Patient & Staff Satisfaction, Reduce No-Show Rates & Increase Revenue

Integrate directly with your EHR for powerful workflow automation. Automatically sync patient lists for immediate outreach, including friends, family, and caregivers. Write back patient conversations to their record, eliminating the need to download and upload files manually. Having your clinical collaboration and patient engagement solutions under one app does more than just allow for easy access. TigerConnect’s provider and patient networks enhance each other through crossover functionality. No matter the organization type – hospital, clinic, or physician group – providers can be easily added to a patient conversation including case managers, specialists, and primary care physicians. Messages can also be forwarded from a patient conversation directly to a care team member on the provider network. Build trust with patients through a branded, mobile-friendly, patient texting interface that features your organization’s name and logo. Branded notifications let recipients know the message is from a reputable, familiar sender.

Meet the leader behind the success of TigerConnect

Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect previously ran DIC Entertainment as President for six years after working for Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette as an Investment Banker. After acquiring the company with Bain Capital from the Walt Disney Company in 2000, he helped grow the company from less than $10 million of revenues to over $80 million in 2005 when he took the company public on the London Stock Exchange at a $200 million valuation. Brad received his BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

“Bring your organization into the 21st century while containing costs and optimizing staff resources.”