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Equity Real Estate Group: Building Legacies and Communities


“We use a principle called DIP, which stands for Discipline, Integrity, and Patience.”

Led from the front by Entrepreneur and Thought Leader Nick Tinch, Equity Real Estate Group is an astoundingly successful business today. But before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Nick put in a significant amount of time in banking, serving communities, youth, churches, and volunteering. During this time, he kept acquiring knowledge, and when the time came, he plunged into the world of entrepreneurship. 

But being in real estate, construction and acquisition isn’t easy. The business model in this industry delivers success to only those who are committed for the long run and have a strong sense of business and building integrity relationships. Equity Real Estate Group is growing within its market space by DIP-ing its way through. DIP stands for Discipline, Integrity, and Patience. And it has been the guiding principle for Equity Real Estate Group’s success. 

We recently interviewed Nick Tinch to know more about DIP, Equity Real Estate Group’s differentiation factor, and the company’s motivation. Read on for the excerpts from the interview. 

Q. How does Equity Real Estate Group uphold an innovation culture and build legacies?    

For us, the way we build legacies is first starting at home, with my daughters, and family members, secondly by adding value and investing in communities. These are just a few ways we build legacies. Hiring local men and women, local contractors, and then, also giving back to the community by acquiring properties turning them into assets for the community. 

Q. How does your company add value to its real estate acquisition transactions and equity partnerships? 

We use a principle called DIP, which stands for Discipline, Integrity, and Patience. We are disciplined as we acquire properties. We use integrity to guide our deals, and then we’re patient as we acquire properties, land and increase the company market share. We never rush to acquire property; there is always another deal when you have resources, capital, and great business relationships.

Q. How responsive is your company to the changing needs of its clients? 

Our overall mission, purpose, and objective are to be responsive to our shareholders, stakeholders, and communities, in which we serve and work as we acquire and grow the organization for long-term stability. One of our first thought is – What are our investors seeking to gain? Which option delivers a greater return? In addition to seeking to understand what the community needs are. And then, we think about the need of the company, increasing and growing the organization’s market share and profits always help. That’s how we guide the company and changing needs of our clients.     

Q. Any company, be it big or small, must have a sense of authenticity and originality to succeed. What do you want to be, a leader or a follower?   

For me, I do both. In some cases, I allow my contractors and sub-contractors to lead the individual projects. I enjoy listening to my lenders, stakeholders, or shareholders’ suggestions and ideas. Our combined experience and expertise work well when brainstorming ideas, issues, and successes we face as an organization. But, at the same time, I lead the organization. The ultimate goal for me as a leader is to serve the organization. My goal is to ensure our team and organization have the resources needed for success and to yield a high return and grow our market share.  

Q. The pandemic struck the world hard, especially the real estate sector. How did you cope with it? How did you thrive in the pandemic? 

Our business profits and workload increased by 57% plus during the pandemic. Our business partners and lenders supported the organization and added value within the pandemic. We acquired deals at a low cost and renegotiation the deals we established prior to the pandemic to yield a higher return. Equity’s stakeholders and shareholders stood by our side and like others, we redirected some operations, but our organization navigated those tough waters.  

The overall goal is to build and complete projects under budget and on time. So, we set up the best health requirements standards we could on a construction site.

Q. What does the future hold for Equity Real Estate Group? Are there any exciting things on the way, or are there any new services that are ready to be launched? 

The plans for the next two years are new construction, building a few fourplexes, and for 2025 will be subdivision development. Another goal is to acquire 40-to-100-unit apartment buildings, raise capital, use more technology on our worksites and increase the organization’s private lender partnerships.    

Q. What would be your piece of advice for the young upcoming entrepreneurs?  

Buy and invest in real estate. Failure can guide your steps, success takes time to grow into, consider increasing and building your communication skills. Work on increasing your EQ – Emotional Intelligence. Ask for help. Have great operations within the organization and make sure you have a structure in your organization. Also, work on building a great team. Understand that failure, experience, and time yield the best return. Be patient with yourself and others. Be okay with redirecting your team and yourself. Make sure you have fun, smile and laugh, seek and have mentors. Be committed to the vision and team. Pay yourself last. Dream BIG and set your goals 1 million times greater than you can imagine you may be able to achieve. Be committed to learning, growing and helping others. Last serve as many people as you can without hurting yourself, the organization, or the overall mission, objective and organization purpose.

Q. What motivates you to keep working every day?  

First, my family and daughters are important to me, secondly, I truly enjoy and love my career, working in the world of business and this industry, thirdly building communities and adding value to them. I have a two-year-old Harper Grace and a five-year-old Laura Londyn. One of the ultimate goals for me would be to ensure they and their children have a legacy. It’s my responsibility that they have a head start in life. I work for them. My goal is to leave them the organizations I oversee and own. I enjoy and love business, learning, and culture. I enjoy my culture, others’ culture, and working in communities. I fully believe we all have a role in moving all communities and the world forward. 

About the Leader 

Nick Tinch, Managing Partner, and CEO  

As a Christian Business Executive, Thought Leader, and Positive Psychology Educator, some of Nick’s future goals are to work more in the Real Estate Technology, (A.I.) Artificial Intelligence industry and create and build more patents.

He is a result-oriented, and feasibility study executive focused on improving operations, and impacting business growth while maximizing profitability. He has over 22 years of experience in real estate, positive psychology, employee relations, training and development, financial operation in banking, customer service, and community involvement.

He has many passions in life. The first is his family, the second is seeing individuals succeed, the third is business, and the fourth is buying and owning real estate.

“Equity’s business increased by 57% plus during the pandemic. Our team renegotiated our contracts, current projects, kept an open communication with our lenders and business partners, and redirected our operation. So, our organization grew through the pandemic.”