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December Special Edition 2021

With Cloud-Based Culture Hub, Espresa is Delivering an Immersive Employee Experience Platform


A common platform where individuals work in unison to earn profits as well as a livelihood for themselves is called an organization. A place where individuals realize the dream of making it big is called an organization. Every organization has its unique style of working which often contributes to its culture. The beliefs, ideologies, principles and values of an organization form its culture. The culture of the workplace controls the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organization. It is the culture of the organization which extracts the best out of each team member. The culture of the workplace also goes a long way in promoting healthy competition at the workplace. The organization culture brings all the employees on a common platform and the work culture unites the employees.

Espresa is the world’s first Culture Benefits® platform that includes a suite of integrated tools with a modern digital experience that people love. Supporting HR and people teams, Espresa drives workplace culture through employee experience and engagement programs such as reimbursements and lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs), rewards and recognition, employee resource groups, wellbeing and fitness, challenges and achievements, and meetups and event scheduling.

Espresa’s Revolutionary Cloud-Based Employee Experience Products

Wellbeing + Fitness: Electrify total wellbeing – invest in employee happiness and health, and increase engagement with Espresa’s Wellbeing + Fitness platform. Espresa’s employee wellbeing and fitness platform empowers, engages, and rewards employees for healthy behavior wherever they are. Plus, the HR and benefits team can connect employee reimbursements and allowance management within Espresa’s robust platform – all in a single connective experience. Espresa’s design, both online and mobile for Apple and Android, removes administrative burdens from HR with a complete solution that radically increases employee engagement, loyalty, and tenure.

Reimbursements + Allowances: Give your employees the freedom to choose with Espresa’s Global Reimbursements + Allowances platform, simplifying Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs) while creating anywhere engagement at scale. People are the heart and soul of all companies. Attracting and retaining top talent is front and center for HR and benefits teams who are tasked with creating the kind of workplace culture that people flock to. Give employees freedom with LSAs, reimbursements, and allowances that are personal to their needs. Offering employee reimbursements and allowances is how smart companies engage and delight employees, while positively impacting business goals and outcomes. Encouraging wellbeing and freedom of choice, Espresa’s global reimbursements platform enables employees to apply those dollars towards what they love. Plus, Espresa is the world’s first and only platform that delivers reimbursements seamlessly and globally in any currency.

Challenges + Achievements platform: People often spend more time at work than they do with their own families. As HR leaders, they are charged with increasing employee engagement to positively impact business goals and outcomes. When HR and benefits teams can tie level-up activities to culture, everyone wins. With Espresa’s challenges and achievements platform, the entire process of employee engagement is gamified and mobile with an experience that employees love. Espresa helps human resources and benefits teams ignite everyone, no matter where they are – on campus and distributed. Build healthy workplace habits while giving people that dopamine hit for completing tasks, earning points, and leveling up.

Employee Resource Groups: Build community with Espresa’s Employee Resource Groups platform, supporting a revolution in Culture Benefits®, inclusion, and actionable insights. Traditional ERG and community systems are inefficient, impossible to track, and burdensome for busy HR and benefits teams. And there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each program is as unique as the ERG participants themselves. Espresa created the best ERG and community platform to meaningfully connect people in ways they love while supporting HR and benefits teams with everything you need to simplify the process from end-to-end. Most importantly, Espresa-powered ERGs were designed to promote workplace diversity and inclusion, regardless of location, including distributed employees.

The Leader Upfront

Alex Shubat is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Espresa.

“Culture is the unification of the wonderful and diverse minds that make successful companies. That’s why we built Espresa – the only platform designed to celebrate and strengthen loyalty and engagement with culture benefits that people love.”