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30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2022

An ISO certified, global Product Engineering and IT Enterprise Services company helping businesses unlock their true potential: Estuate


Estuate is a global Product Engineering and IT Enterprise Services company headquartered in Milpitas, CA, and with offices in Canada, India and the UK. The company specializes in leading edge technology solutions in IoT, AI and Digital Transformation solutions. The focus areas and practices that leverage these technologies are Product Engineering Services, Data & Analytics, Subscription Billing & Revenue Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance. Experts argue and rightly so that cyber resilience is more than a mere buzzword today. It has been and will always be relevant. As any business grows and modernizes, it demands higher and more efficient governance. A cyber resilience framework pertains to end-to-end governance to keep the security of the business intact. In fact, cybersecurity and resilience solutions are among the most sought-after managed cyber services of all times. Compromised data security has always been heavily taxing. Technology comes with its own pluses and minuses. It brings with it tons of opportunities to grow but also carries some challenges that cannot be overlooked. As enterprises embrace modern ways of conducting business and move closer to digitization, vulnerabilities associated with data and technology increase.

The rising number of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents is a warning for businesses around the world to rethink their risk management strategies. Today, companies need more than just an information security plan or governance policy to fight hacks and cyber-attacks. They need end-to-end managed cyber services to prevent security incidents, including a bulletproof action plan to counter them when needed. And, that’s where cyber resilience solutions come into the picture.

Cyber resilience

For a scalable cyber resilience strategy framework, you must first take a closer look at your organization’s vulnerabilities. Where is all your sensitive information stored? Who are the people working with sensitive business information? What equipment is used to perform sensitive processes? Conduct a thorough hygiene check of your business and identify the areas where cyber resilience solutions are urgently needed. The first step to avoiding a data breach in your enterprise is thorough internal awareness. Once you have identified your most critical assets and processes, you need to develop a strategy to protect them from cybercrime. This includes changing security policies, strengthening device encryption, limiting unauthorized use of external devices, educating employees on the importance of cybersecurity solutions, and implementing best practices to prevent malicious activity. The increasing influx of new technologies makes this step even more important. Take blockchain, for instance. The advent of blockchain has revolutionized the cybersecurity solutions space.

What’s done is done, but you can always mitigate the adversity of cybercrime with the right measures. This step is about the measures that can be taken to ward off malicious activities, prevent them from spreading to different departments, and fix the bug under your control. The aftermath of a security incident can be devastating. Not only does it hinder business activities, but the company suffers huge financial losses and its brand value is severely impacted. A bulletproof cybercrime prevention strategy is a must for all businesses, regardless of size or type. Cyber resilience is a smart choice to protect your business data, processes, technologies, and employees from cybercrime in the long run. As most data-driven enterprises today center on software applications, a data protection strategy can prove to be handy. When holistic and properly deployed, such a strategy can form the bedrock for your application testing.

Unlock robust cyber resilience solutions with Estuate’s GRC framework

Estuate integrates all three pillars of GRC under one umbrella to help you enhance business efficiencies.

Corporate Governance

  • Policy creation and management
  • Development of a legal and regulatory framework
  • Information and asset management
  • Enterprise-wide information security awareness

Risk Management

  • Business and IT risk assessment
  • Risk monitoring and analysis
  • Third-party risk management
  • Issue management and troubleshooting

Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory intelligence
  • Compliance design
  • Compliance audits and surveys
  • Reporting and metrics

Meet the leader behind the success of Estuate

Prakash Balebail, Founder and CEO brings more than two decades of software development & implementation experience, including over 16 years in several key roles in Oracle Corporation. His management principle has been to provide commitment to continuously improve how he serves all of his customers, partners, and employees by anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations through a culture of creativity & forward thinking. Prior to founding Estuate, Prakash was the Senior Director in Oracle Applications Global Sales Solutions team, which built complex Oracle E-Business Suite application demonstrations for Sales activities. Additionally, he had leadership roles in the development of Oracle’s much-acclaimed Business Flow Accelerator (BFA) for the E-Business suite. During this time, Prakash also built the highly-regarded India operations team from the ground up. Prakash holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Karnataka University in India.

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