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Etumos – A marketing technology consultancy focused on innovating B2B & B2C marketing


A marketing consultancy agency is commonly promoted as a marketing services agency with advances in conducting market research and revamping marketing strategy. Nevertheless, the commercial definition is considered as a limited perception of how marketing consultancy work. The definition of consultancy is constantly evolving due to the rapid changes in the digital marketing world. Additionally, the role of consultancy is empowered by the growing capabilities of AI, MarTech, and Data. Globally, the concept of marketing consultancy is still limited to marketing services. Due to the rise of personal online business, a vast amount of Americans are managing their digital marketing by themselves. Eventually, this has been increasing the demand for a professional marketing consultant to review their marketing strategy and audit their campaigns. This demand provided new opportunities for the definition to evolve and expand beyond the concept of consulting firms. Traditionally, marketing consultancy has been offered by big firms and branding agencies and requires a massive budget. Now, the new era is providing a new generation of customized services that fits all types of businesses including startups and small companies.

Etumos is one marketing technology consultancy focused on innovating B2B & B2C marketing. In today's modern world, the marketing technologist is on the rise, but not yet seen everywhere. The company acts as consulting marketing technologists, making sure that everyone from startups to enterprises get the pristine best practices and best marketing technology stacks available. Their consulting model has effective contributions to the business model. Using advanced consulting methods and marketing tactics is a cornerstone for building effective KPIs and a roadmap. In recent years, marketing consultants are becoming a highly reliable approach that can work with any business module, from startups to medium size and big brands.

Leveraging Robust Marketing Consulting Solutions

Marketing Platform Consulting: You need to help prove marketing ROI, justify the martech spend on the books, uplevel your marking operations maturity and ensure your data is moving correctly across your entire martech stack. Etumos can help. Whether you inherited a new instance of Marketo, Pardot, or HubSpot, are setting up a new instance of Bizible, or are wanting to supercharge your SOPs team’s adoption of LeanData, their consultants can quickly slot in and help guide your team to a set of best practices that will scale as your business does. Across clients with simple and complex martech infrastructure, they see the same problems pop up again and again. Their team can quickly ramp up to your business needs and provide solutions customized for you and your marketing operations situation.

Centralized Campaign Management: As your marketing teams scale to include multiple regions or lines of business, ensuring your marketing operations teams can keep up with campaign creation across channels becomes the number one priority. They can help you create efficient, scalable request processes and operational processes within your martech stack and translate and train your teams on your new shared services or demand center model. Set up your project management/request tool, align it with marketing briefs and your marketing automation platform operational set up and train your marketing teams to use your new streamlined process. Traffic tickets, align your marketing teams to the right SLAs and provide change management and training to your marketers to they can use the request systems you've designed. Stop being limited by the number of people you have on your production team.

Marketing Platform Selection and Migration: Did you inherit an implementation project? Are you facing the prospect of migrating from one marketing automation platform to another? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices you have in platforms and how to accomplish those tasks? Yes, there’s a dizzying array of martech tools out there. The Chart. But marketing operations isn’t about the new hot trend; it’s about choosing and deploying the right tool for the job and keeping an eye on how your toolset is going to scale over time. Etumos consultants can help you evaluate your business case, select the right tools, and update, upgrade or migrate as needed while balancing your team’s long-term and short-term needs.

Lead-to-Revenue Strategy and Reporting: Paid, earned, owned events, webinars, emails, every marketing channel has a unique set of KPIs and a particular place in your revenue funnel. They can help you build the architecture to capture things like lead source, funnel stage, and segment, then identify and visualize the metrics and drill-downs that get you to the holy grail of marketing operations – true, believable lead-to-revenue reporting. Not more leads, better leads. Architecting a lead scoring model that will scale as you do is essential to making your sales team as efficient as it can be.

Technology-Led Marketing Solutions: At Etumos, they know that you can’t afford to waste valuable time trying to solve problems that technology should solve for you. You need to go beyond the limited integrations that come with your applications. They can design and deliver the right technical solutions that will allow for better martech integration, better data flow, more efficient campaign execution and centralize your customer data. With quality data and automation at the heart of a solid marketing practice, it’s no surprise that organizations are adding new technologies to their martech stacks at a dizzying pace. As a result, petabytes of valuable data are being captured but not necessarily making it across the entire stack to improve engagement and conversion. This is because of a lack of integration and developer resources that are able to identify technology-centric opportunities to integrate their martech stacks.

Tyson Roberts | CEO

Tyson is a customer-obsessed serial entrepreneur who enjoys collaborating with engineers and data scientists to influence, measure, and even predict customer response by combining data, technology, and analytics in novel ways. When he’s not innovating, he’s cheering his four children on at whatever they happen to be throwing their hearts at.

"Our solutions will always scale up or down as necessary for our customers, creating marketing operations processes that work for every stage of marketing operations maturity."