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Marketing Operations experts focused on helping clients activate the full potential of their marketing investments: Etumos


At Etumos the team believes that technical people need a seat at the strategy table to ensure that organizations with complex marketing strategies are supported by capable, specialized marketing operations professionals. All companies require some level of support from each of the four pillars, depending on the complexity and scale of their marketing efforts. Every marketing operations team relies on marketing platforms and often some dev support to enable efficient campaign delivery and the ability to measure marketing performance. Etumos has put together a team that specializes across these four pillars, and it has deep knowledge and experience within each of them. This allows us to approach your marketing operations problems in a fundamentally different way than other, less specialized agencies.

Etumos’ consultants have used their specific and detailed knowledge, developed through years of experience with a diverse set of clients (startups to enterprise, B2B and B2C), to create best practices that it can implement quickly. Etumos believes in a specific approach that means its solutions will always scale up or down as necessary for you, creating marketing operations processes that work for every stage of marketing operations maturity.

Campaign Operations Team through Specialization

Campaign Operations is scaling faster than ever throughout B2B marketing teams and it’s about time. With the right tools and the appropriate staff, end-to-end management of the campaign build process is getting more efficient and more cost-effective than ever before. Now, the question that needs to be addressed is not how many people can do that work, but who specifically should be focusing on which pieces of the campaign production process. When your company is ready to scale, one of the key questions to consider is how your campaign team is currently structured. And if your team is more-or-less a team of generalists (i.e., “jack or jill of all trades,” general campaign builders), then is it possible to achieve success by simply multiplying the number of generalists, or is it necessary to truly diversify into a team of specialized roles and responsibilities?

You already know you need specialists within the 4 pillars of Marketing Operations as you grow your Marketing Operations team from a single generalist to a powerhouse team of MOPs pros. However, once you have built out specialties across those four pillars, how can you scale your Campaign Operations function so that you cover all of the skill sets needed in this particular pillar? Much like specializing in one of the 4 pillars, specialization within that pillar allows for staff to focus on the parts of the process where their skill set lies.

Having a well-defined set of specializations within your Campaign Operations team not only allows your team to succeed in areas that are best matched to their skill sets but also can allow for career growth. You may have someone who comes into your organization with the attention to detail and knowledge of email best practices that work so well for a QA Specialist but suddenly shows an aptitude for reporting. They could move into the efficiency reporting role and gain enough experience and knowledge of operational reports to later move into a marketing intelligence or analyst position. Specializing allows staff to go deep into a topic, while still remaining true to their strengths and ensuring a high caliber of accuracy and efficiency for your marketing programs. If you belong to an advanced org with many MOPs specialists, then there is a high likelihood that these specializations within Campaign Ops won’t come as a surprise — they just might be functions that your org doesn’t currently consider to be “Campaign Operations.” Hopefully, as you’re reviewing the above, you’ll start to see how each specialization is necessary for translating marketing requests into high-performing campaigns, and why the same individuals who execute your campaigns must be able to influence their design and own the campaign production process end-to-end.

Service Bus & Big Data in Marketing Operations

Etumos’ clients run the gamut of small to large businesses and across the marketing operations maturity curve, and within that client set, as tech stacks have become more complex and adoption of more and more tech becomes the norm for companies of all sizes Etumos has quickly reached the limits of the out-of-the-box connectors used in integrating these systems, especially when it comes to the reliability of the data. This can present a huge problem, particularly to Etumos’ clients who are not only working with complex tech stacks but at the scale of 1M + records in their CRMs.

If you’re trying to stitch together all your data to create truly personalized customer journeys based on current marketing best practices and scale your marketing technology, you may find your current setup is limiting the full potential of your data. And you know what? It shouldn’t be! The “out-of-the-box” application integrations across the marketing technology stack shouldn’t limit what you can do with your data. When you’re at the point of scaling to a more sophisticated, integrated tech stack with a high volume of records you need to be taking the “Service Bus” approach.

Meet the leader behind the success of Etumos

Tyson Roberts, CEO is a customer-obsessed serial entrepreneur who enjoys collaborating with engineers and data scientists to influence, measure, and even predict customer response by combining data, technology, and analytics in novel ways. When he’s not innovating, he’s cheering his four children on at whatever they happen to be throwing their hearts at.

“We cut through the hype and noise of today's martech landscape by using proven best practices that maximize the effectiveness of our clients' tech stacks, no matter the complexity.”