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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021

Eturi Corp is Bringing to Us Remote Monitoring for the New Era


Founded in 2013, Eturi Corp is an expert in remote management solutions. And the company’s flagship app, OurPact, got the parental screen-time category started in 2015. Today, it is the top-rated screen time parental control app in the market. In fact, it was Amir Moussavian’s (President and CEO of Eturi Corp) vision and development of OurPact that really developed the parental screen-time market.

When we all went into lockdown during the pandemic, parents all over the globe faced unique challenges. There were a multitude of studies that showed the potential issues stemming from excessive screen-time, with children learning remotely, socializing remotely and using screens for “downtime/entertainment.” Naturally, the screen-time skyrocketed. Because of this, it was important for OurPact to be available to help in several ways. Firstly, to ensure that children were kept safe from inappropriate apps and websites. Secondly, through the app parents could also receive notifications when new apps are downloaded on their children’s phone, allowing them to ensure what their kid were doing was – safe. And with the View function, parents receive screenshots of children’s digital activity; another layer of security. Today, OurPact is the quintessential conduit to productive discussions on the safe usage of digital.

But we know that even as we move back into a “normalized” situation, digital will now remain a critical piece of how we all live our lives. Eturi is constantly innovating to ensure that OurPact allows parents to have the right tool to teach the children to be healthy digital citizens. 

The innovation that came with OurPact helped Eturi Corp enter the SMB market. But the company built on its background of innovation to come up with something for the changed work practices as the pandemic set in. Eturi debuted the Motiv app to give the CEOs and Business Leaders of the world a corner-office view into today’s distributed workforce. It is the very first productivity app that is made for the leader of distributed teams, which can help leaders evaluate the activity of their teams and yet, ensure the highest level of employee privacy.

“As we developed Motiv, our goal was to ensure that we were providing business leaders with insights, not oversight. Motiv provides key productivity metrics allowing leaders to ensure that their teams are being productive, efficient and not experiencing conference call, meeting or email burnout. Keeping employees healthy and happy is critical,” said Amir Moussavian, President and CEO of Eturi Corp.


Privacy is of utmost concern at Eturi and this translates into the company ensuring the same for its solutions. Motiv does not require any downloads or plug-ins. The data it collects is of higher level; for example, email information does not contain content of that communication. “As a CEO, I have that unconditional and unconstrained trust in my team and I would expect nothing less from others. And that is how we have developed and will continue to develop Motiv,” explained Amir.

But it’s fair to say that Motiv is still in its infancy and has room to grow into a larger entity. For this to happen, Eturi Corp has an aggressive roadmap to enhance features both horizontally and vertically. But the company is still keeping the door open for ideas to ensure that it develops the enhancements that will provide the best product for the customers.

“We are very excited about the growth opportunities for both Motiv and OurPact in the coming year. We know the enhancements we will be delivering will offer significant value and we will distribute upgrades on a frequent basis to best serve our customers. However, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to make our current (and new) customers’ lives better and easier to manage,” added the President and CEO, Amir Moussavian.


Foundational to Eturi’s success has been the hugely talented team at its San Diego, CA office. To keep the fire going, the company constantly keeps an eye for talented individuals who align to its culture. Eturi is also exploring and connecting via training and industry events, which help it keep abreast of who is out there and expose them to the innovative company. “We also take mentoring very seriously; it not only helps the next generation, but it also offers opportunities to include interns into our organization and is a great way to source new talent,” commented Amir.

Eturi is also a company that’s staying on the pulse of the moving time and building solutions that helps people. “Myself and my team constantly keeps an eye on digital and consumer trends. We are all voracious readers and from a company standpoint, we make learning and training a priority. We make sure our teams are activity-involved in relevant training throughout the year, which helps us keep up-to-date on digital and consumer needs,” mentioned the CEO.

The future looks bright for Eturi Corp as OurPact and Motiv continue to get bigger. The company is expected to continue on it’s upwards trajectory as we step into the post-pandemic world. We congratulate Eturi Corp on being featured as one of our 50 Most Admired Companies of the year 2021.

The Leader

Amir Moussavian, President and CEO

With more than 20 years of technology management experience, Amir has specialized knowledge in nurturing innovative technology companies from start-up to dynamic growth to acquisition. Amir epitomizes what a CEO should be. He inspires, motivates, mentors, challenges and leads his team effectively to drive company success. Throughout the pandemic, he has ensured the success of the company while always putting his team first.

“Eturi is constantly innovating to ensure that OurPact allows parents to have the right tool to teach the children to be healthy digital citizens.”

“Motiv provides key productivity metrics allowing leaders to ensure that their teams are being productive, efficient and not experiencing conference call, meeting or email burnout.”