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A 100% eco-friendly cleaning solution provider with the goal of reducing the use of chemicals for personal care and household cleaning: EV International Ltd


Green cleaning basically involves cleaning procedures and products that are safe for the environment. These products do not emit any pollutants when used and are important not only for the environment but also for the general public’s health. In a grocery or department, majority of the cleaners available is toxic and contain harmful synthetic fragrances. This issue is so widespread that you will find it incredibly difficult to find a store that is more health-conscious. Green cleaning is important because it helps in maintaining better air quality, reduces pollution in water, and reduces exposure to allergy-causing substances. Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent green cleaning products, but EV International Ltd stands out from the rest. EV International Ltd began its journey in February 2013, operating out of its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and expanding across the wider world. The steam cleaners are manufactured in Milan, Italy. This, in essence, has allowed the company to take the prestige of outstanding manufacturing into the world of household appliances, entrusting the development and creation of exemplary steam cleaners to its experienced and highly dedicated personnel.

EV International’s products, the EV Atlantis, EV Poseidon, and EV Atlas, are each imbued with the technology that will soon shape the future of the cleanliness and homecare industry, allowing its customers to enjoy a chemical-free and hygienic environment at home and at work—giving the opportunity to everyone to use tap water only for cleaning and sanitizing. Replacing chemical products with an eco-friendly alternative like EV International’s steam cleaners, a client can reduce 95% of the chemical footprint created by the production of these single-use or limited-use cleaning supplies and plastic materials that so often find their way into landfills. Operating with preparation and dedication in all things, EV International conducts a Masterclass of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to its products, allowing them to speak for themselves. Reducing the aggressive and increasingly frequent use of cleaning chemicals that lead to chronic diseases, allergies, and asthma.

In conversation with Stanley Kolev and Massimo Menichini, CEO of EV International


Q. What makes EV International relevant in today’s times? Could you give us some context?

First and foremost, EV International seeks to create a sustainable product that will allow long-term use and help reduce carbon emissions. This means that each of our steam cleaners is intrinsically reliable and trustworthy, and a client can rest assured that the steam cleaner will pay for itself time and time again, conducting its work with effectiveness and efficiency in a manner that is incredibly easy to use. The exemplary results, user-friendly design, and the way the sales of these steam cleaners contribute to the support of a circular economy are all factors that come together to make it a household name in the field, one that happily incorporates all manner of upgrades, developments, and innovations into itself.

Q. Walk us through the technology that made EV International possible.

The technology is based on heating up water and producing saturated dry steam at very high temperatures. The different units produce from 170°C to 200°C / 340°F to 392°F dry steam that gives unlimited possibilities for cleaning and sanitizing. EV International is working with the most important institutions like IQ Net, Intertek, Advanced Analytical Technologies, Dekra, MET, etc. E V International Ltd. makes sure that the quality standards of our production and the security of the customers are guaranteed. Moreover, by applying a consistent drive to be bigger and better, our fast-acting steam cleaners have been able to accrue notoriety from the merit of their function alone. Allowing for the quick and sanitary clean-up of all manner of surfaces, EV International’s products use only tap water to be able to work, meaning that an end customer can leave other cleaning solutions and potentially environmentally harmful products behind in favor of something sustainable that can be used time and time again. Furthermore, with our certified biological detergent EV H202 Silver Bio and Sanix system, it has been able to contribute solutions with which to help the world mitigate the risks of the Covid-19 virus. We can remove the coronavirus from surfaces in only 30 seconds with a 100% success rate with the above systems. With our in-house product development, rigorous production, and thorough testing that each product undergoes before it leaves the manufacturing line, EV International can also keep all the products reliable and exemplary. Our professional and diligent team takes care of every detail down to the minutest point. Additionally, there is the point of cost amongst the many benefits of the EV International steam cleaner range – such as the environmental value and efficiency of cleaning.

Q. What is your take on reducing e-waste? Explain.

As a company oriented to the future, EV International creates sustainable products made to last for 20 plus years. We are using materials that support the circular economy. We prioritize durability, reuse, and recycling. With the steam cleaners EV Atlantis, EV Poseidon, and EV Atlas, we implement sustainable solutions for cleaning purposes in homes, businesses, and industry. 80% of our units are made from recyclable materials like stainless steel, steel, copper, brass. All these materials are 100% recyclable. This way, we can help in a way for a solution to climate change, reducing the carbon emissions and economic challenges, regenerating natural systems, and improving the environment.


Q. Will EV International be expanding, bringing on any new services that we should be aware of?

Alongside the recognition of opportunity comes the confidence to take risks. EV International will always be the company looking for the next creative solution to a certain problem, willing to make the bold choice and push forwards towards further innovation as a direct result. This all goes towards helping it achieve its mission of becoming the global market leader in the development, production, and sale of high-quality steam cleaning products that allow for incredibly effective and ecologically friendly steam cleaning, giving the clients the results they want whilst not harming the world it operates in. “New markets, new countries – Here we come.

About the leaders behind the success of in their own words

WE ARE THE CREATORS OF A NEW WAY OF CLEANING AND SANITISING. Many other companies from our industry try to follow our example and started promoting the eco-friendly way of cleaning. We are proud to be the leaders in the industry, to be a beacon of light for new ideas, which makes the world a better place. Other companies started following us and try to copy our model. Every new idea implemented by EV International on the market, is copied also by our followers one or two years later. In some way this is a great accomplishment for us when others can copy our way of thinking!!!  

TO BE INVENTORS AND PIONEERS IS AMAZING, BUT NOT ALWAYS AN EASY TASK. WE ARE MAKING A NEW PATH WHERE OTHERS CAN FOLLOW AND WALK EASY! Our products are our passion and they are engineered to provide exceptional results.

“EV International wishes to show the world by leading from the front how it can improve the health and quality of life for everyone everywhere simply by making our product part of our cleaning routine.”

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