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April Monthly Special 2023

Jennifer June, Evolve Med Spa President: “By leveraging the best in technology and the best in medical expertise, we have created a unique experience to help our clients look and feel their best.”


Evolve Med Spa was founded with the intent to be an empowering alternative to the traditional medical spa experience. Dr. Osbert (Oz) Fernandez, MD, FACOG, FAAFP, who is a practicing OBGYN doctor, initially introduced aesthetics into his practice and found that it was a suboptimal experience for his clients. This led him and the other founders of Evolve Med Spa to deviate from the two prevalent models for practicing aesthetic medicine: the doctors’ or dentists’ offices that added some aesthetics to their practices, and the large, chain med spas. Neither of these models were ideal for helping clients achieve their aesthetic goals. Like its name suggests, Evolve Med Spa has evolved the traditional model by creating a culture of self-love, body-positivity, confidence and celebration of individuality- and then building the business around that culture. From the design of the clinics, their operations, and their advanced training program to leveraging technology, Evolve has incorporated their core culture into every facet of the experience to ensure that every single client feels special, feels listened to, and gets the results that they are hoping to achieve.

Evolve Med Spa’s tagline is Be Unapologetically You, and the company certainly embodies that idea themselves, setting themselves apart from the myriad of competitors. Evolve Med Spa provides aesthetic services including skin rejuvenation, injectables, body contouring, laser hair removal, and weight loss programs. In the 2.5 years that it has been open, Evolve has won many awards, including Best Botox, Best Filler, Best Facial, Top Rated Med Spa, and Best Med Spa.

Overcoming the challenges

As mentioned above, Evolve Med Spa is only 2.5 years old, but its rapid growth has taught its team quite a bit! One of the challenges for this growing brand is that medical spa regulations are often very gray and vary from state to state. As a medically owned and operated company, Evolve Med Spa operates under the highest standards of care. The company only has advanced-practice medical providers injecting and operating lasers. While this model is more expensive to staff, Evolve strongly believes that it is worth it in the long run. There is also a great deal of competition in this space, which presents challenges regarding how to stand out in a crowded market. Evolve Med Spa stays on top of industry trends and dedicates a significant amount of resources to understanding what their clientele wants and how they can meet those needs. The company believes a major reason for its success is their ability to adjust its strategies to constantly improve. For example, in response to the changes brought about by the post-Covid era, Evolve Med Spa established a call center and virtual consult department, allowing its clients near-round-the-clock access to aesthetic consultants.

It is very important to Evolve Med Spa that they remain accessible. Aesthetics should not be something that is only affordable for a small percentage of the population. For Evolve to be a company that values inclusivity, it simply cannot exclude wide swaths of the population by pricing them out. This is addressed by the company through competitive pricing and an expanded product mix. Evolve wants to always have options for its clients and help them work within their budgets to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. The company also offers financing, installment payment plans, membership programs, and reduced-price bundles and packages.

Standing out from the rest

The experience is the fundamental differentiator for Evolve Med Spa. Before the company expanded to its second location, the team regrouped, reviewed their learnings from the first med spa, and used the feedback from clients, staff, and the community to guide them in developing the company’s culture. Evolve Med Spa focuses on the 3Ps of experience: people, place, and process. Evolve’s culture helps to guide the hiring process, and they look for candidates who are aligned with the company’s values and who exhibit curiosity, accountability, transparency, and innovation. Evolve has one of the most robust training programs in the industry, with ongoing training for both clinical and non-clinical team members, and it has set experiential expectations that include all team members, regardless of whether they directly interact with clients or not. Since Evolve is a company that values individuality, it decided to incorporate that value into the company’s interior design and development. None of Evolve’s ten (soon to be 15) clinics have the same aesthetic design. Instead, the team takes a lot of time to feel the vibe of the community they are in and incorporate that vibe into each individual clinic’s’ design. Evolve also makes sure that they are sensitive to their clients’ desire for confidentiality; not everyone is comfortable with others knowing that they have had any aesthetic services done, so the company makes accommodations to help respect that. Evolve works on always creating and improving processes that will help streamline and customize the experience by improving efficiency, flow, scheduling, loyalty rewards, and more.

Jennifer June, President of Evolve Med Spa added: “We have also leveraged technology to help achieve that ideal experience. We have our own Evolve app that has information about services including before and after images and videos, a rewards program, in-app purchasing from their mobile device and other benefits. We also leverage AI and have a custom tool that helps to simulate results and identify what treatments could help our clients to address specific concerns that they may have. We stay on top of all of the best aesthetic products and technology and select services that are ideal for our clientele. And we use data to constantly make improvements- we use data both to help customize the experience for individual clients and to create improvements that benefit all clients and potential clients.”

Marketing efforts and future plans

Evolve Med Spa believes that the best marketing comes from its clients’ great experiences and results. The company focuses first on really being the best at what it does and making it as easy as possible for the clients to share their experiences with others. Evolve Med Spa also focuses on organic marketing, with social media serving as its digital portfolio. By providing its clients and prospects with robust information about services, this doubles impact by improving Evolve’s SEO. The company does PPC and paid social for new client acquisition and also leverages email and text campaigns for clients and prospects that have opted in. And Evolve’s Call Center and Virtual Consult teams will contact clients when there are new services, products, or promotions that would be advantageous to them.

When The Silicon Review asked Jennifer June about Evolve Med Spa’s upcoming offerings and future plans she stated that, “We just launched a weight loss program and created our own medical-grade skincare line, Unapologetically You Skincare. We are continuing to grow into new areas and looking to expand our AI technology and Virtual Care program.”

Meet the leaders behind the success of Evolve Med Spa

Dr. Osbert (Oz) Fernandez, MD, FACOG, FAAFP is the Co-founder & Medical Director at Evolve Med Spa. He has been awarded NJ Top Doctors for 5 consecutive years. He is an industry leader in aesthetics, anti-aging, menopause management, robotic surgery and women’s health. Dr. Fernandez is dual board certified in Family Practice and Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is the Associate Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hoboken University Medical Center and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at New York Medical College in the Department of Family Medicine. He is certified by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) for his commitment to menopausal health. Beyond being awarded NJ Top Doctors five years in a row, Dr. Fernandez has also won various teaching awards, and in 2003 he was awarded a Humanitarian Award for his dedication to women’s health.

Jennifer June is the President of Evolve Med Spa. She is a consultative sales and operations leader in the health and wellness industry, a new market entry and market turnaround expert with a known ability to build a high-performance culture. Her expertise in revitalizing sales operations, generating incremental sales growth and growing market share has spanned high positions in both retail and service-based aesthetic industries.

“In order to be innovators in the beauty industry, we needed to include team members with diverse experience. Our leadership team is comprised of experts in the aesthetic industry, but also people who have experience in the retail industry, hospital leadership, and client/patient experience leaders.”

“You can never do anything different or innovative if you’re pairing people who have similar backgrounds and experiences- to truly evolve you need to look for talented people who can bring their different approaches and experiences to the table.”