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Find the right digital transformation solution for your business and experience immense growth with Ziggle Tech


The advent of sophisticated digital technologies has turned the conventional way that people collaborate, communicate, and do business on its head. In the digital age we live in, digitization is continuing to affect and change the business world radically. Digital transformation must be the agenda of every organization, and new innovations in cloud and big data are revolutionizing the way businesses make decisions and operate. Legacy systems are no longer capable of handling the business’s speed, and digital transformation is the only way we can respond to the ever-evolving business demands. 

Adapting and Adopting digital is more than an afterthought in business today. There are various digital transformation agencies that help businesses in their digital endeavor, but one that stands out from the rest is Ziggle Tech. The company provides strategy, design, and technology services to mid-level enterprises. Ziggle Tech is a New York-based award-winning digital transformation agency, and it specializes in eCommerce and digital experience design & development. Furthermore, as a global organization, Ziggle Tech’s expertise includes digital transformation consulting, eCommerce design & development, redesigning, rebranding & replatforming websites, cloud infrastructure development, digital media marketing, and digital platform engineering.

In conversation with Rocky Panjwani, Co-founder and CEO of Ziggle Tech

Q. Explain your digital transformation services in brief.

To help our clients successfully implement their digital transformation initiatives, we improve their customer experience and operational efficiency by developing a digital strategy for medium and large enterprises while preparing them for the future. We help with replatforming needs and selecting the right platform for the client’s eCommerce operation.

Q. Do you provide tailor-made solutions depending on the clients’ requirements?

Yes. Before recommending solutions or investing time in developing a solution, we go through various software development phases. Our process begins with the requirements gathering phase followed by defining personas, writing user stories, and wireframing/prototyping. We then do comprehensive research to assess whether an off-the-shelf solution would be appropriate or if a custom solution may be a better fit. In order to gather the requirements, we conduct a series of workshops involving all the stakeholders, including the sponsors and customers.

Q. How do you help your clients streamline their services without compromising data security?

We do frequent workshops to educate our employees about data protection for our organization and that too of our clients. We have security and monitoring tools in place to ensure that only the concerned employees have access to the client’s data and for a limited duration. Various layers of security are also in place as a preventative measure to help against third party intrusion. We also set up security tools at key network touchpoints to monitor traffic coming in and out of the network and server, indicative of a breach.

Q. Digital transformation lies in leveraging new technologies to ensure scalability and elasticity demanded by customers. How do you improve the customer experience?

Before introducing new technologies into an organization, user research and competitor analysis is a must. In order to improve the customer experience, one must adapt the design thinking process and always think about the customer before making any changes. Organizations can incorporate new technologies and tools to improve their internal and external communication, respond to the customers’ needs and reach out to them on whatever channel they are in—seeking their feedback regularly and indirectly, understanding their changing needs, offering them to experiment with solutions, and keeping the customers informed.

Q. How do you deal with the “never ending change” in digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a constantly evolving process, and further digital innovations and customer demands will continue to take place at a rapid pace, as with most forms of technology. Organizations, along with their employees, will need to adapt to the new processes and become agile to meet such demands. The processes will need to be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs, and the technology platforms that one introduces should be agile to meet the changing needs. In keeping up with current technology, we make sure our customers receive the best possible solutions with the resources available, as well as being able to offer the potential new/better options that may become available in the foreseeable future.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes. After a successful pilot with some of our existing clients, we are excited to announce that we are launching CTO-as-a-Service for organizations that do not require a full-time Chief Technology Officer. Every organization needs a technology strategy and a plan to execute that strategy, but not every organization needs a full-time CTO. We are also planning to launch a series of high-quality case studies that will work as a template for various organizations and answer many of their key questions related to business transformation. In addition, we will also cover industry trends and how organizations can adopt those trends to outpace their competition.

Meet the leader behind the success of Ziggle Tech

Rocky Panjwani, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ziggle Tech also serves as the Chief Business Development Officer for the company. Rocky has over 15 years of industry experience managing and delivering quality technology infrastructure projects, managing teams, and technology consulting. Prior to launching Ziggle Tech, he began his career at the United Nations as a Network Security Engineer. The experience he gained here, along with his father’s strong business acumen and entrepreneurial influence then led to his first founding startup, Tekcentrik.  Tekcentrik, a managed services company, has allowed him the opportunity to work with several prominent clienteles of various industries including Rebecca Minkoff and XYPRO Technology Corporation. With the increasingly evolving demand from existing clients, he decided to launch Ziggle Tech - a Strategy, Design & Technology Services Agency which includes services such as Digital Transformation Consulting, eCommerce Design & Development, Full-stack app development, Emerging Technologies Consulting, UX/UI Design, DevOps Engineering and Cloud Infrastructure Services. In moving with the industry shift and increasing demand, he has experienced a successful business transformation in pivoting from a managed services company to an award-winning Digital Services and eCommerce development company digital services and consulting agency, Ziggle Tech.

“We are an award-winning digital transformation agency. We provide strategy, design and technology services to mid-level enterprises.”