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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2020

An innovative and experienced IT consulting firm catering IT needs seamlessly: CEdge Software Consultants


A common misconception about software consultants is that their functions are limited to developing programs. In reality, software consultants offer more than just developing programs like meeting a business owner, finding out the business needs, and developing software solutions to make their daily business operations more efficient and easier. Every business is different, and each software solution is custom made to meet the company’s diverse needs. One of the important things that a software consulting company can do for businesses is to build an online presence. Mobile application design and web design are significant areas because e-Commerce is the new normal in the business world right now.

CEdge Software Consultants, an innovative IT consulting firm and a strategic business partner, offers IT solutions to federal and state governments, as well as to commercial enterprises throughout the United States. The company specializes in Enterprise Architecture, Agile Software Development, Cloud adoption, Cloud Security, and Cloud, enabling analytics and application development, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and System integration. CEdge Software Consultants utilizes its immense commercial experience to expedite how it fulfills any/all Government requirements. This also greatly enhances the company’s ability to inject emerging technologies that it has Commercial experience with into Governmental systems. CEdge Software Consultants was founded in 2004, and it is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

In conversation with Sekhar Prabhakar, Co-Founder and CEO of CEdge Software Consultants

Q. What motivated you to help organizations to address their IT challenges?

Prior to starting CEdge I worked for many years with various IT solution providers who I felt did not really concentrate on knowing what the customer really needs to assist them in meeting their customers’ expectations.  So since my passion has always been to ensure clients are enabled with the best technological solutions that optimize their ability to not only meet customer expectations but to delight them with their respective products/services.

Q. Do you support your clients patch-up their internal inefficiencies? Do you help your clients streamline their operations towards success?

This is exactly why we are there to support our clients. Clients know their business the best, and our services are to empower them so they can deliver to their clients. As a consulting company, it is our job to make sure we achieve certifications, train people, and bring the best solutions to the customer. We have been brought into projects where the customers were looking for new solutions or need help implementing new projects or migrating existing applications to an optimized IT environment that enables optimum results for any/all customers as well as their employees.

Q. Are your services ready to cater to the needs of never-ending digital transformation?

As an innovative company, we have to prepare ourselves for the future to build scalable solutions. We take the risk of working on new technologies and platforms so that we can learn and ensure that we have the best practices in place to help customers. Many large companies in similar businesses like us cannot take this leap as they wait until a platform is mature enough to adopt. This could lead to missing some very innovative solutions. Mature platforms become expensive as well, and once they are more widely used then, they become expensive to implement.

Q. With the sheer amount of data being created, how do you help organizations to face the challenge of aggregating, managing, and creating value from data?

Collection of Data does not help unless it is consumed in a meaningful way. We specialize in Data Science to ensure that we can create applications and dashboards to display this in a meaningful way. We were working with a large company to build the applications, and they did not realize that the data they have could be a great source to service many other industries. We made them aware of the information that led to additional revenue for the company.

Q. Do you have skilled/qualified individuals who can help you give your best always?

We do it from the very top. Our advisory board and subject matter experts include published authors to individuals who have built some exceptional applications. We are currently investing in making sure our employees and organization continue to add certifications.

Q. How do you market your services?

We market to the government through our bid and capture process, whereas in the commercial sector, we are getting a lot of traction due to the many awards that we have received and having exceptional references.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

Yes, we do. This includes process intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented reality, including some new products that should generate a lot of interest.

Meet the leader behind the success of CEdge Software Consultants

Mr. Sekhar Prabhakar is the Co-Founder and CEO of CEdge Software Consultants, and he holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the City College of New York. Before founding CEdge in 2004, he previously served on the Senior Technical Staff for Silicon Valley companies such as Sun Microsystems & Sybase. Sekhar currently serves on the Executive Board of several 501(c)(3) non-profits including ITEN, VBRC, NAF, MAPO, TejHospitality, and EndingCOVID. He is also a Co-Chair for both the USGIF Small Business Advisory Working Group and the St. Louis Area Working Group along with its K-12 subcommittee. Sekhar has received numerous awards for his commitment to his company's excellence and philanthropy, and he was most recently recognized by Industry Tech Outlook magazine as one of the most inspiring CEOs to watch in 2020, Fast 100 Asian American Businesses 2020, and selected as a 2019 C-Suite Award honorees by St. Louis Business Journal.

“CEdge is focused on building solutions that are based on open source technologies offering a significant ROI to its clients. We offer a large suite of custom-designed, Real-time Managed Security Services.”