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10 Best CMOs to Watch 2020

Alan Marks, the experienced CMO of ServiceNow, believes in making work simpler, easier, better for everyone


Team building, keeping oneself updated with the advancements of technology, cooperation and more, takes a lot from the companies, and need a different approach. Because increased complexity in the workplace forces us to look for new methods to continue working pragmatically and purposefully.

Fight between realities of work and current workplace strategies is taking a toll on every. With increasing work complexity at odds with a decades old approach toward efficiently simplifying business operations, managers struggle to get the most out their people and workplace. Lacking the dynamic environment necessary to complete more collaborative work, frustrated workers disengage. As a result, suffering of creativity is obvious and innovation slows down. The challenges businesses face can no longer be solved with age old one-size-fits-all approach, businesses need a corporate partner like ServiceNow, who believes in the power of technology to reduce the complexity in our jobs and make work, work better for people. It transforms old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows. Employees and customers get what they need, when they need it—fast, simple, easy.

Digital experiences matter: Scale your customer service and IT operations fast. ServiceNow enables digital workflows to drive business growth, increase resilience, and enhance employee productivity.

Make work, work better: Built on the Now Platform, the product portfolio delivers the IT, employee, and customer workflows that matter—with enterprise solutions to help drive every part of your digital transformation. Create the great experiences you want and unlock the productivity you need, now with native mobile capabilities for everyday work across the enterprise.

Making it Easy for Employees

Innovative practices for transforming the employee service experience. This volume of ebook highlights companies around the world defining the digital employee experience in their organization. From delivering self-service on mobile devices, to ensuring employees have what they need on Day One, these companies are redesigning experiences inside and out—offering more intuitive, personal, and most importantly, easier service experiences for workers. From this eBook you’ll gain:

  • Real life scenarios of service delivery challenges and why companies are deploying technology to drive a better employee service experience
  • Evolutionary stories of companies such as McAfee, Expedia, Arrow Electronics, and more as they lead the change for enterprise wide transformation
  • Qualitative and quantitative insights as companies improve their employee service delivery with digital, automation, and self service
  • Access to additional customer case studies and videos for review at your convenience

Deliver outstanding IT experiences with the help of AI

It’s time to move IT beyond the traditional “better, faster, cheaper — pick any two” conundrum. How? With the help of AI, virtual agents, and machine learning. Used properly, organizations can tap into these technological innovations to improve operations across all three variables, making it possible to: Read this ebook for smart, actionable insights into how you can use AI to deliver better, faster, cheaper IT service.

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve the customer experience

Read this ebook for smart, actionable insights into how you can use AI to deliver better, faster, cheaper IT service.

IT workflows


Take control of IT chaos with digital workflows on a single, unified platform. ServiceNow IT workflows enable you to bridge the gap between traditional IT practices and the needs of the modern business. Connect your enterprise with digital IT workflows. Deliver great service experiences. Automatically identify and resolve issues. Align initiatives across strategy and operations to boost productivity.

IT Service Management: Deliver services that amaze your users, increase productivity, and achieve new insights by consolidating to the most innovative ITSM solution. Transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT

IT Operations Management: Move IT operations from a reactive team to one that works intelligently for the business. Gain visibility across infrastructure and apps, maintain service health, and optimize cloud delivery and spend. Deliver high-performance business services with visibility and AIOps.

Service Visibility Can Help You Fix Business Problems Fast: When IT doesn’t understand how infrastructure maps to business services, it’s difficult to prioritize critical events and manage IT change. Service visibility lets you see critical relationships between infrastructure and business services, so you can quickly find the causes of business service problems and fix them fast. It can help you:

  • Meet SLAs more consistently
  • Prevent unintended consequences of IT change   
  • Quickly prioritize IT issues

This eBook offers a handy checklist to evaluate your service visibility and outlines best practices rapidly for gaining service visibility.

Employee Workflows

Simplify how employees get the services they need. Give employees the power to get answers and help—anytime, anywhere. Break down siloes and improve self-service with native mobile apps and virtual agents.

Simplify work life to improve satisfaction. Create a unified, consumer‑style employee service experience across IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, and Legal with native mobile apps and intelligent workflows.

HR Service Delivery: Eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction with efficient, intelligent services. Give employees the service experience they deserve. Reimagine every business process as a digital workflow The Now Platform® provides the foundation where everyone—from no code to professional developers—can work as a team to deliver workflow apps quickly.

Alan Marks, CMO

“Technology in the service of people. That’s the heart of who we are. We believe in making work simpler, easier, better for everyone. We believe in being a great place to work. And we believe in helping to make the world work better, too.”