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August Monthly Special 2023

ExperiencePoint – Helping companies around the world transform their workplaces, drive financial growth, and blaze paths to success


Today’s strategic imperatives, like digital transformation, customer centricity, and culture of innovation, all depend on new ways of problem-solving and collaboration that harness the creative potential of your people. ExperiencePoint is one such company that helps you build innovation capability so you can adapt, thrive and shape what’s next. Disruption is everywhere. And what is the key to rising with the winners? The answer is Innovation. ExperiencePoint is the innovation training partner you need to help you establish and sustain true workforce-led transformation. Equipped with the foundation of tools, methods, and support that’s right for your unique culture, your people can apply design thinking to their daily work and drive the outcomes across the business that are essential to your success.

ExperiencePoint’s Difference

Today’s strategic imperatives, like digital transformation, customer centricity, and culture of innovation, all depend on new ways of problem-solving and collaboration that harness the creative potential of your people. ExperiencePoint helps you build innovation capability so you can adapt, thrive and shape what’s next.

Accelerated: Their proven training method rapidly embeds the mindsets and skills necessary to learn, practice and apply innovation.

Digitally Driven: Their workshops are driven by technology — proprietary simulations and interactive platforms and tools — so they're consistent, repeatable and scalable.

Expert-Led: ExperiencePoint-trained facilitators are industry experts who guide, engage and inspire participants and foster virtual and in-person collaboration.

It’s not just what you’ll learn, but how you’ll learn it. ExperiencePoint’s live, digitally driven, and expert-led workshops train people — at any level and from every function and industry — in a human-centered approach to problem solving and imaginativeness. ExperiencePoint doesn’t just teach innovation; their method scales and systematizes it within organizations to drive enduring business impact.

Foster innovation, transformation, and change within your organization

Build your organization’s capability for design thinking with ExperiencePoint’s enterprise solutions. They will equip your organization with tools to reinforce the behaviors and methods of human-centered design in people’s everyday work. Their proven approach teaches your organization how to scale design thinking by:

Activate: They’ll work closely with your core team to consider your organization’s unique rhythms, processes and systems. Expert facilitators will guide your core team through an agile design sprint. Teams develop and apply new skills and use them to solve business problems. Sprints are customized to your organization’s needs. Use them to improve policies or processes, focus on your customers or empower your people to do their best work. The core team will also develop effective key performance indicators, and create a plan to grow and sustain new behaviors and skills.

Transfer: They will transfer their innovation expertise to “catalysts” – members of your organization and will train to be ambassadors for transformation. Catalysts complete ExperiencePoint’s Train-the-Trainer program so they can deliver ExperiencePoint workshops to their colleagues. By transferring design thinking knowledge to others, catalysts sustain the momentum and embed human-centered design into your organization for the future

Scale: With support from ExperiencePoint experts, catalysts will focus on:

  • Removing initial barriers
  • Refining the sustainment plan and KPIs
  • Building their confidence in human-centered design
  • Training others through ExperiencePoint’s Train-the-Trainer program

 They will help your organization establish infrastructure you need to keep scaling up and guide you in developing governance models and supporting project work as your team’s capabilities increase.

ExperiencePoint | Leadership

James Chisholm is the Co-founder and Partner of ExperiencePoint.  He is inspired and driven by two key forces. The first is the power of learning as a catalyst for provoking personal, organizational, and societal change. The second is the power of business as a means to mobilize people around a higher purpose and effect positive change in the world. The son of a teacher and an entrepreneur, Chisholm comes by his twin passions honestly.

In the decades since launching the company, Chisholm has become a pioneer in the field of simulation-based learning and has helped introduce human-centered capabilities to thousands of leading organizations and business schools by way of ExperiencePoint’s unique digitally-driven platform. The company’s learning-led approach to transformation has helped enterprise clients rapidly acquire new capabilities while creating more engaging and humane workplaces.

Entering Queen’s University in 1991, Chisholm earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and met fellow ExperiencePoint Co-Founder Greg Warman along the way. Together they recognized that the fusion between technology, business and learning would drive disruptive innovation. 

Greg Warman is the Co-Founder and Partner of ExperiencePoint. He believes every organization has the ability to innovate if they can awaken the problem-solving capabilities that exist in their people. He believes that design thinking — a human-centered approach to innovation that leverages empathy and experimentation to arrive at breakthrough solutions — is the key to making that happen.

Warman has dedicated the past two decades of his career teaching leaders and people at Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and global non-profits how to leverage human-centered thinking to unlock innovation capabilities, drive transformation and customer-centricity, and to imagine new solutions to complex problems. He’s introduced this mission-critical approach and toolkit to teams at Google, Ford Motor Company, Habitat for Humanity, the U.S. Air Force and many more of the world’s leading and most innovative companies.

Warman’s passion for teaching design thinking began early in his career. After receiving his bachelors of commerce honors from Queen’s University in Canada, he pursued courses in design thinking at Stanford University’s renowned and earned a master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology from its Graduate School of Education.

“For over 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people in organizations across the globe raise their innovation game.”