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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2022

An industry expert providing innovative mobile lab solutions to deal with ever-growing medical adversaries: RapiFast®


Mobile labs have gained immense traction for their proficient on-site services in the highly fast-paced world we live in. Mobile labs can be used for a variety of functions, including scientific research, education, and on-site environmental monitoring and analysis. Depending on the specific solution they provide, mobile units are often fitted with technology and equipment for a variety of requirements. Mobile labs provide sophisticated testing capabilities for avian flu or any other potential outbreaks. These units are well-known for their lab equipment that can be shared easily across many counties or cities where outbreaks occur. Mobile laboratories serve to diligently meet the needs of states, local communities, and throughout the world. Globally there are various firms delivering excellent mobile laboratory services, but RapiFast® stands out from the rest. Sara Rossel is the founder of RapiFast®, one of the first companies to develop and offer mobile laboratory services in the US. She has been recognized with the exclusive award title of “10 Best Women Leaders of 2020”.

Sara Rossel has worked with her own energy and resources to generate local recognition for her impactful work, which has resonated with a wide audience within the entertainment industry. This has helped her expand her business to Los Angeles, the cradle and global center for filmmakers, producers, publicists, musicians, and artists. Since the beginning of COVID-19, she has studied, invested in, and worked closely with clients in various industries to develop a mobile laboratory system that provides peace of mind in times as uncertain as to the ones we are living in.

RapiFast® is today a synonym for trust, guaranteeing 100% the efficiency of our services with the support of real clients. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Sara Rossel is already working on projects for 2022. One of them is the writing of her first book, where she seeks to share her experience with entrepreneurs who seek high-impact solutions to encourage and support them.

RapiFast® is a place where one of its pillars is diversity and inclusion. As Sara Rossel says, “Creating a culture where people feel respected and appreciated is part of our philosophy.”

We create a culture where all employees feel included, and everyone is welcome to talk to me as CEO whenever they need it. I am a fervent believer that every difference adds up, giving us higher performance and thus incredible results.

Q. Could you tell us a bit about your leadership style?

My leadership style is autocratic, and I enjoy coaching my employees as well. I like training new members of the team with the idea of unlocking their full potential. So I focus on building my team’s skills, but at the same time, I understand that some decisions have to be made by me since they require my experience and knowledge. In those situations, I lead and show my team where we should be heading.

Q. What motivated you to establish the company? Tell us about your journey.

Not everyone who becomes an entrepreneur is driven solely by profit. In my case, what motivated me to establish the company was the desire to create a quality service and improve life in society as we know it. In the beginning, we just sold medical devices and rapid-result kits. But by being vigilant and seeing the way in which COVID impacted our lives, we saw an opportunity to adapt our technology and design a new mobile testing service. This way, we managed to serve not only individuals but schools and the entertainment industry as well.

As an entrepreneur, I have had the wonderful opportunity to turn my passions into profit by helping the community in which I live. It has not always been easy, but I have learned to view my setbacks as necessary steps for something bigger. The freedom to pursue my dreams and make a difference for others has made the juice well worth squeezing.

My advice for women entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey is: “entrepreneurship is a wonderful path, but it’s full of challenges and difficult moments. The latter are the ones that put us to the test, and that is when we must ask ourselves: What’s the worst that can happen? The answer is: if you do things for the right reasons, only the right thing can happen. Do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.”

It is also very important to do everything you can to stay positive because that is essential for success. Energy is the fuel that shapes our attitude, and it must be replenished daily. Positivity allows you to see the potential within you and gives you the faith to step out of the box and achieve your dreams.

“Entrepreneurship is a wonderful path, full of challenges and difficult moments, in which you get to learn very valuable lessons. Always staying positive allows you to see the potential inside of you, and it gives you the faith that’s needed to step out of the box and pursue your dreams”