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In the highly competitive world we live in, brand managers find it quite challenging to appreciate great marketing for what it is. Even a single social media post must go through a rigorous amount of coordination, approval, and technology. The commercials we enjoy during the Super Bowl might seem simple, but the truth is that we are seeing months of coordinating resources, people, and stringent quality controls and requirements. The product of launching marketing campaigns for large enterprises involves balancing big teams, complex processes, rigorous needs, and loads of digital assets. Experts suggest that to maintain and store such marketing assets with easy accessibility, companies must use Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools.

Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent solutions to maintain their digital assets, but docs24 stands out from the rest. docs24 provides a personalised Digital and Print Asset Management Platform that offers the ability to personalise your brand assets and documents. Each user is able to produce bespoke content that is specific to their needs, within a controlled platform ensuring everyone follows brand guidelines. With its custom-built software platforms and technological framework, docs24 creates custom solutions for its clients to control their own brand. Whether you want to create on-brand-every-time marketing materials, control the use of your brand assets, streamline your content creation, or manage your printing to reduce cost and time, the docs24 platform is developed to fit your requirements, giving you precisely what you need.

In conversation with Jim Rae, Founder and CEO of docs24

Q. How do you understand the culture of the company before devising a marketing campaign?

Without having a defined culture within the business, having a sales or marketing plan is fairly pointless as all of our colleagues have to deliver and execute the plan. Therefore, we have spent a huge amount of time as a company defining our culture and documenting this into a printed culture book. We have all been involved in creating this book, so we all believe in it and live by it. Our culture now expands out to our investors, vendors, and, most importantly, clients. Interestingly, although our culture book was not created for this purpose, it has become our most powerful marketing piece. Our clients love it as it gives them a good sense of the type of people they are putting their trust into with their projects. Our culture really defines our business and drives everything we do.

Q. There are other reputed companies in the market, how are you a better service provider?

There are many amazing companies which span a number of areas our technology platform benefits, and we would never say we are any better than any other company. To be honest, we only focus on ourselves, how we improve our client experience and how we bring new solutions to market, which further enhances our clients. I guess if our clients thought there were better solutions in the market, then they would choose to work with other companies, so the fact that no client has ever left docs24 tells us that we must be doing something right.  We would never take this for granted, though, and are always striving to improve and enhance our service offerings.

Q. It is quite difficult to achieve success in every marketing campaign that is developed. How do you overcome failures?

We don’t view our marketing in terms of successes and failures. We like to be creative with our marketing, and sometimes that means we get a great response, and sometimes we get limited responses. These responses help guide and shape our planning so we can grow our Marketing strategy and improve our reach with every campaign. If we were to look at it in terms of overcoming obstacles or improving campaigns, I suppose you could say that we do this through constant reflection and data analysis. We look at how people engage with our campaigns and their impact on our relationships with current and prospective clients. The analysis isn’t always about the final numbers, just as our campaigns aren’t always about the bottom line. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and prospective clients, and our campaigns often aim at doing this.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are opening up our global pre-vetted vendor network to cover more of the communication process, and this will include things like language translation, digital content production, and automation and content design so that our platforms manage more of the complete BPO process.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are incredibly excited about the future at docs24. We have the most amazing head of our US operations, and once travel restrictions ease, we will be recruiting four or five new colleagues into our US office.  Business acquisitions are being looked at also both in the UK and US, and if we find the correct culture and operational fit, then there is a very good chance that we will develop this strategy further during this year and into 2022. We will also be developing and bringing new technological innovations and delivering new solutions, which will help us, manage more of our client’s processes. Our company is on a steep growth path, and our goal is to keep that going over the next year or so.

Meet the leader behind the success of docs24

Jim Rae is the CEO of docs24 and Founded the business in 2013. Jim is a former pro soccer player and his background as part of a team has driven his passion for encouraging teamwork, collaboration and encouraging empowerment from all of his colleagues. Jim is a firm believer that no one person makes the difference and every part of the team has an equally important part to play in the development of the business. Jim did his sales, marketing and management training at Xerox which was a tremendous grounding for developing himself into the role he now undertakes. Jim bought his first company in 2003 and absolutely loves the culture that has been developed within docs24. Although docs24 and its people are Jim’s primary focus, Jim is an avid golfer and plays of a handicap of 4 and still enjoys playing soccer matches in the over 40’s league. Jim has been married for 29 years and has a son of 26 and a daughter of 24.

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