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An expert therapist offering a large array of spa services to invigorate and delight your senses: European Day Spa of Fredericksburg


In the highly stressful world we live in, people are frantically looking for new ways to get relief from stress and escape into another world. This immediate need to ‘find relief,’ especially in the urban setup, has become an inevitable reality. So what can a person do? This is where spas come in as a blessing, a place where you can indulge in some much-needed ‘alone’ time to unwind and recharge, reflect, relax, beautify, and detox. Spas in recent times have added various health-promoting experiences. The healing power of touch therapy dates back to ancient times. The nurturing and composed touch of an experienced therapist’s hand on the body has benefits that are hard to express in words. A massage session is a much-needed break from your family, friends, and job to de-stress and slow down. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, improves blood circulation, and puts you in a “feel-good state.” Globally there are various spas delivering excellent services, but the European Day Spa of Fredericksburg stands out from the rest. Prominent services delivered by the European Day Spa include therapeutic Massage therapy, energy medicine, facials, body treatments such as wraps and salt glow, hand/foot treatments, manual lymphatic drainage, medical massage, cranial-sacral therapy, and reflexology. The company was established in 1999. The owner, Carissa Ballard, was a young girl with troubled skin and wanted to help people look and feel their best, so she started in cosmetology with an emphasis on skincare. She started working with skincare and cosmetic treatments for burn and cancer survivors and teaching them how to work with their needs. She wanted to expand that to the body as well, so she went into massage to be able to touch the body. Carissa also had several injuries from an accident and was no longer to lift her arms for extended amounts of time, so she had to focus more on services such as massage. Massage therapy was also what benefited her the most during her time in recovery from her injuries. Carissa loves to share her skills and knowledge, so her company quickly grew.

Carissa is also a Reiki practitioner and craniosacral therapist. She has developed her own method of combining the different modalities, often working on a cellular level. Over the years, she taught beauty basics at a modeling school and has trained many therapists in the Fredericksburg area in spa techniques. To this day, Carissa travels the world to the industry’s leading shows, seminars, and continuing education classes with the top experts of today, always expanding her and her staff’s knowledge base. There is so much choice when it comes to spas, but what makes European Day Spa retreat unique is that it believes in quality over quantity. The company’s therapists will never rush a service nor take away treatment time for changing as is standard in most places. European Day Spa provides complimentary aromatherapy as opposed to upselling and customizes every treatment to the client’s needs. The therapists use medical grade and organic products that give back.

Holistic approach and outstanding services

Spas often emphasize relaxation and personal care; the European Day Spa provides its clients numerous opportunities to unplug, unwind and rest. The facility is very quiet and private, with a relaxation area with comfortable leather couches, a fireplace, and complementary herbal teas, coffee, cacao, and mimosas. Behind the scenes, Carissa is clearing the energy and holding a peaceful energy container for others to enjoy. Carissa also offers remote energy sessions to help integrate the services for those interested. European Day Spa always sources the right talents to maintain the quality of its services. The company only hires experienced therapists, trains them on its unique techniques, and maintains a no-drama policy.

Generally, spas are expensive, but the European Day Spa is in line with others in the area. If one gets three or more services, the company does offer a discount as well as military discounts. The company also includes a lot of extras rather than charging for every little thing. Along with that, European Day Spa offers bundle packages for repeated services.

Upcoming offerings and road ahead

When the TSR asked Carissa about the upcoming services and future plans for the company, she stated that “we will soon be holding retreats featuring products from the Amazon jungle such as organic Kambo, cacao, and hape ceremonies with these sacred plants as well as shamanic techniques to help balance the body, spirit, and mind. A portion will go back to the tribes. We also are offering a very effective energy clearing protocol for those with Covid and a protocol for clearing negative effects from vaccines. Carissa has been involved with the shamanic arts for over 20 years and is finally offering ancient healing methods combined with progressive new modalities.” She furthermore added that “we are always evolving and looking for ways to help the community. We will be carrying more products that are sustainable and give back as well as launching our own products, coaching and healing programs, and offering the latest spa trends with a unique twist.”

 Meet the leader behind the success of European Day Spa of Fredericksburg

Carissa Ballard, Owner of European Day Spa of Fredericksburg has been serving the industry for almost thirty years. She is very passionate about what she does and is constantly training, traveling, and expanding her skill set to share with others.

“We’ve been using holistic therapies and treatments since the start. European Day Spa provides a divine experience that affects your whole being and transforms your body, mind, and spirit.”