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Explained: 360 Enterprise Security GroupProvides Users with Multi-Level, Multi-Dimensional, and Systematic In-Depth Defense Solutions to Ensure Truly Effective Security


“360 Enterprise Security Group uses innovative means of Internet+ such as big data analysis to help the Chinese government and enterprises better respond to security threats.”

New laws are taking effect across the globe to regulate the collection, use, retention, disclosure and disposal of personal information. At the same time, the rate of cyber-attacks, data breaches and unauthorised use of personal data is growing exponentially. In the current environment, it is more important than ever, particularly for those organisations handling financial data, health information and other personally identifiable information, to understand the rights and obligations of individuals and organisations with respect to personal information.

In view of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re delighted to present 360 Enterprise Security Group.

360 Enterpriseprovides new-generation security products and security services for the government and enterprises. The Group has integrated 360’s technical, human resources, products, data and service capabilities in the field of security. With “protecting the security of the large data age” as its mission, “data-driven security” as its technical idea, and data collection and analysis as its support, 360 Enterprise has launched a number of innovative security products and security services urgently needed by enterprise-class customers. From cloud to terminal, from the business to the data, from individuals to businesses, from before events to after events, the Group provides users with ubiquitous protection, and it not only focuses on specific security threats protection but is more committed to building enterprise information security ecological environment. In today’s cloud computing and large data age, the group provides users with multi-level, multi-dimensional, and systematic in-depth defense solutions to help them improve the comprehensive response to new security threats and ensure truly effective security.

360 Enterprise Security Group was established in2015 and is headquartered in Beijing, China.

360 Enterprise Security Group: Synopsis

360 Security Innovation Center

360 Security Innovation Center, built by the world's largest Internet security company 360, and with the world's elite talent and top technologies, has established three major research institutes: The National Network Security Research Institute, Enterprise Network Security Research Institute, and Personal Network Security Research Institute. Representing the most forefront network security thinking, the most advanced security technology, and innovative security products in China's network security industry, it is an Asia-Pacific network security innovation center with global influence.

360 ESG Internet Control Gateway

360 ESG Internet Control Gateway (ICG) is a professional Internet behaviour management product. It provides a powerful web filtering, application control, outbound information audit, and application-level bandwidth management.

Prevent and Block Malicious Network Activity

  • Detect and pinpoint network/traffic anomaly, take proactive action in real time.
  • Block access to sites associated with spyware, phishing and malicious mobile code.
  • Block communications initiated by malwares like Trojan, Spyware, and Virus.

Protect confidential information from leakage

  • Monitor the outgoing traffic, including web, email, IM, etc. for compliance auditing.
  • Monitor files transferred through FTP, HTTP, MSN, QQ, and Email.
  • Alert and Block the unauthorized outgoing messages.

Manage User Network Activity and Employee Productivity

  • Provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis to evaluate employee productivity loss due to non-work-related network activities.
  • Control 4,000+ protocols and applications, including P2P download, IM, Streaming media, online Gaming, brokerage and trading.
  • Enforce policy according to user, application and content.

Ensure Business-Critical Application’s needs for bandwidth

  • Provide visibility of network traffic, composition and trends so as to setup appropriate traffic control policies.
  • Guarantee bandwidth required for critical applications.
  • Limit or block the bandwidth-consuming/harmful applications to avoid traffic congestion and resource waste.

Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Infrastructure –

360 ESG ICG supports multiple deploy topology, it is simple to deploy within your existing infrastructure; there is no need to duplicate security appliances or re-architect the network infrastructure.

  • Mirror Mode: ICG on mirror mode sniff network packets without affecting the normal transmission.
  • Inline Mode: this mode can be able to achieve precise control of each kind of network applications, a complete audit of all Internet data. ICG provides multiple internal ports and external ports, to act as multiple bridges at the exit of the enterprise network between the edge router and core-switch.

Simplifies Management and Administration

ICG is simple to configure and manage, providing:

  • Centralized Management: allowing multiple appliances to be administered via Security Management Center technology(SMC), including system performance monitoring, health monitoring, configuration backup and scheduling and configuration synchronization.
  • E-mail Alerting: configuring logs to trigger alerts that can be immediately forwarded via email or sent at intervals to designated network administrators.
  • Syslog Reporting: supporting remote syslog servers to enable reporting.
  • SNMP Support: enables monitoring and management by 3rd party devices via the SNMP standard.

Corporate Vision

Our corporate vision is to comprehensively enhance security protection ability and level of the Chinese government and enterprises and build a reliable network environment for economic development. Current corporate customers face unprecedented security challenges, which cannot be tackled effectively by traditional security mean. 360 Enterprise Security Group uses innovative means of Internet+ such as big data analysis to help the Chinese government and enterprises better respond to security threats.

Qi XiangDong: About

Qi XiangDong is the Chairman and CEO of 360 Enterprise Security Group.

“360 Enterprise Security Group takes ‘protecting the security in the big data era’ as the mission, ‘data-driven security’ as technical thinking, and big data collection and analysis as support to provide escort and protection for enterprise users.”