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Explore Preferred Payment Methods around the World: Rapyd

thesiliconreview-arik-shtilman-cofounder-ceo-rapyd-2018Modular Payment Solutions for Global Market Expansion

There weren’t any companies that gave digital businesses the tools to succeed in markets where cash and local payments like eWallets and bank transfers are dominant.Rapyd realized this and soon came into the market. The company knew that more than 2.3B customers depend on cash and local payments every day. That is when it came up with its made-to-order financial solutions to unlock valuable growth opportunities by offering customers omnidirectional transaction functionality with turnkey international KYC, AML, and CFT compliance.

At Rapyd, its animating principle is simple: To make financial transactions as fast, flexible and accessible as possible. To accomplish this, it has created the world’s leading cardless financial network, backed by some of the most innovative technology in the industry.

The Rise of the Company

Rapyd is a cardless mobile payment network that unlocks cash and local payment markets for modern digital businesses. It is connecting and harmonizing payment systems from every corner of the world through a single API and SDK. It empowers eCommerce merchants, gig economy platforms, online banks, e-wallets, remittance players, online lenders, and even traditional financial institutions to break free from the limitations of antiquated infrastructures and address valuable new market segments. These include the 66% of global consumers who don’t use debit or credit cards as well as the 53% of consumers that use local banks and e-wallets when shopping online. Every year, more than $19 trillion in cash payments are made, including 50% of all point of sale transactions, 52% of bill payments, and 19% of all online payments.

Services the Company Offers

Funds Disbursement

The Rapyd payment operating system instantly unlocks cash-dependant customer segments for digital businesses looking to gain a leg up on their competition.

With the Rapyd payment API and SDK, businesses can tailor their disbursement capabilities to every unique market segment without sacrificing brand equity in their product.

Global White Label eWallet Management

Make full use of the Rapyd payment operating system’s capabilities and turn user engagement into fully monetizable commerce opportunities. By leveraging Rapyd’s fully white-labelled wallet platform, a digital business can add peer-to-peer transfer functionality, eWallet functionality, or even introduce entirely new app functionality into their customer network, like cash disbursements for online loans.

Compliance as a Service

Rapyd offers its customers fully managed compliance services, helping your financial operations meet the standards of local and international regulators.


Cross-border payments are complex. Changes in global markets and exchange rates can reduce profitability, ROI and have a dramatic negative impact on your business’s bottom line. The Rapyd payment operating system helps customers mitigate risk and settle worldwide payments while allowing for associated regulatory disclosures and reduced cost

Card Issuing payment cards with support for all channels

Rapyd gives customers the option to leverage its white label card issuing service for virtual or physical card payment issuing. With its extensive and powerful web platform, customers can access comprehensive reporting tools, handle programmatic disputes, manage card stacks or set spending limits throughout their entire expense card environment.

Integrating Rapyd Is Easy, Fast, and Intuitive

The Rapyd SDK and API are modular, turnkey solutions that grant digital businesses and emerging industries instant access to local cash and payment networks around the world. It is proud to provide fully global, cardless payment solutions for merchants, financial service providers, and other emerging industries.

The Countless Solutions All In One Powerful Platform


Keep your product lean by only using the tools you need. Rapyd’s modular platform fits seamlessly into your existing digital products so that you can offer customers a 100% native experience.

Global Reach

With over 1.5M access points around the world; the Rapyd payment network instantly unlocks cash-dependant customer segments for digital businesses.

Mobile First

Rapyd operates entirely through mobile smartphones and feature phones, with 66% of the population using a mobile phone; it grants businesses access to valuable new market segments

The Main Head of Operations

Arik Shtilman, Co-founder and CEO

He is a serial technology innovator, startup founder and business management executive, with vast expertise in infrastructure technology ventures Specialties: Contact Center, Cloud Computing, Mergers and acquisition, Alliances, Business development and marketing. Arik has served for the Israel Defense Forces for three years and later was the project manager at IBM Israel. He later founded a company called ITNAVIGATOR, he was also the board member of Mixerr by Creative Mass and Vigilance Networks. He was also the CEO of CashDash Ltd.

“Each of the world’s commercial communities is unique in how they do business. Our platform gives you the power to overcome any payment challenge, anywhere.”