10 Fastest Growing IOT Solution Providers 2018

Exquisite IoT Solutions from Devices to the Cloud: ScienceSoft


For ScienceSoft, IoT is more than just a fashionable innovation. The company actually makes it work. Founded in 1989, the company has achieved the remarkable level of expertise in cloud computing, data analytics, information security, remote control, mobile development, and more. Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, ScienceSoft delivers end-to-end IoT solutions to serve the needs of enterprise-level and midsized companies across various industries, including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecom, Banking, Retail, and more.

Approach to IoT Development

ScienceSoft gives enough attention to every element of IoT solution architecture and tunes them to work in sync. ScienceSoft’s IoT architecture covers all levels: things, gateways, in-cloud control applications and analytics tools, as well as the backend of user apps. The company doesn’t follow rigid architecture patterns but works out an original architecture concept depending on the industry and specific business purposes. Finally, it seamlessly integrates IoT solutions with existing corporate systems, like ERP and MES. As a result, it manages to design and develop exquisite, yet affordable IoT solutions tailored to the needs of a particular project.

ScienceSoft’s IoT Development Services

ScienceSoft provides full-cycle IoT development services, starting with consulting at the stage of strategic planning all the way to support and maintenance of the final solution. ScienceSoft delivers the following services:

Industrial IoT solutions: With IoT-enabled condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, inventory management and asset tracking solutions, the company facilitates the transition towards Industry 4.0.

Smart, connected products: The company expands the traditional roles of ‘things’ and gives them new functionality. By equipping devices with sensors and connecting them to the cloud, ScienceSoft predicts operational breakdowns, discovers more rational approaches to maintenance operations, checks devices’ productivity and the way they are used by customers, thus, helping businesses to deliver better services.

IoT-enabled smart city solutions: From more effective waste management and enhanced public safety to optimized road traffic and advanced street lighting, ScienceSoft’s smart city solutions improve city infrastructure, create a new experience for city dwellers, help cities optimize resource usage and create new sources of revenue.

IoT solutions for logistics and transportation: ScienceSoft’s solutions ensure a faster and more efficient flow of goods, enhance warehouse management and contribute to the greater visibility of a supply chain for manufacturers, carriers and other business players.

Medical IoT solutions: ScienceSoft helps to transform traditional health care by providing solutions that both assist medical treatment and improve hospital management.

Words from the expert, Wade Brantley, the CEO of ScienceSoft USA

What’s the key to delivering exquisite and affordable IoT solutions?

A well-built architecture and a lean approach. Instead of stuffing an IoT solution with all the imaginable features, we suggest starting with a solution built on a simple foundation and then expanding it with more advanced architecture components. Another point to consider is minimizing the volume of analyzed data. Although in theory, IoT systems can feature thousands of sensors taking hundreds of readings per minute, not every IoT system needs it.

Are there any IoT-specific challenges and how do you manage to overcome them?

IoT development poses a number of challenges, but integration and security are the issues customers are most concerned about. IoT solutions should be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and processes. For example, designing an industrial IoT solution, we need to think about connecting different types of machines (some may be outdated) and integrating an IIoT solution with a corporate ERP or MES.

IoT systems have specific security threats. Connected things generate enormous amounts of data, which need to be securely transmitted and protected. Another point of concern is protecting the things from being taken over under hackers’ control via the cloud. With more than 13 years of expertise in information security, we help businesses to identify threats and fix security vulnerabilities.

The Man Behind the Innovation

Wade Brantley, CEO, ScienceSoft USA Corporation:

Wade Brantley joined ScienceSoft USA in 2015. With vast experience in growing bottom-line profit, increasing top-line revenue, managing effective operations, recruiting high-performing employees, spearheading sales and marketing initiatives, Brantley contributed to ScienceSoft’s operational excellence. Before joining ScienceSoft, Brantley held a position of a Managing Director at SaM solutions USA. He holds a BSc in Business Management from the University of South Carolina.

“With the background rooted in science, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it in the areas of cloud computing, data analytics, information security, remote control, and mobile development.”