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Silicon 70 2018

Extreme Visibility Down to the I/O Level: Claroty

thesiliconreview-amir-zilberstein-founder-ceo-claroty-18Claroty was conceived to secure the safety and reliability of industrial control networks that run the world from cyber-attacks. The Claroty Platform is an integrated set of cybersecurity products that provides extreme visibility, unmatched cyber threat detection, secure remote access, and risk assessments for industrial control networks (ICS/OT).

Claroty is a completely passive monitoring system and imposes zero impact on the OT network. No active scanning is required and there’s no need to install software on endpoint devices. It is not just ICS cybersecurity experts. The company is native OT speakers and fluent in every protocol.

Advanced CoreX Technology

Claroty's advanced CoreX engine powers the Claroty Platform and is the foundation on which it’s integrated a suite of products is built on. It was specifically designed to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations in large, complex industrial networks. It is fully tuned to support limited computing power, smaller physical footprint, and specific scenarios requiring communication over low bandwidth.


Behavioral Analysis: CoreX employs advanced, behavior-based anomaly detection and sophisticated pattern matching for early identification of malicious activity.

Visualization: Correlate data and visually depict the complexity of communications pathways down to the lowest levels of the network.

Dissectors: Proprietary dissectors for all major IT and industrial network protocols, leveraging deep packet inspection to safely extract information from both serial and IP-based networks.

Products and Services

Continuous Threat Detection: Claroty’s flagship product, Continuous Threat Detection, provides extreme visibility, continuous threat and vulnerability monitoring, and deep insights into ICS networks.

Secure Remote Access: Claroty Secure Remote Access minimizes the risks remote users, including employees and 3rd parties, introduce to OT networks. It provides a single, manageable interface that all external users connect through, prior to performing software upgrades, periodic maintenance, and other support activities on assets within industrial control system networks.

Enterprise Management Console: Claroty Enterprise Management Console is a centralized management interface that consolidates data from Claroty products across multiple sites, and displays a unified view of assets, activities, and alerts, making it highly suitable for security operations center (SOC) deployments.

Security Posture Assessment: Claroty provides security teams with insights into the security risk posture of your OT network by running a comprehensive analysis of a packet capture (PCAP) file. With a detailed analysis of the assets and network communication patterns discovered and deep insights about weaknesses in your OT network, your teams have the information they need to fix hidden issues that may give an attacker a foothold or impact critical processes.

The Claroty Difference

Words from the Chief:

“With substantial funding and an unparalleled executive team, Claroty has built the leading company in industrial cyber today. Our technology has been tested, selected and adopted by the most influential industrial control and networking companies in the world.  Claroty has assembled an unmatched interdisciplinary team of security and industrial control system experts to design and build an unrivaled platform for protecting your operations from cyber threats.”

Awards and Achievements

Claroty launched Channel Program and announced New Industrial Cybersecurity Partnerships on May 21, 2018.

On June 12, 2018, Siemens selected Claroty as Strategic Partner for Advanced Anomaly Detection and Invested in the Company. Siemens aims to leverage Claroty’s advanced behavioral analysis technology in Siemens’ recently announced Industrial Anomaly Detection solution.

Some of the awards and titles won by the company:

  • Cyber Defense Magazine listed the company as a leader in the ICS/SCADA Security
  • Finalist in the Best Cybersecurity Startup category in Cybersecurity Excellence Award, an award to felicitate Cybersecurity companies
  • The company was awarded The Most Innovative Security Products of 2017 and enlisted in the 10 Coolest Security Start-ups of 2017 by CRN
  • Platinum Award Winner in the Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution

Greet the Leader

Amir Zilberstein, Co-founder, and CEO: Amir Zilberstein is the co-founder and CEO of Claroty and a pioneer in the OT security market. Prior to Claroty, Amir co-founded Waterfall Security Solutions–a manufacturer of high-end security gateways for the critical infrastructure markets.  Earlier, Amir co-founded Gita Technologies and prior to that, he managed a team of exceptional researchers and developers in an elite cyber unit of the Israeli Defense Force. Amir is the inventor and author of more than ten patents, most of which are in the field of cybersecurity. He holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Sciences and Mathematics with Honours from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel.

“Our integrated suite of cybersecurity products addresses the unique challenges of ICS systems allowing engineers, operators, and cybersecurity professionals to protect the most complex industrial networks.”